Viking Security VS-52BLX Wall Safe

Product Features

  • It is made of heavy steel construction which is perfectly welded to create the perfect protection and great finishes in every detail.
  • Memory protection tripping is permanent and remains encrypted even during battery replacement.
  • The innovative optical biometric fingerprint reader and an additional electronic keypad make it easy to open, ensuring safety and comfort.
  • A motorized locking mechanism, as well as digitally displayed operations and the status of the battery in the LCD.
  • Also, it features built-in warning signals when unlocking or locking the doors.
  • Three removable shelves perfect for any interior design safe.

Product Specifications

  • SIZE: 14 x 19 x 4 inches
  • WEIGHT: 38 pounds

Product Rating


Model Viking Security Safe is undoubtedly one of the better models at an affordable price. Updated Biometric Lock Safe, allows for the precise reading of the fingerprint and at the same time has an additional digital keypad with a display informing about the battery consumption and the various operations performed during use. The whole runs smoothly even after prolonged lack of battery.

The perfected fastening system guarantees reliability, and the additional bolt and solid cross combination lock also protect against burglary.

It has internal lighting and removable shelves which add to the functionality of the entire structure.

In comparison, Viking vs Barska safes as tested against Barska small wall safe and Barska Large Safe is enriched with an additional keypad, but looks quite similar and is as effective in protecting property.

Facts About Viking Security Wall Safe

This belonging to one of the better American security safes models is a real treat for lovers of decent equipment. It is by far the heaviest, and the strongest constructed but still very easy to install. When hidden behind the mirror safe, it is difficult to locate especially thanks to the well-done cover. Get to it during a break takes a lot of time and the use of extremely reliable power tools, which make a lot of noise.

In comparison to safe type like Stack-On IWC-22, it is strongly protected against unauthorized individuals, but compared to Protex PWS1814, it may be more unreliable due to double security.

To be precise, this model is worth attention due to:

  • perfectly special streamlined design
  • massive and almost indestructible construction
  • great security covering both optical biometric systems as a keypad for PIN or massive bolts
  • ideal for a home or company


The heavy and massive fingerprint wall safe is a combination of a robust heavy steel and excellent security features that allow you to minimize the threat of burglary.

It has a special collar that allows you better to place safe in the wall, covering possible defects in the plaster. The safe is in black military finish, which is very impressive. It can be also easily tucked away behind the mirror, painting, or other piece of furniture.

What We Liked

  • The perfect combination of some safeguards that make the entering the inside without authorization requires a lot of effort, time and truly heavy equipment. Both the optical biometric fingerprint readers, and digital keypad are a perfect combination, which together with internal bolts creates a resistant barrier in a principle, any threat from outside.
  • Solid steel construction makes it go beyond the additional security benefit against burglary, and it is also durable and will last years.
  • Beautiful finish and roomy interior with three removable shelves allow you to adjust it to individual needs, which can accommodate weapons, ammunition, jewelry, money, documents and medications.

What Needs Improvement

  • Among the disadvantages of this well-thought-Viking Security Safe, is the large internal volume of the lock, which takes a lot of space inside the safe by limiting the surface area for storage.
  • For cons, according to many users, the difficulty of coding is another issue. In our opinion, however, like all other equipment, this requires practice and certain skills, especially when the instructions appear to be less detailed.
  • Among the drawbacks, some mention too protruding panel with keypad and a biometric reader, because it sometimes makes it difficult to hide the safe behind a flat design element like a mirror or picture.

Our Conclusion

It appears to be a complicated Security Safe just by looking at it and is a masterpiece of safes with excellent protection. It is massive, strong, well made and solidly secured. Ideally suited to the homes or offices where we want the maximum security of valuables. The whole looks very stylish, and thanks to impressive finishing and interesting design elements which allow it to be placed behind paintings, mirrors and other furniture.