The 10 Best Red Dot Sights for Your Rifle in 2019

10 Best Red Dot Sights

The best red dot sight for rifles and shotguns can greatly help with the accuracy of your shots. Red dot sights are used for long range shootings and are the perfect replacement to traditional iron sights. A red dot sight is a magnifying reflector applicable for firearms.

If you are a hunter using a shotgun, then red dot sights are the right equipment for optimum accuracy. This will make sure that you are shooting at the right target.

How do red dot sights work? The equipment has a concave lens with a fine metallic coating that imitates only red light. The red dot is a reflection of a light emitting diode in the sight tube.

When you peep through the sight, the red dot shows as if it has been calculated onto the target. The sight doesn’t have pinpoint precision but provides some level of guarantee that you will shoot your target by using right marking and firing techniques. It can be attuned up and down as well as needed.

Red Dot Sight Reviews– Our Recommendations

In this article, we are going to review the best types and at what features make the best red dot sight for a pistol. We will look at our recommendations of the best and budget red dot that outperform all the other picks on the market.

We hope that by the end of this red dot sight reviews, you will have a good understanding and recognition for shotgun optics and how they can be used to your advantage in both tactical and hunting activities.

With the different types and brands of red dot sights, you can choose a different reticle style, design, level of visibility, etc.

  1. Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic
  2. EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight
  3. Vortex Optics Sparc II
  4. Streamlight 69250 TLR-2 G Rail-Mounted
  5. EOTECH G33 Magnifier
  6. Burris Fastfire III
  7. Vortex Optics Venom
  8. HOLOSUN HS503C Paralow
  9. TRUGLO TRU-TEC Compact
  10. Aimpoint Carbine Optic

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10 Best Red Dot Sights

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic

Our Rating

top rated red dot sight

Aimpoint was established in 1974 by Swedish manufacturers with the vision of making the most dynamic best red dot sight for the money. They are also looking for methods by which shooting precision could be improved. It features the best possible first shot and improved speed on target that will amaze hunters every single time.

The equipment has a band-pass lens coating, it fits with every type of night vision device and features a crystal clear 1x image for fast target acquisition in close quarter places. Hunters and shooters won't need to be concerned about turning the battery on and off with the Aimpoint PRO.

The red dot sights from PRO utilize a 30mm anodized aluminum featuring a high efficiency circuit that resulting in a three year battery life. It has an easy set up with the added QRP2 model rail grabber mount, and it is best with M4 Carbine, flat-top AR15, and M16 Rifles.

Aimpoint PRO scope also has a flip-open covers for the front and rear lens shield the expensive optics as well as the threaded opening for the front lens that covers the transparent rear as well as an anti-reflection device protection.

Other features of the device include a rugged 30mm tube, 6 daylight settings, transparent ocular lens cap and standard objective flip-up lens cap that are both recessed to avoid damage, the threaded objective bell for Anti-Reflective Device (ARD), a ten-year warranty and adjustment cap retainers to avoid it getting lost in the forest.

Aimpoint PRO works in temperatures between -49°F to 160°F. It is waterproof rated at up to 150 feet deep. The equipment is resistant to vibration, shock and chemicals.

When you are looking for the most trusted, high-quality, and accurate red dot scope, Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic meets all your shooting requirements in any situation.

Finally, the Aimpoint PRO is a fantastic high-quality optics and is a reliable device. It will not let you down whether you are using it for shooting competitions, for security purposes or for home defense. They call it the “Pro” for good reason, as its features make the optic unique and highly functional.

The Aimpoint PRO can get full marks easily if it weighed a little less and if the mounting knob was either removable or smaller in size. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an efficient optic for your gun, then you should definitely consider the Aimpoint PRO.


  • Aimpoint PRO is best for real-world situations and is waterproof down to 150 feet deep
  • Modular mount attached for use on M16 rifles, flat-top AR15 and M4 Carbine
  • The recessed lens openings of PRO prevent against fingerprints, scratches and impact damage
  • It has an improved speed on the target and increased first shot hit opportunity when compared to magnified scopes and iron sights
  • Aimpoint PRO battery change date reminders and service date make maintenance and tracking easy
  • PRO is a highly recommended optic for hunters and shooters


  • It is very expensive

EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight is a lightweight optical sight created for nearby to midrange actions. It allows quick target aiming and engagement at a short distance while offering target capacity better than iron sights at up to 300 meters.

