When it comes to 1-6x scopes features, accuracy is the name of the game and nothing else comes close. If your rifle scope isn’t in this game, then you and your rifle are not in this business at all. The best scopes can help make the hunter shoot a lot better. He can hit his targets better and bring home more game.

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Best 1-6x Scopes – Digging into the Details​

A rifle scope is simple a telescope but with a specific function and made of special technology to help the hunter hit the intended target, quickly and accurately. The rifle scope’s simple job is to align the rifle’s barrel and see the target. But it’s work is not simply that, there are other factors that come to play if you want to put that lead into your target game. A scope is there to help you hit it but there are more complex components for the bullet to travel and exit through the barrel, fly through the air and find your mark.

The scope has been in existence for a long time, even before it was used as a durable hunting gadget. It is an optical sighting instrument based on the principle of refraction applied to the telescope. Thus we can say that the riflescope is tightly related to the invention of the telescope itself. The rudimentary rifle scopes were made of iron barrels that have basic pieces of glasses on each end. Understandably they were roughly hewn but surprisingly reliable even at the period.

The American Civil War produced several successful attempts in making durable and accurate rifle scopes. Marksmen were utilized in the battlefield for their exceptional skills and thus called “snipers” and then designated as “sharpshooters.” The credit for the first modern sniper rifle belongs to the British Whitworth rifle, designed by a British engineer and inventor named Sir Joseph Whitworth. This rifle was famous as the most accurate rifle of this era.

Both World Wars used rifle scopes attached to firearms that assaulted their targets with deadly efficiency and accuracy. The development of such technology extended to the recent period and for good or for bad, the rifle and rifle scope technology benefited all stakeholders. Both military and civilians used the modern rifle scope to the advantage for their purposes.

For most hunting or target shooting purposes, the 1-6x scopes work best up to a range of 400 yards. More than 1000 yards you will be working at 10x magnification and thus be beyond your need at this point. The 6x magnification at this point is perfect in enhancing your target – larger and clearer to achieve your optimal shot. However, hunting and target shooting are different ways of achieving your target. For hunting purposes, you need a lower overall magnification, depending on target distance and size. On the other hand, for target shooting, you need a higher magnification setting, also depending on range and support.

Hunting for large game is done between 200 and 400 yards, well within the range of the best 1- 6x scopes we are considering here. These scopes are designed to see and identify the target and have a good shot. They can also allow you to have the best lighting setting, have the larger field of view, the least mirage presentation (or how to take advantage of the bending of light in your scope.)

Target shooting requires higher magnification settings upwards of 16x or 32x for high accuracy and precision. In this case, you need a wider field of view and most probably your target is not moving. Also, you can have a greater target resolution, resulting in the best shot in this situation.

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The Leupold Mark 6 has been used by military forces and elite law enforcement personnel including sports and tactical shooters around the world. It is one of the most renowned, versatile and trusted rifle scopes for some time now. It is near perfect for an illuminated rifle scope for either close combat or medium-range precision shooting. It is tough but easy to set up. At the field, this scope has been dropped and run over but it remained accurate. Its proven rugged reliability is tested by its waterproof and fog-proof operation, impact tested and verified and has gone through extreme climate exposure. The lenses are scratch-resistant, the construction design is ultra-lightweight. Its durability and performance are without parallel thanks to DiamondCoat 2 trademarked coatings. It has a Twilight Max HD Light Management system that adds up to 30 minutes to extend your shooting light. The Leupold 115044 Mark 6 Illuminated Rifle Scope is especially ideal for use in both light and heavy combat carbines.

Both target shooters and hunters will appreciate the reticle ideal in tactical confrontations and provide greater accuracy estimating accurate range. Its eyepiece is fast-focus and lockable, its zoom lever is low-profile, making it ideal for one-finger zooming. Eye comfort is spot-on.


  • The reticle magnifies along with the image, which allows the range to be estimated in all magnification settings.
  • The lighted reticle is an outstanding characteristic in both bright and dark situations
  • Best in class edge to edge glare reduction.


  • The reticle is limited to day time operation only. It does not amplify light.

