Choose Among the 5 Best Truck Gun Racks for Your Pickup


Gun safety is always at the top of the mind of responsible gun owners. At the same time, they make sure that their gun is safe, clean and is secure from any damage. These concerns more than double when traveling with a rifle or shotgun. Transporting long guns in a safe is not advisable because of the weight of the safe. There are gun lockers available for certain types of vehicles, but for most users, a gun rack fits the requirements.

A gun rack is simply a mount where the rifle is held in place while inside a vehicle. It is composed of the rack itself, where the rifle slides in or is locked in place, or strapped in place. The rifle fits snugly and does not move while mounted on the rack. At the same time, the rack and guns do not inconvenience the passengers of the truck or pickup.

For roof mounted internal racks, these are designed to be a fair distance from the driver’s head. Additionally, racks keep rifles in place without pivoting or turning around. With the rifle’s length, any movement can lead to a bump on the head of a passenger.

The 5 Best Pickup Gun Rack

Now that you have finally decided to purchase a truck gun rack for your vehicle, it is important you create a list of the top 5 and narrow your choice for the best one later on. Here are top 5 recommendations for the best pickup truck gun racks:

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Top Rated Truck Gun Rack


The Big Sky SBR-2G Skybar 2 Gun Telescoping Rack offers a safe and convenient pickup truck mount for transporting and stowing away your firearms. The rack of Big Sky SBR-2G offers the best, most innovative rack for your weapon transporting needs.


  • The rack offers easy and convenient vehicle mount for transport and easy storage for your firearms.
  • The telescoping square bar and padded brackets can be adjusted to fit any vehicle and kind of firearm.
  • Its heavy-duty strap made of nylon fastens easily and affords durable and safe storage for your firearm.
  • The ceiling mount enables easy and convenient storage.


  • The package does not provide any clean or easy way to mount the rack.
  • There is a significant gap in the headliner due to upgraded interiors, insulation in the headliner, which makes for a very difficult installation.
  • If you have bigger barreled firearms like the Alexander Arms Beowulf .50, you will need some really serious mods.

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The Big Sky BSR-2 rack is made for overhead and horizontal mounting in cars, boats, airplanes, camper shells, vans, etc. It can hold 2 guns stored out of sight and prevents thieves from stealing your firearms. It measures 30”x10”x4”, weighs 4 lbs. and the total shipping weight is 5.6 lbs.


  • It is very easy to install on double wall roofs. It can be mounted over the roof or the sidewalls.
  • Dense Ensolite foam protects your guns with its thick padding.
  • Comes with durable and sturdy metal construction.
  • It can be mounted to the ceiling with self-tapping sheet metal screws, or through the roof with bolts.
  • The hook and loop fastening straps are made of high-grade nylon.


  • The mounting hardware can be a problem where one will need a #10 self tapping sheet metal screw and some locktite to secure it.
  • Too short to mount a Polaris Ranger.
  • Can hold small rifles, but does not hold bigger rifles well such as the .338.

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The Great Day Quick Draw UTV gun rack is specially made to fit almost all vehicles including cargo beds. It easily attaches and secures to the side of the cargo bed with lag screws and bolts where you can place gun holders for 2 firearms. The gun rack is placed at an upward angle to inhibit the firearm from being pointed to passengers or bystanders. This gun rack is best for outfitters for safely transporting firearms to the backcountry.

Great Day Quick Draw UTV gun rack is made of aircraft aluminum and it includes cushioned gun clips that can be placed at various heights and can be molded to conform to the size of the firearms. The gun rack weighs approximately 8 pounds and can be shipped thru UPS.


  • The Great Day’s UTV gun rack is specially made to fit all popular trucks and SUVs that include cargo beds.
  • It will attach safely to the cargo bed sides with bolts and lag screws which helps to position the gun holders for 2 firearms placed side by side.
  • The gun rack is placed at an upward angle to inhibit the firearm from being pointed to passengers or bystanders.
  • This gun rack is best for outfitters for safely transporting firearms to the backcountry.
  • Great Day Quick Draw UTV gun rack is made of aircraft aluminum and it includes cushioned gun clips that can be placed at various heights and can be molded to conform to the size of the firearms.