EOTech, a part of L-3, offers advanced technology and products in the areas of tactical lasers, holographic sighting systems, thermal imaging equipment and illuminators. The manufacturer features first-rate battle-tested products and devices to the commercial and military markets.

EOTECH 512 includes three usable targeting points - 7 yards at the bottom most of the circle, 50 and 200 yards at the main dot.

The device has 30 yards at a 4” eye relief field of view, which means it offers a wide view. The intensity range starts at 1 as the lowest and 110,000 as the brightest. There are 20 various settings so you can control the illumination at any time according to your requirements.

The EOTech 512 can be submerged of up to 10 feet deep, so if you happen to drop your rifle in the lake you are assured that the sight will still work. It can also endure temperatures from -40 to 140 degrees F.

Since the device is fog proof, it keeps the fog to a minimum level, so you are still viewing through clear glass in any weather condition.


  • This optics is definitely for those who look for the maximum speed and flexibility at the time of targeting
  • EOTECH HWS comes with a 10-year limited warranty
  • The Model 552 has been created to improve the action speed of the target even after the solo has released
  • EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight includes tool-less mounting bolt, strong aluminum and rugged aluminum hood assembly & knob
  • This device promises for maximum safety for shooters


  • EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight has no night vision
  • The 20-brightness setting of EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight is complicated for new users

A reflex sight gives you the advantage of both fast target acquisition and precision which you cannot get from scope or closed sight, but the optic has to be strong enough to endure any punishment that might be dished out on it without creating faultless results.

SPARC stands for “Speed Point Aiming for Rapid Combat“. The SPARC II includes some modifications over its predecessor but is a fairly basic package. Inside the box, you get detailed instructions, tools, a battery, mount, screws and the optic. Everything is packed in Styrofoam cutouts and the box is in a good place to store the optic if it will be removed from the gun.

The optic is covered with a scratch resistant black finish. Vortex Optics Sparc II has a 22mm objective lens diameter. This is appropriate for most tactical activities and when hunting during the day. It is quite small to let the optimum amount of light to enter the sight when illumination is getting bad. It’s manufactured very strong and durable. It will survive a lot of outdoor use without a problem.

The Vortex Optics Sparc II fits the demand for good optics for carbines, shotguns and rifles.


  • Vortex Optics Sparc II has a wide choice of brightness modification
  • Vortex Optics Sparc II is lightweight and features a design that doesn’t add weight to your device
  • Parallax free is a crucial feature for any reflex sight and Vortex Optics Sparc II has it
  • You don’t have to start with its mid-range while offering higher end optic efficiency
  • It is shockproof
  • The accuracy of this sight remains even after surviving heavy recoils


  • The front lens of Vortex Optics Sparc II mirrors a lot of light when it’s at specific angles, which could work against you in cases where lens flare will reveal your position or spook game
  • The on and off button is perfect for right-handed shooters but is inconvenient for the left-handed shooters and it must be pressed correctly in the middle to make it work

Streamlight 69250 TLR-2 G Rail-Mounted is a tactical C4 LED light with a strobe setting and added green laser for higher visibility of long-range shooting. The ambidextrous three function switch allows the double tap to start the strobe, and use of laser only, LED or both. The weapon laser attaches directly to  Glock-style rails and Picatinny, and features rail locating keys for Picatinny, S&W 99, Glock-style, Beretta 90two and S&W TSW.

Streamlight 69250 TLR-2 G Rail-Mounted is designed with sealed construction, is impact-resistant, has a Borofloat glass lens and is IPX4 water-resistant. The light housing has black anodized finish with 6000 Series machined aircraft aluminum and with a chemically-resistant engineering polymer laser frame. The device is made in the USA.

This device is lightweight, and provides a solo compact unit with dual features. The sight gives you a very visible sighting point through day and night, while the flashlight gives all the power and strength that the TLR series is renowned for.

Designed around C4 LED unit, Streamlight 69250 TLR-2 G Rail-Mounted equips with up to 300 lumens of light mounted under the muzzle of your shotgun - enough to power up any situation. User can pick from steady-on modes, strobe and temporary and this allows the device to meet the requirement of the scenario. Moreover, the device is waterproof, designed to endure the recoil of live fire and will last for a long time even with nonstop usage.


