Stack-On IWC-22 In-Wall Cabinet

Product Features

  • It has two removable shelves inside that allow you to customize the interior of the safe to meet your needs.
  • The design of this door made of steel has a three point locking system which prevents the lid from the safe top, bottom and side of the doors
  • Cabinet safe was lined with soft foam, which protects the contents from damage, making weapons or jewelry will be intact.
  • The entire structure has been designed with the aim of storing guns and so will satisfy any fan of firearms.
  • It belongs to the cheaper models, but for the price quite safe for wall safes.

Product Specifications

  • SIZE:20.25 x 3.87 x 15.37 inches
  • WEIGHT: 15 pounds

Product Rating


Placing a safe in the wall is an excellent way to hide valuables or weapons from the eyes of outsiders. This is an excellent option in our opinion since it is not easy to steal something that can not be found.

This is one of the stacks on gun safes for sale, which are inexpensive but good quality, especially if you do not need more sophisticated models in the style of fingerprint gun safes. The whole is easy to install in any place in the house, and hidden behind the picture or mirror which makes it undetectable.

In contrast to other similar models of gun safe locks, we find it is a universal size and can accommodate a lot of valuables.

Interesting Facts About Stack-On Wall Safe

Closure system in wall gun safe of its kind when compared to other type wall safes such as Barska Small Biometric Wall SafeViking Security Safe or Barska Large Biometric. The Wall Safe is simpler, and the mechanism is based on 3 points of closing, which protect the door from the top, bottom and side of the lock.

Of course, the safety of this model is much smaller than in the previous models and safes type Protex Wall Safe, but for the purpose of securing content from children and when we want important items tucked away in secret, it will be just right in our view.

In short, this is not the best wall safe for security issues:

  • it has little protection for three point lock
  • does not have a security code or biometric, which is openly available for anyone who holds the key
  • not suitable for storage and protection against burglary (unless it is hidden in a very unusual place)


There’s no denying that in wall safes for homes, rugged construction is extremely important. This model may not be the best protected when it comes to locks, but the whole is made of steel that is solid but quite delicate. The design gives the impression of a fragile look, just like aluminum, and therefore, requires gentle handling. Unfortunately, you can not say that it is a wall safe resistant to fire, water or smoke because it is only locked with a key cabinet.

What We Liked

  • It is easy to install, has a simple closing, and we can easily put it in the wall behind the cabinet, a picture or a mirror, which is invisible to outsiders.
  • The advantage of this safe is undoubtedly its relatively low price, which corresponds to the quality.
  • It is a great place to store weapons, jewelry and large sums of cash, which can comfortably accommodate up to removable if necessary steel shelves.
  • It allows you to keep objects dangerous to others, such as children, which is a great advantage especially when you have a small home and seeking to hide forbidden things.

What Needs Improvement

  • Removable from the safe shelves are very delicate that a greater weight of objects stored on them are bent and does not look too aesthetically. Sometimes, they need to be additionally fixed on the sides, which requires an additional drilling.
  • Safe is not suitable for a good burglary protection because the three-point lock is easy to balance a crowbar or other “burglar equipment.”
  • The whole is made of a lower quality material, which is susceptible to damage.

Our Conclusion

This simple and not too complicated model Stack-On IWC-22 In-Wall Cabinet is built as a temporary solution, or even for less skilled people. Price goes along with quality. Therefore, we do not expect, nor do we require much from this wall safe. A simple lock, optimum interior and ease of hiding behind any element of the interior design make it a perfect cabinet with a key that can be used to store important items out of sight. Because of its poor quality construction, it requires careful handling, which can be quite negative.

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