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The “E” in the Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II E 1-6×24 Rifle Scope stands for “enhanced” which certainly makes up the outstanding features of this rifle scope. It permits the faster transitions between your targets and allows for less arm fatigue when needed on long hunting or target practice either in the range or on the field. This rifle scope is perfect for short to medium-range applications. Its optical component is top tier when it comes to the level of clarity, color accuracy, fidelity and resolution, light transmission and edge to edge clarity, sharpness, and brightness. All these features drive your target acquisition in a double-quick manner even in close quarters.

The aluminum tube is made of a 30mm aircraft-grade material, with an ultra-low profile for streamlined action. The VMR-2 MOA duplex reticle within the Second Focal Plane is controlled through a dedicated turret to make sure that the reticle illumination is precise. The scale of the reticle keeps the identical ideally-sized visual aspect. The shooter can return quickly to the previous illumination setting without going through all the other settings. The tube is filled with argon gas which helps in keeping the scope waterproof and fog-proof even in extreme conditions. Vortex Optic’s Arnor Tek ensures the lens surface is ultra-hard and scratch-resistant as well as consistently repels oil, dirt, and moisture. Recoils and impact are common in rifle scopes but with its rugged construction, you can be sure to have a scope that withstands such occurrence always and consistently.


  • The fast focus eyepiece allows fast and easy focusing on the reticle.
  • It has eleven intensity levels of illumination which feature off positions in between each set.
  • Provides wear-resistant and low-friction overall rifle scope performance


  • None

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The third generation of Primary Arms 1-6 SFP Rifle Scope is a testimony that the manufacturer is dedicated to constantly updating its product. Its second focal plane illuminated reticle is designed to have the same size at all settings of magnifications. It has 11 brightness settings too. It is equipped with the Primary Arms Advanced Combined Sighting System (ACSS) reticle. This means the scope is a perfect rifle scope where the situations call for minimal reticle coverage at high magnification is critical. With the ACSS, any shooter can accurately range the target and fire on it faster than manually possible.

Since it is a wide-angle type SPF, you can use both eyes open at 1x magnification which also means observing is surprisingly comfortable. The turrets are caps-covered and are finger adjustable as well as tactile and audible. The manufacturer assures that this rifle scope is easy to use and accuracy is amazingly precise from 300 to 800 yards. It is a plus feature for meticulous shooters that it is fast from 0-300 yards. The SLx optics drive the lineup of Primary Arms and thus, this rifle scope is sure to deliver topnotch performance.


  • Comes with multi-coated lenses
  • Has various reticles to select from, including variations of PA’s ACSS


  • Needs improvement in low light conditions.

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A fair and gentle shooter always wants to play fair but when handed the Viper PST Gen II all gentility and fairness could be thrown to the trash. This rifle scope possesses all the features that could hand the trophy to whoever uses it whether in the hunting grounds or any shooting range. This rifle scope is versatile in different situations. Shooters who have tried it swears by its performance either in long-range shots or in close quarters. The side focus adjustment knob can be easily accessed and the illumination dial is closely integrated to it. This alone makes up for a top-caliber performance. The reticle is glass-etched and offers intuitive and carefully detailed hold points. This setup provides an uncluttered optimal viewing position. This rifle scope has 10 intensity levels that consist of off positions between in individual settings. The increase in color fidelity and resolution that gives sharp and crisp images are possible due to the extra-low dispersion glass used in the scope. The VMR-2 MOA reticle maximizes long-distance ranging and shooting abilities which means that this reticle can determine windage corrections, ranges, moving target leads and holdovers. The SFP reticle has the advantage of always in the same ideally-sized visual aspect.

It is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum that makes ensures strength and rigidity in all extreme conditions. It is waterproof, fog-proof and shockproof – all the hallmarks of top-quality craftsmanship. The propriety Armor Tek of Vortex Optics is used and the exterior lenses are ultra-hard and scratch-resistant and protects from dirt, oil, and dust.


