5 Best 300 Blackout Scope of 2020

Since the introduction of the 300 Blackout, it has become the 2nd most popular cartridge for old AR-15 rifles. Even though this is a retrofit for older firearms, it is not easy to ignore the improved power of this intermediate 30 caliber round. The 300 Blackout Scope was designed for the shorter automatic rifles based on the AR-15 and M4 primary arms platform.

The .300 Blackout development goal was to provide a replacement for H&K MP5 SSD used by the United States military. The result is the short-barreled type AR rifle. It can fire up to a full 9 mm even with the use of a suppressed barrel. 

Since its introduction, there has been a rapid adoption of the 300 Blackout as the munition of choice for the AR-series rifles. Necessarily, there has also been an increase in 300 Blackout scope models. These scopes address the needs of the shorter and smaller AR platform.

300 Blackout Scope Products

It is not easy to find the most reliable 300 blackout scopes, especially if you are looking for an affordable one. You need to invest on the best accessories and products for your rifle or shooting gear. This is the best possible way to reinforce your target shooting and combat. Always remember that without an excellent scope, any rifle is worthless. So do you know what model or brand of scope is considered the top-rated in the market? In choosing accessories for your rifle, it’s always best to understand the features and requirements needed so you can weigh things and buy the right product. 











Details of the Best 300 Blackout Scopes

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Top Rated 300 Black Scope


The best thing about this 300 blk scope is its outfitted with the battle-ready fast focus of 1-6x 24mm tactical riflescope. It has fully multi-coated optics and superior quality 300 Blackout round horseshoe red dot reticle. The HDX proprietary optics also features high light transmission or HT, high definition or HD, and extra-low dispersion or LD glass. These features maximize the resolution and provide true color in it. Another great thing about this riflescope is the dedicated 300 Blackout Horseshoe red Dot reticle. 

You can locate it in the first focal plane, which offers excellent variable illumination. It is the reticle that provides the center red dot and the horseshoe an illuminated effect. It is pointing inward to the arrowheads and vertically posted with ballistic marks for 300 Blackout cartridges. The scope is improved with motion-activated illumination function or MOTAC, which can power up its brightness when it senses motion and power it down when at rest. The system for illumination offers nine brightness settings for daytime and two settings devices for night vision.

To withstand the hardest battlefield situations, the 30 mm main tube is drilled from one aluminum piece and gives a waterproof performance. The elevation of knobs and windage is knurled for slip-free performance and offers 150 MOA range adjustments with one-half MOA increments. The Sig Ballistic Turret Dial or SBT is also available in this rifle scope. It features accurate tactical knobs that can be operated with fingers and has a slit read-out facing the ocular. 

The SBT or Sig Ballistic Turret is a custom elevation dial laser-etched that utilizes the bullet specifications, muzzle velocity, ballistic coefficient, elevation, and some environmental determinants for a more accurate bullet compensation drop and pinpoints. Other rings and dials are also improved with the fine diamond knurls and achieve a slip-free grip. This also includes a side parallax focus and corrector and an eyepiece. The fast-focus eyepiece provides a low-profile lever zoom that has a bright-green line to make it visible.


  • It offers various bright reticle options for 300 blackouts to accommodate many styles of hunting.
  • The HDX optics extra-low diffusion glass or LD linked with high transmission glass, or HT gives industry-leading light transmission and optical clarity for any circumstances.
  • The LensArmor abrasion-resistant lens covers for ultimate stability guarantee the lenses on the scope to remain sharp, brilliant, and cleared.
  • The lens shield proprietary Mil-Spec oleophobic layer that emits water, fuel, and gunk to secure a tidy sight model at all periods.
  • The Lockdown Zero System is a stop-locking blister that provides a speedy recovery to zero. Blister not only stays at zero, but it also secures at zero.
  • The Spectracoat is extremely effective, and the anti-reflection lenses cover decreases exterior reflections to very flat levels over the entire obvious spectrum producing excellent light delivery.
  • The Stealth ID has a modern design inspired by Sig Sauer's legendary primary arms platform. Deflection shield trapezoidal surfacing tears up the form and distinctness of the optic along with weapon slide serrations and hold checkering to join function to the frame.
  • The LevelPlex Digital Anti-Cant System uses a blended digital level with user-selectable BDC reticle cant symbols located inside the 300 blk range.
  • The Motion Activated Illumination strengths up when it senses action and rules down when it does not. It produces optimum operational security and an enhanced battery cycle.
  • The T120 has high-speed below profile turrets.
  • It has a capped elevation blister for tight quarters.
  • It has a power select hoop throw lever.
  • Steady waterproof and fog-proof execution.
  • Greatest eye relief for higher quality 300 blackout rifle


  • It has 300 Blackout round Horseshoe red Dot.
  • It has a 30 mm diameter main tube.
  • It has one-half MOA Impact Point Correction.
  • It has a 150 MOA Elevation/Windage Adjustments.

