Many people are interested in getting a scope for their rifle or even a pistol. But, there are plenty of those who need the best shotgun scope. This brings us to the next question, which shotgun scope is the best on the market and which one do should you buy?

Shotgun scopes are different than all the other types of optics and they are more specific and more unique as well. All of this means that you need to understand what you are going to buy. That’s why we will begin with the basics.

First, we will discuss the basic features and then move to more advanced things. Let’s get started!

Buyers Guide For the Best Shotgun Scope

Below you can see the main factors we have used while testing the models on our list. Keep in mind that all or most of these factors apply to all the shotgun scopes out there. Finding the most suitable combination of the factors and features for you will help you find the best scope for your shotgun and your needs.

Fixed or Variable Magnification

Before you move to the next step, you need to understand the basic things about magnification. There are two options available. The first is fixed while the second is variable. Both come with unique sets of pros and cons and all of them will be explained below. In general, magnification allows you to see better at long distances and helps you make more accurate shots.

As the name suggests, fixed scopes do not have the ability to adjust the magnification. They have one magnification setting. However, they are more durable and easier to use than their variable counterparts. Variable shotgun scopes allow users to adjust the magnification and thus improve the ‘’image’’ for a specific target at a specific distance. While these models are more accurate, they are more complicated to use. They are generally designed for veterans and professionals who want to have full control over every aspect of their hunting or shotgun scope.


If you have the best shotgun available, you will also need the best scope that is highly durable. Look for models that are made of heavy-duty metals and which can withstand just about everything you throw at them. Apart from that, it is also supposed to withstand harsh weather. It must work in all of these situations without any problem.

Quality of Image

This factor is known as sharpness and it is a very important factor to take into account when looking for a hunting or shotgun scope. The bottom line is that you need a scope that offers a perfectly clear view at any given moment and in any situation. All of the models on our list offer this ability, but if you are looking for a unit that isn’t here, pay close attention to the sharpness besides other features in order to find the best shotgun scope.

Eye Relief

There are several options when it comes to eye relief. Basically, it is a distance or space between the eye and the scope. As you know, shotguns have a massive recoil, and therefore, you will need a long eye relief. It will reduce the chances of the shotgun scope injuring you while aiming.

Lens Coating

Lens coating is present on almost all available scopes on the market these days. What this means is that all lenses are coated with compounds such as magnesium fluoride. The purpose is to decrease and possibly eliminate the glare in all possible situations. The shotgun scope with lens coating will allow you to stay hidden while hunting and be able to see your targets when the sun shines bright.

Light Transmission

Light transmission is a feature that describes how much light passes through the system. It is expressed in percentage. You can see models with a rating of above 90%, which is excellent. It is important to note that there are no 100% units out there. The best options have light transmission somewhere between 90% and 100%.


You should also have a good idea of which type of finish you want. In most situations, you will be able to choose between camo and black. For the best shotgun, you need a scope whose finish will make it unscathed even after years of heavy-duty use. While the best shotgun scopes are usually black or camo, you may also look for other options too.


Not all scopes come with a lifetime warranty. If you are are going to buy a top-notch and expensive scope for your shotgun, you will have to take the warranty into consideration. The longer the warranty, the better. That will make sure that your scope works perfectly even after many years. Generally speaking, the best shotgun scopes almost always come with a lifetime warranty.

Top 5 Products

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The Best Shotgun Scopes of 2020

Our Rating

Top Rated Shotgun Scope


Nikon Prostaff P3 is a premium model and the best shotgun scope here. It employs a fully multicolored optical system that comes with BDC 200 reticle. This Nikon Prostaff model has ¼ MOA windage as well as zero-reset turrets (spring-loaded). Both windage and elevation adjustments are possible. The entire scope is made from aluminum of aircraft grade quality. Moreover, the BDC 200 Riflescope is covered with black finish capable of withstanding a great deal of force.

It also uses a zero system that offers ballistic circle aiming points for 100, 150, 175 and also 200 yards. 1900-2000 FPS is present as well. Installation is simple and usually takes no more than 5 minutes, even if you are a beginner. This is one more reason to go for the Nikon Prostaff BDC 200 reticle.


  • BDC 200 reticle
  • Fully coated lenses
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Multicolored optical system


  • Expensive
  • Big adjustment ring

Best for:

It is an excellent unit for all of you who are looking for a full-size scope for a variety of applications, including hunting. This amazing model comes with a superb warranty and plenty of great features. Add the well-known reticle type and we can deduce that this shotgun scope is a safe choice.

Our Rating


If you need a premium scope for your shotgun at an affordable price, we recommend choosing this model. The scope is similar to the Prodiamond shotgun scope which isn’t available anymore. Each unit comes with high quality fully coated lenses and parallax correction between 50 yards.

