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Many gun owners believe that having accessible and reliable firearm storage is very important. With escalating cases of burglary, unwanted access, and accidental shooting incidents, the need to have a durable and reliable storage should be every gun owner’s priority. This is why Hornady Rapid Safe provides the fastest, most accessible, and efficient gun safe that is detailed with a top-notch security system. It is patented with RFID technology so every gun safe from Hornady comes with an RFID wristband that provides easy access. With just a single swipe to the safe’s IFRD reader, it immediately opens up so you can retrieve your prized weapon.

All Hornady Rapid Safe products are constructed with an efficient and quick touch-free entry. It is activated using a wristband, decal, or key fob. Each safe can store up to 5 RFID tags and it has a handy keypad access. Apart from this, it also offers another entry method in the form of a 4-6 digit passcode. Gun owners can utilize this code and type it into the keypad in order to access their weapon. In addition to this, it comes with two circular barrel keys.

The safe is 100% guaranteed to be tamper-proof, durable, and strong. The exterior is exclusively made from high-quality steel and the interior is built with strengthened locking lugs. You can guarantee that your firearms are protected from unauthorized access and theft because it has 1500 lb security cable.

Top 3 Products

The following are three of the best Hornady Rapid Safe products:
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Top 3 Hornady Rapid Safe Products

Hornady offers a wide range of rapid safes. They understand that gun owners need to install the best safe to secure their weapons. That’s why all their safes are engineered to have the best features and most efficient locking system. Because of Hornady’s unique and fast security system, gone are the days where keys and pass codes are the optimum source of security. If you are still looking for the right rapid safe to install in your home, you should consider the top 3 Hornady Rapid Safe products that lead the field of gun storage.

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Top Rated Hornady Rapid Gun Safe

Protect your guns with Hornady’s KP Rapid Safe. This is one of the leading products in the market today. It offers fast access because of its RFID key fob, stickers, wristband, and a programmable keypad. What makes the safe security system unique is you can attach the stickers to your smartphone, pocketknife, lipstick, or any object that you always carry around. Aside from that, it has a programmable four-to-six-digit pass code that you can easily encode to the keypad of the safe for manual entry. To access this safe, you can simply swipe any RFID tag and its spring-loaded lid will immediately open. The RFID makes it a quick and dependable touch-free safe.

Apart from that, KP Rapid Safe is guaranteed to be child-resistant. It tops the standards of ASTM when it comes to hinge-attack resistance, pry resistance, and lock strength. Hornady takes pride in this safe because it is constructed using thick 14-gauge steel construction. It is also powered by four AA batteries or 12-volt AC wall adapter to secure your guns and ensure easy access for 24 hours. The packages come with two RFID decal/stickers and a key fob, one RFID wristband, two circular keys, one security cable, and one AC wall-outlet power supply.


  • Thick 14-gauge steel construction
  • Spring-loaded lid that can be accessed using the RFID tag
  • Programmable keypad for easy access
  • Immediate access via RFID wristband, sticker or key fob
  • Surpass ASTM standards when it comes to child and pry resistance


  • You need to have a thicker phone case for the decals to function well
  • You need to have a thicker phone case for the decals to function well
  • Vehicle safe is conspicuous and easy to detect

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Another leading product is the Hornady 98190 Hornady rapid safe. This is a gun locker that offers the same quality and safety of other rapid safes, however, it has a more enclosed body. This safe is perfect for gun owners who like to keep their weapons close to them. You can store it under the bed, inside a closet, or at the back of your car. This is because it comes with a front-end spring loaded door and it can hold up to two shotguns and rifles. For additional security, the safe is created with 1500 lb rated cable. This safe is ideal for gun owners who wanted an efficient yet spacious gun locker. In addition to this, it comes with RFID tags just like other Hornady safes. You can take advantage of its traditional key entry and programmable keypad to secure the safety of your weapons.


  • It comes with RFID based wristband, decal, or key fob that allows the user to immediately access the spring-assist door. The safe can hold up to five RFID tags.
  • It has a second entry so the user can install a four to six digit passcode for manual entry. On top of that, it also has two circular barrel keys.
  • It tops the standards of recognized authorities.
  • It is tamper-proof and heavy-duty
  • It is made from high-quality steel and efficient locking system that can prevent theft and unwanted access.