  • Streamlight 69250 TLR-2 G Rail-Mounted is IPx4 waterproof
  • The laser technology of the device makes shooting much faster and more accurate
  • It has a portable design
  • It can be mounted on many types of rifles or shotguns
  • It is manufactured using rugged materials


  • It is slightly expensive
  • The poor performance of Streamlight 69250 TLR-2 G Rail-Mounted in sub-freezing temps
  • It can be too bright at near range

G33 is a wonderful addition to a shotgun using an Eotech optic. It adds a new level of flexibility to your rifle and it’s optic. The inclusion of the G33 magnifier allows aiming at targets with full confidence, even at distances out to 2000 feet away or at a close quarter shootout.

The reason why the military was very interested in this device is that it is made of high-grade materials and HWS compatible. This is the only product that is versatile, strong, precise and long-lasting and passed the military’s rigorous tests and trials as well.

When you purchase the G33, it comes in a waterproof and shockproof box with custom foam to fit perfectly. It comes with magnifier, mount, optic cloth, spacer, and owner’s manual. This model is fast and easy to disassemble.


  • G33 is perfect for hunting, tactical training and target shooting
  • It is easy to use and disengage
  • The Eotech 3X magnifier glass is transparent when you look through it
  • It is well-built and has a solid construction
  • The device features a switch to side mounting which is great for left and right-hand capability


  • Mounting G33 to your rifle gives more weight
  • It is a bit pricey

The Burris Fastfire III is a small light reflex sight perfect for shooting activities. The clarity and ease of use make the device best for home defense and competition shooting. It can be used as a close quarters sight along with long-range optics, connected to rail systems and mounted on optics-ready pistols.

The famous Burris brand motivates confidence that the Fastfire is a trusted piece of device. Likewise, the high quality and solid construction of materials are visible from handling the optic.

Burris has been a builder of optics for many years, not just in the weapons industry, their devices are well-known to be affordable, high quality and precise.

Burris Fastfire III is also compatible with tactical and defensive firearms. It would excel on a carbine, private defense weapon or short-barreled rifle which have to remain lightweight and sharp. The same goes for rifles, where exact aiming is not as essential but faster target aim can prove quite advantageous.

Since Burris Fastfire III is small and compact, it shines as a back-up optic. It can be added at a 45-degree angle or on top of the main scope, readily available to be used in a close situation or if the main scope fails.

The product is supported by Forever Warranty, so buyers are assured that their money spent on Burris Fastfire III last a lifetime.


  • The bright red dot is can be seen clearly and allows for fast targeting
  • It has multipurpose mounting choices
  • It is light, compact, and the best pick for performance
  • It has an automatic brightness sensor which fine-tunes to the present environment to ensure the dot is always evident to the shooter or hunter
  • Users can turn the order on and choose from four functions including Auto Bright, Low Bright Medium Bright and High Bright


  • The Burris Fastfire III does consist of big sun shade, but sadly, they forgot to add a covering for when you clean your device
  • Experienced users who handle the Burris Fastfire III have the impression that the dot size is very tiny
  • Burris Fastfire III has a few quality control issues

The Vortex Optics Venom features fast to aim at a target while giving an exact point of aim, getting shots down range and on quick target. The aluminum frame of Vortex Optics Venom guarantees that the device will endure whatever the shooter throws at it.

The best features of Vortex Optics Venom are its high quality fully multi-coated lenses that include clean, and wide field of view. The dot intensity controls and power are easily located on the left side of the sight to pick between 10 brightness degrees.

Vortex Optics Venom also has an auto-brightness mode that makes use of an ambient light sensor to manage dot power if the shooter chooses.

The 1 MOA elevation modifications and windage of the device are very polished and enable fast viewing. The battery case is located on top of the sight. The top load system makes for quick shifting of the CR1632 battery, as you will have to disengage your sight to replace the power source. Opening the case is easy with the case rim slot.

As an added perk of Vortex Optics Venom, the VIP Lifetime Warranty is comprised of all Vortex sights. You will receive assistance If you happen to run into a defect or failure. Vortex offers first-rate customer service and will cooperate with the buyer to fix any problem they may experience.


