Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Keypad Wall Safe

Product Features

  • This is a reliable gun safe under 200 that is resistant to burglars with digital electronic locking system safe.
  • It is extremely durable and allows for secure storage of important documents, such as money, jewelry or weapons, especially if you prefer to have them at home and not in the bank.
  • It has two removable drawers that facilitate the arrangement of the contents comfortably inside.
  • Motorized locking bolt system that makes the door opens automatically, providing quick access to weapons or valuables.
  • It has a solid mount that makes it easy to place it in the wall, provide the perfect fit. What more, it is drilled into the wall, easy to install, not only during construction, even after an overhaul in the home or office.
  • It has a special collar that prevents the need to re-plastering walls.

Product Specifications

  • SIZE: 3.8 x 14.1 x 18.2 inches
  • WEIGHT: 28 pounds

Product Rating


Easy to Use and Reliable Wall Mount Safe

This well-made keypad wall safe has a pretty good home safe reviews and not without reason. It is easy to install, and easy to hide it behind a picture, a mirror or any other design element. The Whole looks very solid and safe to use. Inside has a handy shelves and LED backlight that illuminates the contents when the door opens. Ideal for families where there are children because it effectively prevents from getting to content like weapons or important documents. Its price is reasonable and definitely worth the quality that it presents.

Digital Keypad Locking System for higher security from burglary

The quality of Protex security products makes this model not only cleverly designed but also very ingenious and intelligent especially when compared with Stuck On IWC-22. Easy automatic block and simple program, makes it easy to use on a daily basis. It is not a biometric gun safe as Barska Biometric Wall Safe, Viking Security Biometric Safe or Large Barska Biometric Wall Safe but it is still safe and worth a look.

Programming a new code is inputted smoothly, and the opening and closing is fast and well suited to emergency situations. Perfectly matched components make the whole robust and effectively makes it difficult to break into the interior, even when using complex tools.

In summary, the security of Protex Wall Safe with Digital Keypad (PWS1814E):

  • Coherent with the overall performance of the material after the mounting in the wall;
  • The electronic locking system is easy to use and fully protects contents against unauthorized access;
  • The construction is robust and meets the expectations of the most demanding;
  • Signal access is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time, in that, it indicates a positive because of the method in which the code is entered, while on the other side in case of emergency can reveal our position and the location of the safe.


The whole of the safe, is made of high-quality steel, has a simple design with removable internal shelves. One small disadvantage is the size of digital keypad that occupies a lot of space inside the safe limiting surface for storage. Functional flange, located around the entire structure facilitates installation because it reduces the need for plastering walls around, especially when it is mounted, after the refurbishment of the interior.

What We Liked

  • This simple and yet very good quality safe is a reasonable choice for any family home. It is safe and protects against access by unauthorized persons and children.
  • The design is robust, and the digital keypad gives excellent protection and is easy to program.
  • An interesting construction that is durable, slim and smart in every aspect; a spacious interior can accommodate jewelry, guns, money, and documents.
  • Its price is a perfect reflection of the quality at a reasonable combination.
  • It protects against burglary, easy to place behind the picture, mirror or other element of decoration functional in the interior, so it can not be seen without the knowledge of its location.

What Needs Improvement

  • Among the elements worth improving on, is the substantial volume of the digital keypad, which limits the capacity of the inside of the safe.
  • Another little thing that you may find disturbing is the sound of opening and closing of the safe, which is actually rather loud and in an emergency situation when you want to take out the weapon quietly during the burglary, etc. can be dangerous.

Our Conclusion

If you are looking for a simple and effective safety deposit box, model Protex Wall (PWS1814E) may be the best choice. It is relatively inexpensive and at the same time has an excellent quality. The minor disadvantages are not able to cross out the advantages, which is the rugged construction which prevents the break-in, easy-to-use programming, and ease of installation in the wall. It is perfect for any home or office, where we want to store valuables safely. Its neat design with collar is elegant and checks in daily use.

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