Hidden in wall gun safe is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to keep valuables out of sight, especially for unauthorized persons. Most of us do not think seriously about the proper securing of property, until becomes a victim of theft or burglary. Jewelry, important documents, larger amounts of cash and weapons, are items that should be neatly hidden, hence the use of wall gun safe seems to be extremely reasonable and appropriate.safe Behind the mirror

Hidden gun safe gives you a greater chance that a thief will not be able to find a place where there are valuables. Commercially available wall mount gun safe have a large variety, so depending on individual needs, you can find the optimal solution. All the valuables contained in wall safes for home and office will be safe as long as we make the best choices for ourselves. Below we present our opinions on wall safes, which we hope will help you make the best choice.

Best Wall Gun Safes Comparison Table

PhotoOur RatingPriceLock Type
Stack-On IWC-22
Stack-On IWC-22
3-5_star_mini$KeyRead More
Protex Wall SafeProtex Safe with Keypad5 star$$Digital KeypadRead More
Barska Small
barska small wall safe
4-5_star$$FingerprintRead More
Viking Security Safe
Viking Security Safe
5 star$$FingerprintRead More
Barska Large
barska large wall safe
4_star_mini$$+FingerprintRead More

Our 5 Top Rated wall safe reviews

Stack-On IWC-22 In-Wall Cabinet

Stack-On IWC-22This is the cheapest of the tested safe options. This simple solution for less demanding. The manufacturer has put on comfort and usability. Safe has a steel door with 3-point locking system. It is perfect for storing weapons, jewelry or other valuables. Complies with safety standards.

  • Solid metal construction with brass lock.
  • Internal removable steel shelves.
  • Handy and neat, perfect for storing weapons, ammunition and other stuff.
  • Easy to install.
  • Poorly protected, it is an easy target for a thief who has the time and opportunity to reach it.
  • The small inner space can accommodate only small items.
  • Latch door difficult to open and close.

In summary, this is a safe for those who do not have too high expectations or safety requirements, and only need a place that can accommodate small valuables.

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Protex Wall Safe with Digital Keypad (PWS1814E)

This simple but yet very functional model, is among other safes, one of the better investment. It is an excellent solution, especially in the home or office, where you can have easy access to your belongings. It has robust security features that will help effectively prevent a burglary.Protex Wall Safe


  • It has a very good quality digital locking system.
  • Through motorized locking bolt system it opens the door automatically after entering the code.
  • It has an internal removable shelves.
  • A reasonable price for good quality.


  • Locking mechanism is extensive and therefore safe, is losing a bit of storage space.
  • Beep opening is quite loud, making it difficult to use the safe unnoticed.

Generally speaking, a safe is a combination of good quality, solid construction and good price. We recommend it to anyone who wants to secure valuables without spending a fortune.

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Barska Biometric Wall Safe

Barska Wall SafeThis innovative biometric gun safe is the perfect place to store your valuables. Fingerprint Technology provides maximum protection against unauthorized opening. Ideally suited to be hidden behind picture frames, mirrors or the other furniture.


  • It has a security override capable of secondary access in case of battery failure.
  • Is well suited as a secret gun cabinet.
  • Biometric security technology allows you to quickly reach for the contents of the safe, which is especially useful in an emergency.
  • It is roomy and easy programming.


  • Safe from the category of those more expensive, has a poor, underdeveloped battery compartment.
  • The fingerprint reader sometimes requires several attempts during the opening.

To sum up, this is a model worth of attention because of the excellent quality biometric security, ease of installation and robust construction, but the quality of some elements, taking into account its considerable price, unfortunately leaves something to be desired.

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Viking Security Safe Biometric Lock Hidden Wall Safe

This model, similar to the one above, is a great wall mount gun cabinet, which is one of the better quality of other pistol safes. Biometric fingerprint reader and motorized locking mechanism guarantee the safety of content.viking VS-52BLX


  • It is heavier and has larger diameter bolts in comparison to the other safes, so that it is impossible to break into it.
  • The price is reasonable for such a strong protective measures.
  • Easy to use, has a very sensitive programming.


  • The locking mechanism takes up too much space.
  • Sticking out keypad makes it difficult to place the safe behind a picture or mirror.

About this model, we can briefly say that it is a solid and well-protected handgun safe that will satisfy the most demanding. Despite a few technical defects, it is worth the money.

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Barska Large Biometric Wall Safe

If you are looking for a safe with a higher standard, this model can be a good choice. It has a biometric fingerprint scanner, and also has a small built-in internal storage, perfect for extremely valuable trinkets.Barska Large Wall Safe


  • Perfectly protected biometrically.
  • Interior lit LED.
  • It has a removable inner shelf.
  • Easy to put on the wall behind a picture or mirror.


  • After programming, it is not easy to make changes.

In summary, this wall mirror gun safe is an excellent option for the discerning. Additional internal storage can help to protect the most valuable belongings, which certainly justifies its higher price.

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Why should you choose the hidden wall safes?

  • Allow to hide what is most precious to us, especially when we become a victim of burglars.
  • They are discreet, because they are not an obvious part of our interior design, which increases the safety of belongings contained in them.
  • They protect against theft – a thief is unable to take them entirely together and getting to them requires time and effort.
  • They are easy to install, because they are small and neat, which we hide them behind the painting, mirror or other interior decorative element the home or office.

Summing up

Of the reviewed safes, each of them will find their fans, but in our opinion, the best choice is a combination of quality and price in the form of Protex Wall Safe with Digital Keypad (PWS1814E) making it our favorite safe for every budget. Of course, if you need more, the ideal choice would be one of the biometric safes that provide limited access to third parties and effectively protect against intrusion.
In case you can not open your safe read this article for the reference!