Rimfire 3/8″ rings for installation are included in the package, so there is no need to purchase them separately. Sure-Grip is a rubber addition on the adjustment dial that comes in handy when the scope is wet or while wearing gloves. Eye relief is 3.75 inches.

Another feature worth mentioning is Hydro Shield technology. This system uses coated lenses. It offers the best visibility and excellent image quality in almost any situation. The last thing to mention is the finish. The scope is coated with a black finish that can withstand stress and years of energetic use.


  • Hydro-Shield technology
  • Sure-Grip addition
  • Appealing design
  • Value for money


  • Included rings do not fit many weapons
  • Poor customer support

Best for:

This particular scope is ideal for users who want an affordable scope with great design and high-quality lenses. Despite the modest price, the unit offers advanced features such as Hydro-Shield and Sure-Grip, which makes it appealing for professionals and beginners as well.

Our Rating


Bushnell trophy is one of the most desirable models you can opt for these days. It has several features we liked a lot. The Bushnell trophy is a multi-coated optics system that offers 91% of light transmission. The system is 100% waterproof and therefore can be used at any weather conditions. It is also shockproof and fog proof too. That makes the Bushnell trophy a premium model.

Eye relief is 4 inches and it is great for shotgun scopes. Magnification is 3-9 times and the Bushnell multi X reticle is included too. Additional features include ¼ MOA windage and elevation fingertip setting. There are also fast-focus capabilities available. Bushnell trophy is covered by a lifetime warranty, known as No Questions Asked. All of this makes puts it on the list of the best shotgun scopes.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Magnification is 3-9 times
  • Multi X reticle
  • Fast focus capability


  • Some Bushnell versions of this scope are very expensive
  • Too long for some hunters

Best for:

We believe that the users who will want this Bushnell scope are shooters or hunters with extensive experience. It also offers image quality which cannot be generalized and compared to other hunting scopes available on the market. That’s something most users are addicted to. Bushnell is a world-known brand as we all know.

Our Rating


Konus 7259 is designed to offer advanced magnification. It is 6-24 times which is impressive. The lens is 44 mm and it is multi-color coated allowing it to collect 21% more light than a lens of 40 mm in diameter. This translates to better visibility in most situations. Mil-dot reticle is included in the scope and also 1/8 MOA windage and elevation adjustment system.

The scope is designed and made for varmint, hunting and also tactical usages. It is fog proof, waterproof and also immune to shocks. The adjustability and the reticle allow you to be extremely accurate and to hit the target in 99% cases. The dimensions of the unit are 17.5 x 5.5 x 4.6 inches while the weight is around 1.3 pounds. Last updated 2 months ago.


  • Etched reticle
  • 44 mm lens compared to 40 mm
  • 6-24 times magnification
  • Advanced adjustability


  • Hard to find
  • Obsolete design

Best for:

Konus 7259 is ideal for all users who want and need great magnification. This scope offers 6-24 times and yes, it is above average. On the other hand, the price isn’t extremely high and we can say that with this magnification the scope is one of the best in the class. Also, the transmission of the light is above average. It is also suitable for hunting.

Our Rating


Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm Compact is a scope every shotgun hunter will want to use. It offers premium materials, advanced accuracy and a high level of attention to detail. The zoom ratio is 3:1 and it is useful for almost any situation you can think of. ¼ MOA adjustment system is accurate and above the average. The matte black finish is the main part of the design.

Each unit is tested and approved for heavy-duty usage in the open and completely waterproof, fog proof and immune to shocks, damages and etc. Simply said, this is one of the shotgun scopes we all want. Multicoat 4 system is used for coating the lenses. What this means is that each lens is covered from edge to edge and offers advanced capabilities and image quality. 

We must add that like many other shotgun scopes it has Leupold’s Proprietary nitrogen technology. It is used to decrease the risk of fogging as much as possible and it is one of the best in the industry.


  • Multicoat 4 system
  • Leupold's Proprietary nitrogen technology
  • Superb 3:1 zoom ratio
  • Extra-tough construction


  • Expensive
  • Isn’t suitable for beginners

Best for:

Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm Compact is a unit that is almost completely focused on professionals. It offers advanced craftsmanship, even better design and also stunning attention to detail. Add the superb 3:1 zoom ration and you will get a premium scope that comes at a premium price.