  • Vortex utilizes an ArmorTek, an anti-reflective coating, to assure that the MOA offers a premium quality image
  • It is the choice of optic for many shooters and gun owners as it has a wider field of view
  • With the compact size of Vortex Optics Venom, it can be used on different weapons
  • You can have a target of up to 300 feet and aim the target without missing depending on how good your shot
  • The accessories included on the device is one more good reason why you must use the red dot


  • The 1 MOA alters depending on the elevation and wind, thus, it is not good for most specific adjustments
  • The side mounted controls of optic could possibly get jolted while on a sling or in a holster
  • The poor battery life of Vortex Optics Venom on the highest setting

HOLOSUN HS503C Paralow is a solid red dot scope with the choice of 2 MOA dot with a 65MOA circle reticle design or 2MOA dot only. Using state-of-the-art LED technology, the CR2032 battery can last up to 2 years of continuous usage.

But the automatic brightness and solar technology features contribute to prolonging the battery life for the average user or shooter. The sight of HOLOSUN HS503C may be mounted on different weapons including rifles, shotguns, air rifles, pistols, and crossbows.

The 503 is one of the model designs in the Paralow series. The first number '5' in its model means that the shooter can shift between a 2 MOA dot and a 2 MOA dot enclosed by a 65 MOA circle. The second number '0' suggests that the device includes standard accessories (without flip-up lens covers, quick-release mount, and honeycomb filter).

The letter 'C' denotes that the product includes a solar panel on top – the red dot sight can function without the battery mounted when there’s enough lighting.

 HOLOSUN HS503C Paralow has a ShakeAwake property. When it is left turned on, the product will go from 'active mode' to 'sleep mode' after a while to avoid excess battery drain. Once moved, it will immediately turn back on.


  • It is Parallax free with infinite eye relief
  • The sleek housing and push button controls of HOLOSUN HS503C Paralow were designed to reduce vision obstruction
  • The device lets the shooters to easily change between the Red dot reticles and circle dot
  • It possesses a battery life of 50,000 hours
  • It comes with a high mount and low mount for lower third co-witness on normal AR platforms
  • It can be trusted in severe weather conditions and waterproof at up to 1 meter of water deep


  • The value of the device is primarily because of solar power and similar optics
  • It is not the most precise optic available for your weapon

The addition of TRUGLO to the new 20 mm Tru-Tec Red Dot Sight and optics helped to combine accessories, affordability, and other features for red dot sights.

TRUGLO has a wide selection of optic add-ons for handguns, rifles, compound bows, crossbows and shotguns.

This comes with all the basic features. The optic is modifiable for elevation and wind and has brightness settings for the bright sunlight and low-light use. TRUGLO is controlled through the push buttons on the top of the optic.

The optic includes a 20 mm objective lens that creates a 2-MOA reticle with a minimum parallax setting of 50 yards. TRUGLO alerts that parallax shift can be seen when shooting at targets greater or less than 50 yards and recommends keeping the reticle in 2/3 of the field of view to reduce parallax.


  • The battery technology of TRUGLO has greatly improved, offering much longer optic life
  • The device is Waterproof and fog proof
  • It is Ultra-lightweight and has a compact design
  • TRUGLO includes both low and high mounting bases
  • It includes a Shock resistant feature of up to 1000g


  • Even though the adjustment knobs of TRUGLO is good, it does stick up a little high
  • It is difficult to use

Aimpoint is the largest and best known red dot manufacturer in the world. The ACO is designed exclusively for basic home defense, civilian shooter, sports competitions and for shooters who target shoot.

The optic has a fitting on/off knob with 10 settings: 9 levels of brightness, off position and ranging from vague dot for low light to very clear for luminous conditions.

Aimpoint Carbine Optic is easy to use because of the design and weight. It is very easy to use the scope. It’s in a 30mm tube making the sight easy to handle. Aimpoint Carbine Optic weighs more about 8 ounces without the mount and it’s easier to use even for a longer time.

It’s the kind of rifle scope that is accessible right out of the box. It is well-designed with the aluminum housing frame which not only makes it compact but also durable. It comes with various functions, setting it apart from all other scopes in today’s market.

Aimpoint Carbine Optic is currently sold at an entry level cost, which is reasonable for many people. For an excellent quality scope with incredible features like this, expect to pay more.