  • The keypad is problematic. It doesn’t work efficiently.
  • It doesn’t automatically close.
  • Loud noise when opening the safe

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The last but definitely not the least is the Hornady Rapid Safe Wall Mount for Long Guns. This is a unique gun safe because it can be mounted horizontally or vertically. This is ideal for gun owners who use their weapons all the time since it is made for convenient access. Though it is unique, this safe still embodies the signature tamper-proof and pry-proof security of Hornady products. Aside from that, the exterior of this safe is constructed from 14-gauge wide steel detailed with 2 heavy-duty locks found inside.

When you purchase this equipment, you’ll get a rapid safe, RFID wristband, RFID key fob, two circular barrel keys, security cable, and wall power supply.


  • It has a trustworthy and quick touch-free entry.
  • The heavy-duty exterior is made of 14-gauge steel.
  • It has mobile security that allows the cable to safely secure the safe in any angle.
  • It meets the requirements by TSA when it comes to handgun safety in checked luggage.
  • Vertical and horizontal positioning allows convenient access to gun owners.


  • RFID sticker doesn’t function well when used in the safe.
  • Though it is easy to install, it still moves even with long mounting bolts
  • It is difficult to secure its place.

Recommendation for The Best Vehicle Gun Safe

The Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe Pistol Safe is a runaway choice. It is a smart device, which the user can communicate with via a smartphone app. Admittedly, it won’t be long before competitors will start developing their own smart safes. In the meantime, the innovations which the Vaultek VT20i brings to consumers serves as an example of how to do things.

The smartphone device is not obtrusive and instead helps to make the Vaultek VT20i more accessible. However, if a user is not comfortable using a smartphone app, there are other ways to open the gun safe. It can make use of user fingerprints, the smartphone app, a backup key, and a passcode sequence.

It is strong, easy to use, durable and convenient. The owner can open the safe in any number of ways. The lid opens silently, and it turns on the internal lights as well. The internal light’s brightness can also be controlled or adjusted via the smartphone app.

One clear advantage which the Vaultek has over the competition is the continuous improvement of its products. It is also noteworthy that the safe has a three-year warranty.

Gun safes are supposed to last as long as the gun they store. When buying a gun safe, keep in mind that the quality and ease of use fits your expectations. The Vaultek fits the expectations of gun owners who bought the safe for its quick access, and security features.

Hornady Safe Features

If you are planning to purchase a gun safe for your weapons at home, office, or vehicle, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of the safe that you want. Knowing these things will assist you to decide better. On top of that, you’ll be able to secure your weapon if you know how to identify the safe with the best quality. There are many guns safe in the market but what makes Hornady Rapid Safe unlike any typical model of gun safe? Below are the most prominent features:

Quick and Reliable Touch-free Access

Since it is built to be compatible with an RFID activated wristband, decal, or key fob, accessing your weapon is made easier and faster. Gun owners can save at least 5 RFID tags and it also has a spring-assisted quiet open lid. You can guarantee that your weapons are highly protected and you can also ensure that you won’t face any hassle while retrieving your gun during an emergency.

Handy Keypad Access

Aside from the highly-efficient RFID technology, gun owners can also utilize a secondary entry method. By programming a four to six digit passcode, they can access their weapon by simply encoding it to the keypad of the safe. On top of that, the safe also has two circular barrel keys.
For the same reason you keep your gun at home in a safe, your gun in a car gun safe will thwart criminals and allow you to keep your gun in your possession. A car gun safe should be the most important accessory in the car of a traveler who carries a gun. With a car gun safe when you travel, you can easily declare that your gun is your best travel companion.

Topnotch Safety Standards

All rapid safe from Hornady has the best safety standards authorized by ASTM International. Aside from that, it is also recognized by the California DOJ as accredited firearm safety equipment. With this, gun owners can guarantee that this gun storage has passed the test of safety from accredited sources.

Durable and Tamper-Proof Structure

The exterior of this safe is made up of thick steel while the interior is specifically constructed to have strengthened locking lugs. On top of that, the safe is 100% guaranteed to be safe from unauthorized access and burglary, and protected by a 1500 lb rated security cable.

Highly Reliable Anytime of the Day

Gun owners can guarantee 24/7 protection with this safe because it comes with battery power and AC. The redundant power source ensures that the RFID entry will always work.

Simple and Easy to Install

This safe is created to assist gun owners without any need of a complicated set-up. Users can assemble and install the safe in just a matter of a few minutes because it already comes with pre-drilled holes allowing for easy and simple mounting to attach it to any part of your house.