  • Fast focus eyepiece allows quick and easy focusing of the reticle.
  • The patented fiber optic Radius Bar has builtin accuracy features
  • Has highly tactile and visible point reference for turret rotations


  • None

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The Sig Sauer rifle scopes have down pat the science of hitting targets whether in hunting grounds or on the target range. Now with their SIG Ballistic Turret (SBT) any shooter worth their salt can take advantage of this TANGO 6 Rifle Scope. With science backing your shots, your every shot takes advantage of elevation, bullet specifications, muzzle velocity, ballistic coefficient, and all possible environmental situations contribute to the corrected bullet drop compensation whether at your preferred range. The 6 that you read in the TANGO6 in its name comes from the scope that has six times the zoom range. The Sig Sauer Level-Plex technology helps you to shoot with accuracy. Together with high-speed low-profile T120 turrets, you are in for a great treat when it comes to rapid elevation adjustment and windage. The Tango6 is a solid, high-quality rifle scope, especially noted for its excellent glass, beautiful looks and elevation adjustment. This rifle scope is supplied with the Dev-Mil reticle which has a distinctive Christmas tree design. It comes with super features such as multiple sizing ladders, .2 Mil Elevation sub-tensions and.2 Mil center dot.


  • Has the "Levelplex" digital leveling system in place of a bubble level.
  • Has the "MOTAC" feature - a motion sensor that automatically turns off the illumination when it doesn't detect motion after six minutes.
  • The eye relief threshold is more than comfortable.


  • None

1-6x Scope Essentials

Hunting and targeting are two different faces of the same coin although they share the same DNA. Hunting traps or kills animals for recreation, food or even for the elimination of dangerous predators to protect other animals or the general public.

Target shooting, on the other hand, might involve mostly innocuous activities such as hitting inanimate objects. But whether you are out hunting the most challenging large game or puny ones, your trusted solid rifle and an accurate, best rifle scope will help you bring home the prize. There is no need to say that you need to have the right scope in your rifle, but you need to have the right features so you can make the shots that count.

Magnification, for example, is an important feature but many scope experts will tell you that the magnification is always apt to your hunting styles. They will tell you that even as large magnification can let you see better farther ahead and can allow you to aim smaller, this type of scope will not always translate to more accuracy in the hunting arena. Another attribute they look for rifle scopes are being all weather conditions – thus being weatherproof or even waterproof. This is important since dust particles and moisture can ruin the scope’s body and leave debris on the inside part of the lenses, causing image distortion. Rapid changes in temperature extremes can cause lenses to fog up even those that have been properly sealed. And thanks to Fred Leupold, an avid hunter, fog-proof scope was invented. He filled a hermetically sealed scope with argon, nitrogen or a mixture of krypton and argon gases. Since these gases have no moisture content, the lenses couldn’t form any condensation and remained fog-free.

Searching for the best 1-6x scope

Just as chefs all over the world have their favorite knife when it comes to preparing their culinary masterpiece, each shooter has their own choice when it comes to shooting. Whether using a shotgun or rifle, or whether it comes to hunting or targeting, the scope is a vital part of the rifle. Many shooters would prefer one rifle scope they value and use more than other scopes in their collection. This is usually the scope that they have proven to be equally perfect for long-range shooting and up-close shooting. The scope has one purpose – that is to attain the highest degree of accuracy and the longest possible distance reachable by the bullet, and of course also at the degree of comfort within reasonably practicable. However, most scopes we see for both hunting and target have been used for specific ranges.

But for both neophyte and veteran shooters or any gun enthusiasts, the one scope that will suit most of their all-purpose shooting activity is the 1-6x scope. It beats all when it comes to versatility and adaptability both as a hunting and target scope. Searching for the best 1- 6x scope will bring you the whole gamut of scope choices but you will ultimately go back to the basics.

What we want is a rifle scope that is made of quality materials and constructed to meet high standards of scope performance. This means that your scope should last you for a long time, in spite of all abuse, temperature extremes and of course, all through your hits and misses. Quality materials will ensure that its build is solid, shock resistant, fog proof, waterproof and should able to survive with its shooter through adverse weather and inclement conditions.

One special concern above all quality materials used is the quality of the lenses and the body of the scope itself. More than a handful of shooters have been seized by a beautifully designed scope but lost their bet in the range or grounds when the lenses in their scope failed to allow the right amount of light transmission in the lenses. You will be warned aplenty with lenses that don’t reduce glare and don’t allow enough light to pass through the glass. One idea that makes perfect and practical sense is to make sure that your scope has multi-coated lenses. Such lenses will let you have an ample view of your intended target. Being scratch-resistant will add many plus points to your rifle scope.