Our Rating

TRUGLO 4x32mm Compact is also a scope shotgun hunter will use. Keep in mind that there are two versions. One is black while second is camo and it is known as Extra variation. The overall functionality is the same while the camo scope is slightly more expensive. Other than that, both units come with full coated lenses suitable for providing stunning image quality at any possible situation and at any weather. The matt finish is obviously non-reflective while the eye guard is made from rubber to prevent injuries. Both elements are scratch-resistant. The reticle inside the unit is duplex and it is usually present on mid-range scopes. But, you can opt for a diamond reticle as well. This type of reticle is superb for shotguns due to wider and larger sizes. If you do opt for this type of reticle, you will get weaver style rings for the installation. The process itself is simple and straightforward. The dimensions are 0.5 x 0.5 x 6 inches and the weight is 1 pound.


  • Diamond reticle
  • Black and camo models available
  • More than just affordable considering features
  • Fully coated lenses


  • You must opt for diamond reticle
  • A bit flimsy construction

Best for:

TRUGLO 4x32mm is mostly used by intermediate hunters. It has advanced design and actually looks better than most models from this price range. There is also a camo version if you want to match it with your shotgun.

Our Rating


Ozark Armament Rhino Red Dot is just what its name suggests. It is a small, compact scope with a red dot as a reticle. However, users can choose between a red dot and a green dot. Each version comes with 5 brightness settings allowing you to get the most at any part of day or night. The lifetime guarantee is applied to all scopes shipped from the United States. The price was last updated recently. It is a more affordable shotgun scope now.

The 4 MOA accuracy is above the average. This red dot sight is rugged and honestly designed to withstand everything you can throw at it. There is no need to add that it is waterproof and fog proof. The second accent is on durability. The riflescope must be and it will stay accurate even after 1000 fired rounds. 

The battery inside (which is used to power the red/green dot) can last up to 3000 hours when on the medium brightness setting. If you increase the brightness, the duration will be decreased. The diameter of the lens is 28 mm. The weight is around 1 pound and it is one of the lightest scopes on the market.


  • Modern and rugged design
  • Advanced warranty
  • Durable
  • Small and compact


  • Isn’t suitable for long shots
  • Short eye relief

Best for:

Ozark Armament Rhino is designed completely for dot scope fans. If you are one of them and you want small and compact scope at a low price, this is a scope to choose from. It is an excellent choice you can use frequently and it will stay 100% operational.

Our Rating


Monstrum P332 Raven Ultra-Compact 3X Prism Scope is one of the shotgun scopes you must like the first time you see it. It looks like no other scope and it is one that offers advanced capabilities. The unit has glass prism optics of the modern generation with 3 times magnification and improved clarity of the image. The image quality can only be compared to longer, more massive scopes. Yes, this means that the P332 is more compact and smaller. The weight is 15 ounces.

The reticle can be either red or green according to your need and it is etched into the prism glass. The body itself is made from the highest quality aluminum and can withstand harsh scenarios. All units come with a 1-year warranty which isn’t the best but keep in mind that this is a reasonably affordable scope considering the features and capabilities. The range is 200+ yards and the lens diameter is 32 mm. The package includes cloth for wiping the lens and also CR1632A battery, alongside the scope itself. It was last updated a few months ago.


  • Modern design
  • Lightweight design
  • Strong and durable
  • 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum


  • 200+ yards range
  • 1-year warranty

Best for:

The unit is the best scope for short-range hunters. The best shotgun optics of this kind are desirable for shooters who want accuracy in a small can compact scope capable of withstanding harsh weather and all the applications you can think of.

Our Rating


Whether you are looking for a new target-based hunting scope for your shotgun or a red dot sight to replace your old rifle scope, look no further. This scope is made and optimized for hunting turkeys. As you can imagine you can choose between a red or green color. It’s powered by a battery that is included in the package. In the package, you get 3V-CR2032 and two of them. One main and the second spare.

The construction is completely CNC aluminum used in the aircraft industry and the detachable design makes it easy to use for various weapons. Other features we can include are a lightweight design, compact size, and camo finish. It is available in black as well which is significantly cheaper even though they have the same specifications.


  • Appealing and modern design
  • CNC aluminum construction
  • Ideal for hunting
  • Award-winning capabilities


  • For turkey hunting only
  • Complicated for beginners

Best for:

TRUGLO GOBBLE-STOPPER is a simple scope without extra features. It is the best unit if you will be hunting turkeys. Besides hunting, you can use it for other applications, but keep in mind that you may not get the best results. When it comes to value for money, it is average for camo versions and above average for black scope.

Top Rated Shotgun Scope of 2020

The Final Word

If you have the best shotgun, you will want the best sight that meets all of your criteria and needs. Did you find the best shotgun scope on our list? We have tested the most popular models thoroughly to find the potential drawbacks. Take a look at the list again and choose the scope you were looking for.