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The Trijicon 3.5x35mm ACOG dominates the field of view. It is a battle-ready optic that increases the success scale of every mission and withstanding the most unfriendly environments in unfavorable weather conditions. The built is a ruggedized riflescope for CQC or close-quarters combat. The optical mode is being optimized to provide a striking 3.5 x magnification and has a 35 mm goal lens. Fully multi-coated optics are manufactured from high-end optical glass. It is designed to develop the light gears, lessen the distortion of the image, and produce the best visibility possible in most cases. 

In engaging with the targets, it is quick and accurate because of the gun sight equipped with the color of brilliant green 308 Horseshoe reticle. It is being offered with a LED-based illuminated system and control brightness. To assist you with ballistics and wind drifts, it has a 40 MOA windage and elevation adjustments for a one-half MOA point correction impact.

Manufactured from a one-piece 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, it makes the tube more durable, waterproof, and fog proof. The scope highlights a hard anodizing finish, battery caps, tethered adjustment, and one eyepiece that has a zoom lever for a free slip operation. It has a Picatinny thumb screw flat top mounted to provide unparalleled durability and strength for its overall construction.


  • The Forged 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum metal provides for an almost unchangeable sighting practice.
  • Trijicon ACOG types provided with BAC or Binding Aiming Concept support the application of the both-eyes-open aiming process along with scope magnification sights for fast target find in any condition.
  • Greatest eye relief for higher quality rifles and wide exit pupil for quicker target assets.
  • A sturdy, internally adaptable system.
  • Trijicon surface optics automatically sets the most eminent level and variation of the reticle to available ray forms.
  • The Tritium phosphor light performs aiming BDC reticle shine in low-light situations for swift target retrieval. The lamp is assured to brighten up to 15 years.
  • The ACOG gives improved hit potential in all illumination requirements, without the aid of failure-prone batteries.
  • The Broadband anti-reflective surfaced spectacles give preferred accuracy and light-gathering abilities with zero deformity.
  • It has Lifetime-Warranty.


  • It has flexible LED Illumination
  • It jas 35mm Objective Lens Caliber
  • It has one-half MOA with 40 MOA Elevation/Windage.

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It is a precision machine that has high definition optics. The Sightmark 1-6×24 FFP offers a superior Japanese glass with crystal clear resolutions at every edge. This makes it free from any deformities and magnification. This 300 blackout rifle scope allows the first focal place that is ballistically matched with CDC 300 BDC reticle. This is applicable for supersonic and subsonic 300 Blackout. The reticle consists of red dot or green illumination. It can accomplish holdovers from 100 to 800 yards. This allows the shooters to use their versatility more effectively at any distance. 

The red and green illuminations remain in a similar visual dimension to the spot across the entire magnification range of the 300 blk riflescope. The 1x gives both the eyes an open mode for an upgraded situational awareness for close range. While the 6x system optics sets in far-away range with ease. The shooter has the freedom for an exposed option turret as a scratch-resistant lens. It helps protect the optic from collision or shock.


  • Entirely multi-layered optics for optimal flash frequency.
  • It has zero stop.
  • Lighted directional, in green or red.
  • The targeting factor in the first focal level co-magnifying it.
  • Built of aircraft aluminum.
  • It supports the application of the both-eyes-open aiming process along with a scope magnification sights for speedy target
  • Greatest eye relief for higher quality rifles.
  • Waterproof and shockproof.


  • Tough anodized surface
  • Completely multi-coated optics
  • Scratch-resistant spectacles
  • Consistent eye comfort
  • It has a ratio of 6:1 zoom
  • It has a 1st Focal Plane Reticle.

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The riflescope is designed for common AR/MSR and bolt-on platforms. It is your ideal option for CQB tactical or mid-range engagement, hunting, and 3 Guns competition. The scope is equipped with an HDX system optical used for extreme performance and clarity in low light: the HellFire optic fibers and reticle illumination engraved with glass and 1st or 2nd focal design planes.

The lines of the riflescope are both perfect in the field of view, especially when it comes to sports shooting. The sight that combines the HDX-exclusive system for cases of low light or extreme clarity. The offering is in a variety of grid options. It uses an electronic HellFire lighting system. The MOTAC system also manages the riflescope’s battery life use in running low tone when there is no action detected for normal tone situations.