  • The frame is not stable and can be very weak. The rack needs better base support. Many users would refrain from using the bolts or screws in the package.
  • It can be unstable when loaded, a steel bracket can be installed to reinforce the rack to the frame of the vehicle to secure it.
  • Mounting brackets need trimming so they will not stick out.

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The Great Day’s CL1500 overhead gun rack for full-sized pickups with crew cab center doorposts are used with the proprietary “Opposing Forces” installation. This is a proprietary gun rack locking system which secures the rifles sturdily in place in almost no time at all. It does not need any drilling. It does not require any bolts or screws. There are no alterations needed on the roof of your vehicle.

The rack is very distinct, heavy-duty, but functional. It comes with a lifetime warranty that offers repair or replacement when needed of the defective parts and products.

The Great Day’s CL1500 overhead gun rack can fit nicely along the center doorposts of full-sized pickups. It can position any gun snuggly against its headliner. The weapon is accessible and out of view of prying passersby and it affords maximum headroom for the passengers and driver.

The guns are securely placed with cushioned moldable clips with hook and loop straps and they all adjust to various gun sizes. The Great Day’s CL1500 overhead gun rack is framed with a body made of heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum and finished with a durable enamel coating. It can expand anywhere from 48 to 54 inches depending on your firearm. Take note however that the Great Day’s CL1500 overhead gun rack will not fit in any pickup truck with DVD players or equipment installed on its roof headliner.


  • It can expand anywhere from 48 to 54”.
  • With its ‘Opposing Forces installation system’ you can lock the gun rack solidly into place fast.
  • Firearms are placed safely with its moldable and cushioned gun clips with straps that can be well adjusted to different sized guns.
  • There is no need to drill any holes or add screws or bolts to the roof.
  • The rack is framed with a body made out of heavy-duty aircraft aluminum and is finished with powder coat enamel paint.


  • The rifles are too long for the curve with the way the roof is built.
  • It is advertised to install on any vehicle without bolting or drilling but in reality, it requires some work to be done.
  • It says it can hold 2 rifles, unfortunately, it cannot do so.

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The Great Day’s Quickdraw Overhead UTV gun rack can safely hold in place up to 2 firearms securely in the roof part of UTV. The gun rack is very quickly installed, and if your vehicle has a roof, the guns are entirely protected from harsh weather elements. The gun rack is great as it keeps 2 long rifles or shotguns securely in place up on your UTV. That is a great advantage especially for those who are looking for more space in the cab. Its overhead mount can easily install in just a few minutes. The overhead UTV gun rack comes with thick foam padding and some straps made of velcro to keep the firearms steady and in place while being transported from one place to another. When your UTV has a covered top, your high-performance rifles and shotguns are well protected from inclement weather changes. You will always have quick and easy access to your weapons and rifles with this well-built overhead gun rack. Expect a smooth and secure ride for your well-loved rifles and firearms. The UTV gun rack will keep your firearm safe and steady in place even when traversing rough terrain.


  • The UTV gun rack is designed to hold up to 2 firearms.
  • It can adjust to 20.5” to 28.5” in length to fit almost all UTV makes and models.
  • The firearm is secured with its rubber coated ends.
  • The foam padding protects your weapons and offers a snug fit.
  • You will no longer need more tools for installation or assembly, or removal.


  • Crossbars can be required to help stabilize the gun rack.
  • It has a tendency to slip.
  • End groups are not big enough to grip the frame bar. The holder can slide off and get loose easily causing the rack to fall down.

Recommendation for Best Truck Gun Rack

Keeping rifles and shotguns secure inside a truck ensures that these are transported without being loose, knocked around or otherwise damaged. The Big Sky SBR-2G Skybar 2 Gun Telescoping Rack is a convenient attachment to a truck and offers a secure method to stow long firearms. It is innovative, easy to install and even simpler to use. It is adjustable to fit almost any vehicle and uses heavy duty straps to keep rifles moving.


