Secure It Model 40 Gun Storage Review

Product Specifications

  • SIZE: 6.5 x 40 x 13 inches
  • WEIGHT: 45 pounds

Product Rating


Product Features

  • This large and roomy safe for vehicles is the perfect place to store rifles, and it is usually mounted horizontally in a car.
  • Heavy duty design of this truck gun safe is made of steel and finished with black textured powder paint.
  • It has the entire length of the recessed door with a piano hinge.
  • Its security system is based on a three-point closing hardened steel rods.
  • Also, this rifle safe car has a touchpad, allowing you to save a code that is easy to unlock, even in the dark.
  • Inside is positioned neoprene protector to prevent damage to the contents of the safe.

First Impressions

This sizable safe is perfect when mounted under the bed trailer vehicle SUV or even on a boat, ensuring maximum protection of firearms.

The Electronic Lock gun safe provides excellent protection against unauthorized opening, and at the same time, is easy to unlock with one hand, even in the dark.

Its depth is optimal for most models of long guns like shotguns, rifles and air rifles. Will accommodate the smaller models and additional documents relating to weapons. The set has the bolts, facilitating robust assembling under the bed, in every car like an SUV, RV or boat, and many other places.

Additionally, it can conveniently be carried while hunting or on a shooting range.

What’s in this car gun safe?

There’s no denying that this is the biggest model we’ve tested among truck gun safes because compared with The Club LB200GunVaultBestop 42640-01 and SHOT LOCK 1911 Handgun safe, SecureIT Mobile Tactical Gun Safe: Model 40 has an impressive size, which allows you to store large size rifles.

Its functionality, capacity and practical security as fast opening with clip and touch electronic lock with additional key give it a big advantage over others.

In summary, the security of SecureIt Tactical model 40:

  • The large size and rugged steel construction provides comfort and accommodate firearms of larger sizes.
  • It is the perfect solution for your home, car or boat because it is easy to install and is also good for different situations.
  • Easy access to weapons, provides protection with clip and electronic touchpad with additional keys.
  • Solid steel construction adds a unique strength, making it difficult to violate with the help of mechanical equipment.
  • A great addition is a neoprene lining the inside of the safe, which provides excellent protection of the contents from damage during travel, and more.


This massive and sizable safe, despite its dimensions, is the perfect solution that will effectively hide the long arms. The longitudinal form made of heavy duty steel has been stylishly finished with a black powder paint, which adds a unique character. Rugged construction of SecureIT Mobile Tactical Gun Safe: Model 40 provides high safety, and also thanks to security in the form of an electronic touchpad and a clip. When closing, it launches triple bolts that firmly closes the lid.

Product Review

What We Liked

  • Capacity safe guarantees a comfortable and trouble-free placement of weapons and other items.
  • Practical longitudinal design, contrary to appearances, is easy to install and can fit in many places.
  • Easy-to-use touchpad with electronic protection is easy to unlock, but in the case of unintended opening by unauthorized persons, it is extremely difficult to break.
  • Solid construction and well-refined three-point bolts firmly protect against aggressive mechanical opening for example during an intrusion.

What Needs Improvement

  • Among the disadvantages of the model 40, we can replace the relatively high price, but with its overall dimensions and the solid collateral, it is reasonable.
  • The mechanism of an electronic touchpad may be exposed to certain failures, so you should have with you, if necessary, the key.
  • The advantage and disadvantage are its sizable dimensions, which can be difficult when mounting it discreetly in smaller car models.


In our opinion, SecureIT Mobile Tactical Gun Safe: Model 40 is the perfect choice for anyone who has long firearms, which requires a lot of space and secure storage space. This is ideal for amateurs and professionals related to hunting and other sports disciplines with weapons. Makes it ideal for mounting at home under the bed, in larger car models like the SUV, as well as in other places. Under the terms of its advantages, it is one of the safes that we recommend, especially for those who prefer bigger types of weapons.