  • It has a second focal plane or SFP with increased, illustrated reticle choices
  • The HDX optics has an extra-low diffusion half-pint consolidated with great light transmission glass give industry-leading brightness delivery and optical transparency for any condition
  • The Motion Activated Illumination powers increase when sensing some actions and switches off when it does not.
  • It caters to optimum operational protection and heightened battery time.
  • Built of aircraft aluminum.
  • It has reliable waterproof IPX-7 assessed for total immersion up to 1 meter and fog-proof completion.
  • Greatest eye relief for higher quality rifles
  • The LockDown Zero System highlights a resettable zero and lockable at any position.


  • Highlighted in the first FFP and second focal level with various lighted reticle alternatives
  • The HellFire electronically lighted reticle mode employs high-level fiber-optic technology to alter the power of light from the interior point in any light situation
  • The Extra-low LD/HD-TM diffusion glass mixed with high transmittance glass produces industry-leading light infusion and optic clarity for any situation.
  • The Motion Activated Illumination shifts on if it recognizes change and switches off if it does not. Produces optimal operational protection and larger battery life
  • Ended raising blister for closed areas
  • Variety lever covered
  • It is water-resistant with and fog-proof appearance.

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This riflescope dominated the field of view. It is considered a self-powered and almost indestructible ACOG or Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight. It provides a green illumination ballistic Crosshair reticle and low-distortion 4x the optical system to support you in achieving your goal. 

The BDC reticles are being optimized to produce 300 Blackout ammunition. It features a dual fiber optic and tritium system illumination that doesn’t need an electric power to run for years. The riflescope adapts to the surrounding when it comes to lighting conditions and remits to a more visible pattern of the reticle. It is through an optical system that you can comply with BAC or Bindon Aiming Concept. This allows the user to achieve the goal with an open eye. While the ACOG ensures a one-half MOA windage and clicks elevation, it is now being shipped with a mounted TA51 for firearm’s attachment. 


  • The illuminated aiming period in any tone for 300 blackout
  • Merged aiming objects
  • Permits the user to immediately shift between supersonic and subsonic scope without holding to re-zero.
  • Greatest eye relief for higher quality rifles
  • It consists of 2 MOA rings


  • It is calibrated for 300 Blackout Material
  • It has Tritium & Fiber Optic Illumination
  • It has a BAC or Bindon Aiming Concept.

300 Blackout Optics

Also called the telescope sight, it serves as optical sighting equipment based on telescope refraction. The product is outfitted with a form of visual image pattern called a reticle. It is mounted in an appropriate optical position in the optical system to provide an aiming point accuracy. This optic can be used with different types of the system, which demands an aiming accuracy mostly found on varieties of firearms or primary arms, especially rifles. The sights include reflector sights or reflexes, laser sights, and iron sights. The components are combined with the optoelectronic to work on the night scope.

300 Blackout Sights

In promoting mental uniformity, communication, and calculations between snipers and spotters teams, the vertical or elevated adjustments, as well as the Mil-dot windage control BDC reticles, are furnished with telescopic sights. They are adjustable in decimal 0.1 increments. However, the Mil-dot or military is outfitted with telescopic sights that utilize finer reticle adjustment increments or coarser.

Through a mathematical formulation: the height or width of the scapegoat divided by the number of mil-dots times in 1000 equals the distance. This measure can be measured by a range to the target. The one-meter tall or wide object is exactly one Mil tall or wide at every 1,000 m distance. If one user sees the 1.8 m tall object, for instance, as three mil-dots tall by the riflescope object is in the 600-meter distance. The formulation is 1.8 divided by 3 x 1000 is equal to 600. 

The telescopic sights are based on the refracted telescopes utilizing the image erector and objective lens. This represents the user with upright images with two planes of center focus where the BDC reticles are placed. It is in the plane’s focal between the image erector system lenses and objective or eyepiece. When it comes to fixed power telescopic sights, the user will notice no significant difference. But with variable power telescopic sights, the 1st plane’s focal reticle expanded and shrank along with the other images adjusted with magnification. While the 2nd focal plane reticle would resemble the same area and shape for the user to target the image as it shrinks and grows. Overall, modern variable-power is where the majority of the best 300 blackout scopes are unless stated. 

Every European top-rated telescopic sight company offers an FFP reticle on the power telescopic sight variables. The optical needs of hunters from Europe who live by the law allow hunting at night, dawn and dusk. It differs from other hunters who legislated with no hunting policy in low light temperature. 