When you transport a shotgun or hunting rifle in a vehicle, it can pose a number of challenges. Without the right pickup truck gun rack, you will have the following challenges to remember:


Whenever the vehicle comes to a halt or sudden stop, or where it gets into a collision, the loose items inside the vehicle can be dislodged and go around flying which can cause injury to the passengers of the vehicle.


It is highly probable that your expensive firearm can suffer from damages such as irreparable damage to its stock, the hunting scope, or any exposed metal parts that are not secured in the right location.


With the right access to your hunting gears and rifles, you will minimize any chances of damage to your guns and rifles and it will allow you to get ready faster for your explorations and forays into the wild.

Top Rated Truck Gun Rack of 2020

Kinds of Truck Gun Rack

The kinds of truck gun racks can be straightforward. As many hunters carry more than one weapon or firearm, a weapons rack or an overhead internal gun rack for a truck is very appropriate. A truck window mount works best in a pickup truck where there is often one to two passenger hunters.

A multiple passenger SUV can do well with a 2 side window gun racks that can safely carry up to 4 long firearms. The pistols stored in a window mounted vehicle gun rack or an overhead rack for trucks would be most ideal in this case.

Another important consideration for choosing the right gun rack is the design and functionality of the mounting features. Many of the racks are easily bought from the market and can be attached to the body with the help of sturdy fasteners; bolts, or metal screws.

However, this would require some holes in the window’s perimeter. If this is the kind of gun rack that you finally choose, the installer must be certain to seal up all the holes with heavy-duty adhesive and sealants, or else water can later on penetrate and cause corrosion and rust. The galvanized or cadmium-plated fasteners must be used to protect the metal sheet where they pass through the body of the vehicle.

A perfect choice is a gun rack that has a spade kind of device attachment. The attachment of this form is broader, flatter, and is a great mount that constitutes the main body of the vehicle gun rack. It is specially designed to slide behind the rubber gasket and is often used to install the truck or vehicle’s window.

The mount will offer a solid, easy to install, and easy to remove rack for your hunting rifles and other implements. Late model of SUVs and trucks would often use a sealant instead of a gasket, which requires the use of glass-mounted adapters for easy installation of gun racks.

Finally, pickup truck gun racks are not just for your guns or weapons. Gun racks can also double as your all-around utility hook. When not out hunting, you can use them to secure your other items such as umbrellas, hats, fishing poles, canes and more.

They are the best spots to hang your spare ball cap or clothes to help keep them from getting wrinkled for work. If you also carry with you some cables and ropes or other implements for work, these racks can make life easier by keeping all of the things you need in place and easily accessible.

Reasons For Having A Gun Rack In Your Vehicle

Installing a rack for your gun is crucial for a variety of reasons. But the most important of all is the legality aspect. In some states, it is against the law to bring a weapon while loose and unsecured in your vehicle. This is because of the many dangers associated with a firearm because it can easily move around in the front or backseat of your vehicle. Laws are not only meant to protect the individuals in the vehicle but also other vehicles, pedestrians, and others.

The second reason for installing a pickup truck gun rack is because it will safeguard your firearm from getting damaged. When someone lets a firearm to shift back and forth in the backseat or anywhere inside the truck, it can get scratched, damaged, or worse, end up becoming broken. The right gun rack will hold it in place, and protect it from any damage that it can incur when you simply let it loose in the vehicle. This will make sure your rifle will remain in good shape and can last you for years, rather than ending up buying a brand new firearm every time a rifle gets damaged or broken.

Lastly, installing the right pickup truck gun rack is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Every once in a while, we want people to know when are about to go hunting or camping out. When you add a gun rack in your vehicle, you can display your hobby or passion to people that you pass by. It can be better than a bumper sticker that reveals to the world what you love doing in your leisure time! They are not to be treated as an eye sore, instead it can turn your pickup truck to something interesting and truly adds value. With the right pickup truck gun rack, you can always go around and drive in style!