Barska Large AX12408 Wall Safe

Product Features

  • This large and very practical safe is a perfect combination of innovative biometric technology and robust construction, which works to store valuables in the home or office.
  • The smart fingerprint reader can encode up to 120 fingerprints in the system memory, which gives broad access to authorized people, e.g. in a company or a research laboratory.
  • Inside the main safe it is also an additional compartment for smaller valuables, which is closed with a separate lock.
  • An additional element is embedded within the safe LED lighting that for each time you open, it illuminates the interior making it easier to use.
  • Removable shelves allow you to further customize the interior according to your needs.

Product Specifications

  • SIZE: 3.8 x 31.5 x 15.5 inches
  • WEIGHT: 47.99 pounds

Product Rating


The use of biometric in wall gun safe is the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates excellent protection limiting the opportunities for the opening of the safe by unauthorized persons. There’s no denying that it is precisely thanks to fingerprint safe technology, safety is increasing dramatically, as it is not only the code that could be entered by anyone but a unique individual fingerprint.

The whole design is very positively assessed not only by us but by other users. Large dimensions of this model make it accommodate more than more classic model Barska smaller wall lock.
On the issue of security, an additional advantage of that safe is the extra safety box inside, with proper wall lock.

Interesting Facts About Barska Biometric Wall Safe

This larger model of the safe is the perfect solution for anyone who has a considerable amount of valuable jewelry, weapons, ammunition, cash, documents or medication. The whole is finished in a beige color which makes it easy to hide behind paintings, mirrors and elements of interior design.

It adapts perfectly to the wall, and additionally attached collar cabinet frame allows to hide any shortcomings of plaster after execution of the installation work.

This electronic locking system safe for us is a great way to protect your valuables, but Be careful when handling programming because the wrong introduced fingerprints are difficult to verify.

In summary, the security of AX12408 Barska Large Biometric Wall Safe:

  • is a larger model in comparison with Stuck On wall safe, Protex Safe or Viking Safe;
  • its security is also much more advanced than the above models;
  • steel construction and an additional functional compartment inside provides the extra option that will work while the safe is used by more people;
  • despite the large size allows for easy installation in a wall;


If you appreciate the solid construction and the specific sizes, Barska Large Biometric Wall Safe, weighs twice and is a larger model compared to the standard options. Steel construction, biometric lock, and backlight LED interior, form a coherent and very convenient in everyday use whole. It is ideal for offices, laboratories, etc. the places where access required individual users is higher because the safe can encode up to 120 prints.

What We Liked

  • Massive construction with an additional collar encapsulating the installation location of the safe in the wall, which is much easier to hide the defects of plaster.
  • Excellent quality biometric electronic security system that stores the fingerprints allowing restrict access to selected people.
  • Additionally placed inside the safe safety box ideal for important little things that are secured with an additional lock.
  • The large volume and ease of installation through which, despite the dimensions is as simple to use as the smaller models.

What Needs Improvement

  • Among negative features worth mentioning is problematic programming, as well as subsequent difficulties when we want to change accesses.
  • Implementation of security guards, like in the smaller model of the brand is very fragile which may result in unintentional breakage and difficulty in using the long term.
  • The inner housing of biometric lock is quite large which takes up a lot of space inside, reducing storage space safe.

Our Conclusion

In conclusion, we can not say that this is a bad model. Large Barska Biometric Wall Safe is big, roomy and well suited to many homes, companies, and laboratories. Well protected against burglary, biometric lock provides limited access only to encoded fingerprints, a massive steel structure is not easy to break through by mechanical attacks. For those who need a safe for small items, it may be too large, so you should think about what you really plan to store. Small technical insufficiencies should not discourage you. Despite the size of the safe, it is easy to hide behind paintings, mirrors or other design features, and the beige shade finishes just make it easier.