The power telescopic sights variable with the FFP reticle will have no issues with the impact points shift, while those with SFP and BDC reticles may have a slight point impact shift through a range of magnification. It is caused by positioning the reticles in the zoom mechanisms as part of the telescopic view. Normally, these shifts are not that important, but accurate users who want to utilize the telescopic view as a trouble-free magnification level opt for these BDC and SFP reticles. 

It has an impermissible shift impact through hand adjustment in every grade military telescopic sight. The top-rated telescopic view is manufactured in the U.S. Optics Inc. It offers military-grade magnification variables and telescopic view models with the SFP mounted reticle.

In telescopic sights like Elcan C79 or SUSAT, the reticle illuminated is being applied for low-light status goals. As an example, the Trijicon Corporation utilizes tritium to combat the high-graded optic firearms or primary arms, and this includes ACOG. The tritium or radioactive light sources need to be restored every 8 to 12 years because it can continuously lose the brightness for radioactive decay.

In case you use a fabric optics, ambient daylight can be gathered and delivered to a daytime reticle illumination. The Fiber reticle optic automatically combines with the light level ambient that commands the brightness of each reticle. Trijicon utilizes the use of fiber optics connected with low-light temperature. The illumination process is used in their AccuPoint telescopic views ACOG models sight.

300 Blackout Reticle

Take note that the telescopic sights have various reticles. It ranges from traditional crosshairs to the complex version reticles like BDC, SFP, and FFP. This is designed to allow shooters to calculate an accurate range to the target, compensate with windage and bullet drop required because of the crosswinds. A shooter knows how to calculate these ranges to items of familiar size, the object of familiar distances, and the roughly compensated wind drifts and bullet drop. 

For instance, the standard Leupold brand has 16 mins angle reticle or the MOA on a fixed power scope. The length between posts has an approximate 32-inch or 810 millimeters for 200 to 300 yards. Or it is equivalent to 16 inches or 410 millimeters from the center point to any 300 yards post. The target point of a familiar 16 inches diameter can fill half of the overall total of the post to post mileage while the range to the target has an approximate of 300 yards or 180 m. The target diameter is 16 inches and can fill the entire view picture from every post, and the range has an approximate 100 yards. Other distances can be estimated using analog fashion known for target point sizes by calculated proportions. 

With vertical point estimation, the goal is to offset the required bullet drop compensator on different levels terrain and the horizontal windage offset. This is used in estimating each side point with the goal to offset the required corrections for wind effect. It can be fairly compensated by using approximate sizes on wind speed by observing flags and other objects. A trained user or shooter can also observe these reticle marks. The uncommonly used grip under for shooting with sloping terrain can be calculated with an appropriate-skilled shooter with reticle scope. 

Here are the types of reticles:

The Wire Reticles

It is the oldest kind of reticle, and it is made with metal thread and wire. It is mounted with an appropriate and optical position using the telescopic sight tube. The wire reticles are often mounted to prevent an expensive production stage if you use the cheapest telescopic sights.

The Etched Reticles

These are the visual images of the reticle with the desired layout, which is etched using an optic element. The lens with the etched reticle is mounted using the telescopic view tube as an important part of the chain optics. When a backlit is used with the ocular, the wire reticle is reflected with incoming lights and not presented to a full opaque using high contrast. The etched reticle remains a full opaque if it's backlit. These reticles are being considered the most refined solution to offer a great reticle flexibility layout. Due to this, the company can give the client a custom reticle through a specialized order. The high-end and most expensive telescopic sights, the etched reticles can dominate more in the market.

More About the 300 Blackout Sights

The 300 Blackout can be used for both supersonic and subsonic rounds, making it a self-defense firearm and noiseless hunting device. When used for hunting, the 300 Blackout is adaptable. Utilizing the best scopes for 300 as your defense gun at home, put the suppressor on to protect yourself and defense from the intruders without creating any noise. 

The popularity has become widespread, and it has a set of dedicated shooters on individual quests to find the best scope for 300 Blackout. Like any other great hunt, the answer is half practical reality and half magic. 

By matching the scoped firearms or primary arms to one person and scope to a firearm alone is considered a solid juggling act of tailored analysis and gut instinct. Rifles and pistols used for 300 Blackouts are utilized for almost everything, including serious duty and casual plinking. You must apply a broader objective set of criteria with an effort to look for fitted common practices.