RFID technology

The safe comes with state-of-the-art RFID technology that generates immediate access. It has convenient RFID tags such as a key fob, wristband, or decals. The tag is located in the buckle of the wristband for convenience. The decals can either be in the plastic, metal, glass, or wood surface of the safe. Aside from that, gun owners can also attach it to their smartphones for personalized access. By utilizing RFID technology, gun owners don’t have to search for their keys, memorize their security code, or enter their fingerprint because the safe is specifically programmed to cater to five different tags. Those are the best features of rapid safes from Hornady. The signature quality and efficiency of the safe always ensure optimum security. Hornady safes always exceed expectations and that’s why they are the most trusted in the field.

Recommendation: Hornady Rapid Gun Safe

Hornady Manufacturing has been serving gun owners with prime ammunition, bullet, reloading equipment, and other accessories since 1949. It is the top provider of high-quality and reliable firearm needs. Hornady takes ammunition very seriously and it is more than just their business, it is a huge part of their everyday life. They first made a huge impact on the market when they released the SnapSafe in 2015. This creation allowed them to expand and upgrade their line of products and secure their place on top. All their safes are popularly known to be heavy-duty, high-end, and durable. Their most popular is the Hornady Rapid Gun Safe that offers the best feature that you can find in gun storage.

They always exceed expectations and top safety standards. The safe comes with various entry methods and that’s one of the most prominent features of Hornady rapid safes. Gun owners can use manual or automatic entry. In the case of manual entry, they can simply encode a 4 to 6 digit passcode. On the other hand, the automatic entry comes with RFID enabled access. This method uses wristbands, decals, sticker, or key fobs for fast access.

Aside from that, it also has two sizes: 2600kp and 2700kp. You can choose the size of the safe according to the number of your firearms. Regardless of the size, the safes are still tamper-proof and child-proof. In addition to this, Hornady safes are heavy which makes it difficult for burglars to access or take it away.

The safe has a red-on-black finish so gun owners can ensure that it will be easily concealed from prying eyes. It can be mounted inside a closet, under the bed, on top of the bedside table, or at the back of the van or truck. It is just the perfect storage for any firearm and it can be placed anywhere in your house or vehicle.

The safe weighs 16 pounds and it is 16 inches long. It can store several pieces of weapons without feeling like they are crumpled inside. It can also be mounted horizontally and vertically so gun enthusiasts who always use their weapons can easily grab it when they go. It is ideal for people who wanted to add security in their house. But most importantly, it is perfect for hunters or police officers who needed guns in their line of work.

With so many varieties of gun safes in the market, why do gun owners prefer Hornady Rapid Safe to secure their weapons? The answer lies in the prominent features of the safe. As mentioned above, it exceeds the safety security standards of recognized authorities and it is certified by reliable sources. It also has an advanced security method which sets it apart from other safes in the industry.

Final Words

An established name will make customers stop and look. They know that the brand stands for quality, convenience and durability. It is possible that a user has bought one before, and would want to take a look at the latest versions on the market. A good brand name is something that buyers would want to look at first. However, innovation makes new customers take notice of the models. Innovative new features distinguish a product from the competition. A buyer may look at an established brand, but it will take a long hard look at the latest products with modern features.

Hornady has kept this in mind, and has produced gun safes which are durable, value for money and filled with innovative new features. It is a plus that the new gun safes allow for quick access, more security, and multiple options for use. These are features which can turn a sale, and create a long-term loyal customer. Guns are investments for the long term. Gun owners expect their guns to last for years or decades. For this to happen, the guns are stored in secure safes which help prolong their lifetimes. Gun owners appreciate innovations. There are always new features in the latest gun models. They expect the same drive for new features in their gun safes.

A secure gun safe, with easy access is something that gun owners would greatly appreciate. These kinds of gun safes are designed for gun owners. When it comes to finding the right storage for your guns, don’t get overwhelmed with the varieties of gun safe in the market. Instead, go for a trustworthy name in the industry.

Hornady Rapid Safes are dependable, efficient, and affordable. It is the most trusted home and vehicle gun storage that offers a wide array of the security method. You can guarantee that your weapon is protected 24/7 because Hornady never disappoints. Now you can eliminate all your worries about unforeseen access, accidental shooting, or burglaries because your weapons will be safe inside your home and vehicle.