Sports Afield Safe Review: Securing Your Guns at Home

A lot of people buy a gun for various reasons. Some buy a gun because it’s probably their hobby. Meanwhile, some may buy a gun for protection. Whatever the reason may be, firearm owners must always make sure that they have a gun safe to store their guns. Finding the perfect gun safe can be a challenge. By writing this sports afield gun safe review, we hope to aid you in making a good buying decision.

Who are Sports Afield?

Sports afield was established in 1887. Since then, they have been described as “world’s premier hunting adventure magazine.” According to Sports Afield, their goal is to inspire hunters with exciting stories about adventures.

Yes, they are a publication that includes a section about guns and other hunting gears. They have become an expert in this area.

They are not just a publication. This company is also a manufacturer of various equipment such as camping equipment, cutlery, clothing, and gun safes. Their products have been offered to the public ever since the end of the Second World War. However, they did not produce all their products all at once, but they gradually added products over the years.

Are Sports Afield Safes made in the USA?

The Sports Afield brand is founded in the United States of America (USA). The designing and the manufacturing of their products, including their safes, also happen in the USA.

Best Features

Manufacturers of gun safes always try to make their safes unique or have additional qualities than the usual safe. Let’s see what the best features that can be found in Sports Afield gun safe are.

Fire Protection

If this is not the first gun safe review that you have read, you probably already know that not all brands of safes offer fire protection for your guns, gears, and ammo. Fortunately, if you are looking for fire protection for your guns, Sports Afield provides that in their safes.

A standard Sports Afield Gun Safe is fireproof rated to withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees for 40 minutes. The fire protection is strengthened because the door of the safe has fire and smoke seals. These fire and smoke seals will stop the temperature inside from rising to 350 degrees.


What is unique about a Sports Afield safe is that it is not only fireproof but waterproof as well. The safe provides a safe place for your guns in the event of a flood. This is a good solution for more firearm owners because a few experiences flooding in their houses. When they keep their guns in their basement only, their weapons are bound to get damaged.

The water protection lasts up to seven days for your weapons and ammo. The safe, along with its contents can survive for 7 days. They can keep your guns dry up to two feet of water. Flooding is more plausible than fire. Your guns need more water protection than ever. However, with this safe, you can have the best of both worlds.

Customizable Storage

The Sports Afield provides functional storage space. When you open the safe, you will be able to see shelves that you can customize to accommodate the guns and other valuables that you have, may it be handguns or long guns. The interior of the safe’s door also provides additional storage. The extra storage offers easy access pouches that can perfectly store handguns and zippered pouches for other items.

High-Quality Steel Construction

The Sports Afield Gun safe is constructed from 14-gauge steel. The safe has 12 bolts that are 1.25-inch steel. A recessed door is installed to aid in pry resistance. 14-gauge steel is thick. Therefore, burglars or thieves who may attempt to break into your safe will not be able to.

Electronic Lock

Sports Afield uses an electronic lock for their gun safes. This electric lock is fully programmable. Not only that, but the safe also comes with override keys for when you cannot open your safe’s door with the programmed code.

The electronic lock is a good advantage for Sports Afield because most gun safes use a mechanical lock. An electronic lock is an advantage because in case you need to access your guns and other items quickly, you can easily dial the code, and the safe will open. However, if your safe has a mechanical lock, it will take you a long time before you can reach for your needed guns and other valuables. Lastly, by having an electronic lock, your safe automatically locks when the door closes.

Theft Alert System

Sports Afield is famous for the theft alert system of their safes. While other safes also have a theft alert system, Sports Afield takes it to the next level. In other safes, an alarm goes off once the burglar has successfully opened your safe. However, with the Sports Afield gun safe, an alarm goes off as soon as it detects that someone is tampering with your safe. That’s why you need to keep this safe away from children and babies if you do not want your alarm going off every now and then.

What Kind Of Warranty Do They Offer?

Among all brands of gun safes, Sports Afield offers one of the best warranties around the world. To begin with, they give all their safe products a comprehensive, no-hassle lifetime warranty. They provide a friendly warranty because it does not matter whether your safe was damaged due to burglary, flooding, or fire. They will immediately replace it.

You do not just get a warranty on the safe as a whole, but you get a warranty on the safe’s parts, paint, and lock as well. It does not end here. You also get a free locksmith service if you got locked out of your safe.

PROs and CONs


  • Solid Built
  • Excellent Warranty and Customer Service
  • Fire and Water Protection
  • Good Theft System


  • Other Safes Have Thicker Steel

Sports Afield vs. Other Brands

Comparing brands is always a good idea to determine which gun safe is the most suitable for you. For this review, let us look at two different brands: Stack-On and Fort Knox.

Stack-On Gun Safe

Generally speaking, the Stack-On Gun Safe is also a good choice for a firearm owner. It has rock-solid durability, multiple locking mechanisms, and is also fire and water-resistant. Stack-On also offers a wide range of  safes for handguns and rifles. The unique thing about Stack-on is that they offer portable safes for handguns. This is a plus for those who need a carry-on gun safe.

In addition, like the Sports Afield, the Stack-On Gun Safe can also withstand pry attacks, even with drilling. It uses locking bolts to provide higher security and protection to the contents of the gun safe.

In terms of the safe’s warranty, unlike Sports Afield, Stack-On only provides a five-year warranty for manufacturing defects. However, when it comes to the warranty due to fire, water, break-ins, it gives a lifetime warranty.

Fort Knox Gun Safe

The Fort Knox Gun Safe is also considered a good brand of choice for a safe. Aside from the usual features of a safe, it is known for providing its clients with plenty of security and accessory upgrade options. These features include corner bolts, a stainless steel barrier, extended body thickness, additional steel liner, body steel thickness, and a ballistic metal upgrade.

Safe customization is also one of the highlights of Fort Knox. With a Fort Knox gun safe, you are able to customize its interior and exterior color, hardware color, decal choices, lock type choice, and safe layout options. While Fort Knox produces small handgun safes, they are mostly known for their long gun safes.

What is the best brand of gun safe?

Now that we have shared with you other competing brands for safes, it boils down to the question, “What is the best brand of gun safe?” If you would look at lists of top safes, you would often find the Liberty Safe at number 1.

However, it is still recommended that you do not necessarily rely on a list alone, but a user must also do his/her own research on different brands of safe. The best brand of gun safe differs for each firearm owner, depending on what he/she needs.

Just remember these considerations when buying a gun safe:

  • Theft Protection
  • Child Protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Easy Access
  • Storage Capacity
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Warranty

After all, each kind of safe has a different best feature. You just need to find a safe which has the best feature that you need the most.

Where to Buy Sports Afield Gun Safe?

If by the end of your research, you believe that the Sports Afield Gun safe is for you, you can easily buy it from amazon com. Amazon is one of the most trusted and reliable online shopping centers. You also get free shipping.

Remember that a gun safe is an investment. In fact, it is a good investment, and it is essential for each firearm owner. That is why one must take time in choosing the best safe that suits his/her needs, but hurry. It is not recommended to store your guns, gears, and other valuables in a room.