There are a lot of cases where the dedicated reticle has a total of 300. They are made to select specific and the best scopes for 300 blackout rifles. In some cases, some tried the high-end optics, and they are simply not letting the operator be dragged down. Overall, these recommendations are worth it. Choosing the scope for 300 Blackout is a personal decision, and you must always select the better option for consideration.

A Brief History of the .300 Blackout

The 300 Blackout is rooted in WWII Soviet small weapons technology. It was created similarly with a performance of 7.62 x 39 mm Russian round. In 1943, the Soviet Union began designing medium-range cartridges that would be cheaper and more useful when in close range. 

The result of this discovery is the now famous 7.62 x 39 mm cartridge chambered in civilian and military firearms or primary arms in the whole world. They are still popular up to this day as a combat scope. The stopping power of this firearm surpasses that of the 5.56 mm rounds, commonly found in M16 and AR15. 

What's Special About .300 Blackout?

This scope was intended to improve the assault rifle. The scope uses similar magazines, lowers, uppers, the BCG, and more. All the 300 Blackout requires a brand new gas system and barrel.

It was designed to compensate for the shortfalls of AR15. This includes the suppressed and short barrel performances.

With 5.56, it approaches its maximum potential from a 20 inches barrel. The shorter barrels lose terminal ballistic and ranges. The 300 Blackout can reach its maximum potential from a 9 inches barrel.

The scope can function without any issues even if used with subsonic or supersonic rounds. You can instantly exchange magazines between full subsonic rounds with less noise, to supersonic rounds that have longer reach. This 300 Blackout round is an easy to moderate medium range ammo. It is commonly found with AR platforms but also with single bolt action rifles and shotguns.

What Magnification Do You Need?

It cannot be denied that 300 cartridges are becoming popular these days. But working with it means less learning curve. This is where the scope of 300 Blackout becomes useful and saves the day. 

Still, there isn’t just one scope to suit each person. The ideal trip in the field of view will decide what type of scope you require.

  • A Long-Range or 300 yards and more. In this range option, you will not take down much of the game because of the average penetration of a caliber. But you can show off the range and people become speechless. If this is the one you are looking for, make sure to get a 9x or higher magnification.
  • A Medium Range or 150 to 300 yards. In this range, the foxes and coyotes wish they will find a place to trespass. If you are a person who wants to clear your area, you must use 5 to 9x magnifications.
  • A Close-Range with up to 150 yards range. In this range, you can capture a small game or shoot a bullseye. This is where the caliber can naturally excel if you use a 1 to 4x magnification that provides huge support and boost.

Considerations When Choosing the Best Scopes for 300 Blackout

It cannot be denied that 300 cartridges are becoming popular these days. But working with it means less learning curve. This is where the scope of 300 Blackout becomes useful and saves the day. 

Still, there isn’t just one scope to suit each person. The ideal trip in the field of view will decide what type of scope you require.

Durability and strength

The overall stability and strength of your scope must be your top priority if you want to find the best. Your scope must be tough and durable, especially if you're a professional hunter who mostly lies on bushes and dirt.

Authentic in-close medium-range and quarter-range shooting

It's a good thing that the 300 Blackout was made as short to medium range cartridges. As such, it becomes a reliable scope from 20 to 300 yards. This will not compromise the speed and accuracy in targeting your subject.

Lens quality

To create the best 300 blackout lenses requires the latest multi-coated lens for clean and clear light transmission. This is the reason why all scopes for 300 blackouts have reliable optics and are equipped with the latest technology.

Worth your money

Most of the time, the brand can demand the pricing option of the best scopes for 300 blackout gun optics. They believe that only the brand can imply the character of the product. This means that a well-known brand may feature its best and high-end scopes for 300 blackouts’ best qualities. Some cheaper brands have equal worth value in terms of quality and features. The recommendation for users is to read more reviews from actual users before deciding to buy it.

Top Rated 300 Blackout Scope of 2020

Conclusion: Best 300 Blackout Scopes

If you belong to law enforcement units, or if you’re a hunting enthusiast, or just a recreational shooter, sthe riflescope mentioned above should fit your needs because of their powerful and convenient features. All the best scopes for 300 Blackout are fully capable in shooting subsonic and supersonic rounds. They are quiet equipment used for hunting rifles and self-defense too.

Firearms experts consider the Sig Sauer Tango6 300 Blackout as the best 300 blackout scope because it has useful applications. With its transparent sight points, it enables the users to aim precisely and silently shoot at extended distances.

With a wide range of excellent options to choose from today, it might be challenging for the user to determine the best 300 Blackout Scope. It’s a good thing that the guide above can give you a few lessons to carefully check which one’s are the best possible options worth investing in.