  • The sealed elevation and wind knobs move the point of the effect of a ½ inch per click at 100 yards
  • Aimpoint Carbine Optic is coated with non-reflective anodizing and is made on an aluminum casing
  • A single 3V lithium battery of ACO gives more than a full year of nonstop usage
  • It features ACET Technology with 10,000 hours of operation
  • The Aimpoint Carbine Optic is fully waterproof


  • ACO is not suited with night vision, one of the differences between Pro and Aimpoint Carbine Optic
  • The ACO mount has a smaller nut to remove or bind from the Picatinny rail. It also doesn’t have a spacer like the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic
  • Compare to Aimpoint Pro, this device only includes 3 advanced daylight brightness settings

Using the AR 15 Red Dot Sight

The original AR 15 is an iconic rifle and featured innovations from gun designs of its time. The most distinctive features are the front sights and the handle which served as the rear sights. In use, the AR 15 was light, reliable and used smaller bullets that were the norm for its day. When the military decided to use the AR 15, there were compromises made, which debatably made the M16 less effective than the AR 15.

What was and is still true of the AR 15 and the M16, along with its predecessors is the distinctive handle, which forced the design of sights to be mounted an inch or two atop the rifle’s body. With the use of red dot sights, this is less of an issue and more of a talking point.

Using red dot sights on the AR 15 and M16 is a much better option than traditional optical sights. This is especially true for semi-automatic and automatic fire with this family of rifles. Red dot sights are lighter than optical sights and are less delicate. They can be used in more rugged conditions.

The value of the red dot sights has been proven with their effectivity with raised mounts like the AR 15, as well as their adaptability with handguns.

Best Red Dot Sight for AR 15

To conclude, the weapons industry is now swarmed with probably thousands of scope models and optics that can add to the difficulty of what’s best to buy. The thing is Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic is not called “PRO” for no reason. It wouldn’t be in the number one spot if it’s not of the features and functions that make it excellent quality and very useful. It is the best red dot sight for the AR 15, M16 and carbines.

The Aimpoint Pro has been manufactured by some of the most skilled professionals, giving this shotgun optic state-of-the-art features that boost performance in challenging conditions.

The thing is, wherever you check, Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic is probably the most efficient device there is. The Aimpoint Pro has proved itself as an exceptional sight for real-world conditions. This durable, rugged, reliable and precise optic is a high-performing red dot sight and will make your outdoor shooting activities much more gratifying.

Final Recommendation

To conclude, the weapon industry is now swarmed with probably thousands of scope models and optics that can certainly add up to the difficulty of what’s best to buy. The thing is Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic is not called “PRO” for no reason. It wouldn’t be in the number one spot if it’s not of the features and functions that make it excellent quality and very useful.

The Aimpoint Pro has been manufactured by some of the most skilled professionals, giving this shotgun optic state-of-the-art features that boost performance in challenging conditions.

The thing is, wherever you check, Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic is probably the most efficient device there is. The Aimpoint Pro has proved itself as an exceptional sight for real-world conditions. This durable, rugged, reliable and precise optic is high-performing and will make your outdoor shooting activities much more gratifying.


Ohuhu Red Green Dot Gun Sight Scope Reflex Sight with 4 Reticles

  • Tubeless design with 33mm Reflex lens Aperture provides a wide field of view

  • Tubeless design with 33mm Reflex lens Aperture provides a wide field of view

  • Feyachi Reflex Sight - Adjustable Reticle (4 styles)

  • A 33mm lens provides quick target acquisition

  • Ultralight, waterproof and shockproof

  • GERO Tactical Green and Red Dot Sight

  • Holds zero for longer periods of time and more rounds than any other

  • Different reticle settings and adjustable brightness

  • TACTICON (TM) Predator V1 Red Dot Sight

  • Incredibly fast target acquisition

  • Sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture or dust from getting inside and nitrogen purged to prevent fogging inside the glass optic.

  • Dagger Defense DDHB Red Dot Reflex sight

  • Both red and green dot, four position reticles

  • Comes with locking screws for your sighting adjustments

  • Rhino Tactical Green & Red Dot Sight for Rifles & Shotguns by Ozark Armament

  • Engineered to Withstand Even the Toughest Conditions

  • Tailor the Brightness to Your Environment with 5 Brightness Levels