Secureit Model 52: Strong but Lightweight Secure Safe

Anyone who owns a gun, especially a number of guns knows the importance of having storage such as a gun cabinet or a gun safe in their homes.

In my years of keeping guns, I always acknowledged the need for putting in them in the proper storage. Basically, gun safe e or a gun cabinet is used to keep both the guns and the people in the house safe. I have tried various kinds of storage for a gun. For the longest time,  I used traditional gun safes which are really expensive, some even cost thousands of dollars. They do well when it comes to gun storage, but they are not actually able to keep your guns safe. I thought I would not be able to find a gun cabinet or gun safe that can really do the job of keeping my guns, especially my long guns, safe. Everything changed when I was introduced to Secureit Agile Model 52 gun cabinet.

I was researching for gun safes options and I stumbled upon a review about the Secureit Agile Model 52 gun cabinet and I have not seen anything quite like it.  All the problems I encountered with the traditional gun safes were answered by this Agile Model 52 gun safe.

With traditional gun safes, they were usually expensive, crazy heavy, not really secure, and hard to assemble. Not to mention, it was particularly difficult to store my long guns. However, the agile model 52 was somehow the opposite. It was everything I was looking for as a person who owned guns. 

Here is my review of this life-saver gun storage.

The Best Features of the Secureit Agile Model 52

If you want a simple answer, the best features of the Model 52 Gun Cabinet by Secureit can be said in five words. Its ultralight, customizable, affordable, easy to assemble, and heavy-duty.


As I mentioned, traditional gun storage is usually heavy. Therefore, not at all mobile. Yes, we do purchase a gun cabinet or a gun safe for storage purposes so why do they need to be ultralight? There will always be instances where we need to move that cabinet or safe. Maybe your wife wants to move it to a different room. That will be particularly hard to do if the cabinet or safe you are using is heavy. 

If you were using the traditional gun cabinet or gun safe, you would be needing a forklift. Who has the time, money, and resources for that? Your wife would probably need you to do it in an instant. Chop chop! This Agile Model 52 allows you to move it around anytime and anywhere. It is true to its feature, it is definitely ultralight.


For the longest time, I would have trouble storing my long guns and keeping them safe. Using a traditional gun safe was a hassle because it could not be customized easily. However, with the Agile Model 52, it has a cradle grip technology mounted at the back of which lowers. This feature of the Agile 52 allows the user to attach all sorts of bins, hangers, and cradles of the user’s choice in various positions. This would enable the user to accommodate whatever gun or accessories that you have easily store them in the Agile 52.

Since the Agile 52 is customizable, right now I have a variety of guns that are in storage and safe. Oh, and I also store my gears and ammo too.

In standard, the Model 52  has six stock bases and cradles that can readily accommodate six long guns (if you have six long guns). They will not just store them but they will keep them safe.  Hats of to you, Secureit!


The average gun cabinet or gun safe costs thousands of dollars. With that expensive price, they do not even give you what you are looking for. However, this gun cabinet by Secureit is only just $699. It is even on sale now! If you check the website of Secureit, you will see that this  Model 52 is being sold for only $619. I suggest that if you have already been sold by just the three features I said about this Agile Model, go ahead and buy it already.

Easy To Assemble

Some gun cabinets or gun safes usually do not come as a whole. As the user, you need to have the basic handyman skills to assemble it. Secureit made sure that model 52 is easy to assemble and definitely can pass as a DIY (Do It Yourself).  In this review, I will not be going over the step by step procedure of how you will assemble the Secureit Agile Ultralight: Model 52. Secureit has already taken care of that by providing a PDF you can download at the website or Secureit. If you are more of a visual and instructional kind of user, Secureit also made sure you have a video that you can follow so that you can easily assemble the Model 52.

How easy is the “easy” in easy to assemble? To put it simply, it just takes less than an hour to assemble the Model 52. Not only that, but it can be done by one person alone. Typical gun safes or gun cabinets need at least two pairs of hands to get the job done. However, Secureit made sure that one user will be able to get it done immediately and easily.


You know already that the Agile Ultralight: Model 52 is ultralight. You might be questioning, “But is it heavy-duty or durable?” The answer is a direct yes. From my experience of using it, even with its ultralight feature, it is able to secure your guns and gears because of its gun safe bolts which increase security. Upon reading the description written by Secureit about this model, it said that Secureit uses the same professional-grade craftsmanship that is being used for the U.S. military. That alone being said really gave me the assurance of how heavy-duty and durable this Agile Model 52 is.

Specific Dimensions

Now that I am finished talking about the best features of this model, let us talk about its specific dimensions and properties.

External Dimensions:

  • 52″ x 20 1/4″ x 15 1/4″
Internal Dimensions:

  • 51 3/4″ x 19 3/4″ x 13″

What’s Included

  • Heavy-duty steel cabinet
  • Louvered back panel grid
  • Six (6) upper cradles with removable bungees
  • Three (3) stock bases

Additional Features

  • Keypad control panel
  • Key override
  • Full piano-hinge swing door
  • 3-point locking system
  • Discounts for members of the military, law enforcement, first responders, NRA members, and instructors

What I Appreciate About Secureit

Moving on to talking about the product alone, I want to review this company as well. A lot of companies also offer firearm storage, but  Secureit is a company that makes the usage more user-friendly.

If you check out their website, you will see they have put together information about the history of gun safes and the like.  Remember, that this Model 52 is a cabinet and not a safe. Therefore, it is not fire-proof or burglar-proof. By visiting their website, you will appreciate and understand their perspective of firearm storage. Furthermore, they strive to inform their clients by giving them access to helpful and necessary videos, articles, and the like.

They are an informative company that will not just save you money, but also your time and resources. I have read a lot of reviews about the Model 52 and Secureit. I have found that many people also agree on the great service of this company and its product as well.

It's Great, But Who Can Best Benefit From This Model?

For most of this review, I have been blabbering about how great the Agile Model 52 is. I have been upselling this so much most of you might be expecting a lot from it. I think I should also say something from the other side of the coin.

While for me, this is absolutely the unit that I want, maybe for you, it is not the kind of system that you were looking for. As I mentioned, it is not burglar-proof and your gears will not be spared from the fire if ever it happens. With that being said, you might be looking for a vault with a higher level of security.

With that, I must say that this Model 52 is best for those who plan to store their firearms in a condo, a house, or room which is light-weight and can easily be moved. It is best for those who do not want the hassle of the policemen coming to their doorstep in the event of an alarm.

If you, on the other hand, want that, then this might not be the best vault for you. But seriously, who would want a heavy and hard-to-assemble vault?

The Perfect Firearm Storage

The minute the Agile 52 came in my doorstep, I was really excited. I opened the box and it came unscratched and sop neat.

It was everything I was searching for. If you are convinced or if you are not sure, the best way to really know is to try it out for yourself. What is to lose? It’s one of the cheapest and yet most-functional vaults there is.