Shot Lock 1911 Full Handgun Solo-Vault Safe Review

Product Specifications

  • SIZE: 11 x 7.5 x 2.5 inches
  • WEIGHT: 7 pounds

Product Rating


Product Features

  • This is one of the newest models of safes brand that belongs to a group of excellent quality equipment needed for storage, owned for domestic security, and firearms.
  • It is also a great way to store weapons in vehicles. The whole is very easy to fit into walls or other stable surface, e.g., in the vehicle.
  • It is possible to mount it horizontally and vertically.
  • A five button interlock gives more than 1,000 possibilities of combination, providing quick access to weapons if necessary.

First Impressions

This solidly made of gauge steel truck gun storage is a handy solution because of the grip, which allows you to carry weapons comfortably. It is a great protection of weapons against access by children to prevent accidental opening.

It is one pistol case for what is small and very practical. Its considerable advantage is that it does not require any battery during operation. Easy to use and extremely slender design means it will serve for a long time.

An important issue when choosing this type of portable gun case is to adjust the selection to the weapons we possess. It may happen that it will be inappropriate for certain models of guns.

What’s in this shot lock solo vault?

Perhaps it is not a safe resistant to electric power tools and efficient use of the crowbar, but from children or unauthorized opening, it perfectly protects that from happening. It is extremely handy and durable that in comparison with other safes as The Club LB200GunVault MicroVaultBestop safe or SecureIT Tactical Gun Safe is the least troublesome.

The mechanical lock is much better in comparison with the least reliable electronic lock type, and opening it, is easy even in the dark and only takes three seconds.

In summary, SHOT LOCK 1911 Full Handgun Safe is:

Well developed to serve for almost every full-size pistol, but may be a bit small for revolvers.

  • Despite that has only five buttons, gives ample opportunity to encode access.
  • It has an extremely favorable price as a good quality of protection and cover for the gun.
  • Secure configuration of the mechanical lock provides peace of mind and confidence that a child or an unauthorized person does not get into the content by mistake.
  • It is reliable, easy to install and ideal for everyday use.
  • The practical handle allows without any problems transfer the weapon, allowing you to have it always at hand.


The construction of SHOT LOCK 1911 is made of durable and high-quality gauge steel, which ensures durability and safety. Practical and reliable locking mechanism is easy to use, and its excellent refinement ensures years of use. Opening the lock is in this case as fast as the biometric type, and yet extremely rare, there are some technical problems here. The design of the opening is constructed on the side, which facilitates the accurate location of the gun in the vehicle safe.

Product Review

What We Liked

  • It is an exceptional product, well worth the money, especially thanks to simple and refined excellent mechanical lock.
  • It can be easily installed in the car or at home, and its handy design makes it easy to take with you.
  • Excellent quality steel from which it was made provides exceptionally excellent protection against damage or unplanned opening.
  • Compared to the biometric and other electronics-based safes, this is an extremely reliable, robust Safe and gives you peace of mind which is important especially in homes where there are children.

What Needs Improvement

  • Among the drawbacks, you can replace only its small dimensions, which do not always meet all the smaller types of weapons. Hence, it is essential first to check the size of the owned gun.
  • Learning to program security, requires a bit of attention and follow the instructions, but after a time, it is simple and perfect for everyday use.


This well-made and well protected SHOT LOCK 1911 Safe is a guarantee of the security of firearms at home or vehicle. Solid steel construction and mechanical closure provide strength and durability of use for many years. This is according to us the most suitable model of safes, which is universal, neat and properly protects the weapon against unauthorized persons. The whole is also very practical thanks to the built-in carrying handle. It is the best protection for anyone who has classical types of weapons, and at the same time; it provides ease of access in an emergency.