Any 1-6x-scope will be practically useless without a reticle, which is primarily just two intersecting lines perpendicular to one another. A late addition to the basic reticle is a mil-dot which is composed of dashes in the middle of the lines to indicate different gradation of distances. Such an arrangement provides you with a precise view of where you exactly want to shoot. On the other hand, a reticle with duplex crosshair has thicker lines that gradually narrow toward the center where you will usually put your precise shots.

Many target or hunting gurus will tell you that you should aim for the least magnification that allows you to achieve a clear target image. This will be the best scope magnification result you are looking for. However, it is not as simple as it sounds as there are plenty of variables to take into account.

One consideration you must think of is the use of your scope, whether is for hunting or target shooting. Generally, your hunting scope will need a lower magnification setting depending on your target’s distance and size. For target shooting, you would have to select a higher magnification which again, depends on range and support. For most large game hunting, you are probably looking at between 200 and 400 yards although the longer range is also possible. Your ideal scope should be magnified to help you in clearly identifying your target.

Additionally, you would also want the best lighting available, the least mirage presentation, and a larger field of view to track not only your intended prey but also other targets you might notice lurking in the peripheries. A lower magnification will let you see your prey fast in the scope and shoot quickly. A setting for 300 yards at 4x magnification or 400 yards at 6x is considered the sweet spot. For small prey, a higher magnification is better as you need to acquire a magnified shot if you are shooting from a long distance. Remember this: for targets at 500 yards or less, pick a lower magnification than 10x and use higher than 10x magnification for targets farther than 500 yards.

For target shooting or competition, on the other hand, you will need higher magnification settings. Some shooters would go with higher magnification at 16x or up to more than 32x when they want to go for out and out precision shots. In this case, however, a wider field of view is not necessary. As a point of reference, the Monstrum Tactical riflescope has an adjustable 6-24x magnification for targeting up to more than1500 yards.

You can get the most precise shots, of course, through larger magnification. And since targets, in this case, won’t be mobile, you would not go looking for moving targets in your scope. Longer shots need higher magnification settings for hunting, but above 16x, yes, you would certainly enjoy greater resolution but might encounter some snags.

Characteristics of A Primary Arms 1-6x Scope

We know that the 1-6x scopes’ primary consideration is their magnification for the distance as this feature can make or break your winning shot. Your scope is an instrument but it is more than a tool you attach to your tactical rifle to make your intended target as large and clear as possible within your scope’s dimensions and thus, reach your ideal or optimal shot. The Leupold 115044 Mark 6 Illuminated Rifle Scope is considered by many as the best 1-6x rifle scope. However, the Primary Arms 1-6 SFP Rifle Scope (Gen III) is not that far behind.

The Primary Arms 1-6x scope beats all other scopes in its class. This means that this scope’s magnification can help you get a perfect shot through the best and accurate view of your target. Moreover, the manufacturers have made sure that this scope’s performance matches the shooter’s drive towards combat competitiveness through its patented special ACSS (Advanced Combined Sighting System) reticle. It goes beyond the usual range-finding technology employed in traditional scopes. It employs a chevron aiming point instead of a dot in the center. Simply put, it is the fastest means to range a target in combat, able to compensate for bullet drop. Even in a crosswind, the ACSS reticle can hold your moving target with nary a budge in its wake.

Many shooters worry about measuring the distance unit in the reticle and this can lessen their response time. However, the Primary Arms’s ACSS can do this in the rangefinder itself. It is like the plug and play of rangefinders – always on the go to shoot as soon as you match your intended target to the right range.


What is presented here in addition to the 5 Best 1-6x Scopes for the Money in 2019, are important and useful pointers in setting your 1-6x scope’s magnification in different situations. Bear in mind that what will give you the best, clearest image is your ideal magnification setting and nothing else. Just make sure that you tweak your settings carefully until you get that right point, whether you are shooting in the long or short distance, either in the hunting grounds or target range.