Gun Racks – The 5 Best Choices for Storing Your Weapons


If you are fond of collecting guns or simply having one that you can easily access for protection, you need to have a safe and protected area to keep them. Gun racks are a popular option because they can be mounted anywhere. You can attach them on your wall at home or hang them in your vehicle. They come in different sizes and special storage capabilities. If you are planning to purchase your own gun rack, there are several important features that you should consider. This will help you choose the gun rack that will fit your storage needs.

Top 5 Gun Safe Rack Products

The following are the top 5 gun rack products you can choose from:
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Gun Racks – 5 Best Recommended Gun Racks

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Top Rated Gun Racks


Hold Up Displays is a family owned gun rack business located in Wisconsin. It has been serving gun owners with quality firearm displays for 10 years. All of its gun racks are created and manufactured in-house. In addition to this, it is 100% made in the USA.

This specific rack is crafted from durable steel and it can carry all of your weapons regardless of its weight. It has a bottom basket design which tightly secures weapons in its proper place. You can mount it in your vehicle during your travels and your guns will securely stay in its place. It is easily accessible as well. This gun rack can also be used in a gun shop, gun room, or trade show booth to display long guns.


  • Hold up displays are constructed from strong and durable steel that’s specifically manufactured in the USA.
  • It doesn’t use cheap and low-quality plastics or metals.
  • Its racks have updated design. It has mounting plates that give the owner the freedom to attach several racks without creating any gap. It matches the wall stud spacing.
  • It has a contemporary style that looks great as wall design with its flawless black powder coating. It is designed and manufactured by trusted gun enthusiasts.
  • It is 100% made in the USA. All Hold Up Displays are specifically manufactured from Wisconsin.


  • The bolt doesn’t tightly lock the gun rack.
  • There was a whole that makes the gun rack uneven.
  • The wall anchors that come with it look cheap. It’s much better if you get your own.

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Horizontal Gun Rack Storage has dimensions of 7x4x2 inches. It is a quality and efficient rack that keeps your weapons away from life-threatening danger. This Hold Up Display Gun Rack Storage is 100% made in the USA with a lifetime structural warranty. It offers optimum structural reliability and top-notch safety. So you can guarantee that your guns are in the right hands whether you are using them for shooting or displaying them at home. Its stylish horizontal display gives enough storage space for your weapons and it doesn’t make it look messy.

Horizontal Gun Rack Storage has been in America for ten years, providing quality and maximum security for any model of firearms. Its carefully crafted gun hangers provide exceptional storage for your guns while its stylish display systems allow you to flaunt your gun collection inside your home. It is manufactured in Wisconsin, which is the home of quality gun racks.


  • The racks offer safe transport for your weapons along with ammo, lubricating oil, ear muffs, and other tactical equipment.
  • Its hold up display will transform your prized gun collection into an attractive wall art while protecting it from unauthorized access.
  • It is perfect for firearms that have a headstock with uneven or single heels.
  • The rack has personalized protective padding that gently secures and supports your guns, compared to wood hangers that don’t have any padding and leaves dents on guns.
  • It has a deep cradle design which guarantees proper placement of guns even when traveling.


  • The rubbers slip off when the hook is too tight.
  • Needs to be mounted in high areas because the horizontal design allows children to easily reach the gun from below.

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The American Furniture Classics is a 4 gun wall rack that boasts wide ammunition and gun storage space. It measures 24 x 5.5 x 32 inches and it weighs 10.9 pounds. You can use it to display your prized rifles and other gun collections.

This gun rack uses a vertical locking bar to secure your firearms. It has a full locking compartment underneath the racks that adds storage for additional firearms or ammunition. Aside from that, it also doubles as a stylish display to your room because of its elegant design. American Furniture Classics prove that storage and security don’t have to be dull and boring because it has an exclusive design.

This 4-gun wall rack features locking bar and full locking storage at the back of the bottom door. It can display 52” rifles and double-barreled shotguns. It has a medium brown finish that gives it a timeless and sleek look. On top of everything, it is easy and simple to assemble. This means that even beginners won’t have any trouble putting it up.


  • It offers wide storage space behind the front door.
  • It has a full-locking system.
  • It is made from wood veneers and solid wood.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The rack has a stylish design that can double as a fancy room decoration.


  • Check the hinges while putting up the gun rack together. There are some parts that don’t require hinges even though it needs one. In the end, there might be some leftover hinges that are causing the problem.
  • Pilot holes are too small to attach the hinge. It could be easier if the holes were slightly bigger. Drilling them might increase the size of the hole.
  • Felt lining is not properly attached on the gun cradles. There was peeling in some areas of the rack.

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TMC Rifle Gun Rack is durable, convenient and long-lasting. It is made from heavy-duty metal and polymer. Apart from that, it has a stylish design and generous storage space which makes it the perfect equipment when hunting or shooting with fellow gun enthusiasts. For instance, you can share it with your hunting buddies to display your airsoft guns in style.

It is easy to assemble, providing you and your friends a stylish display. It can carry as much as 11 rifles at the same time. All in all, this rack is spacious and durable.


  • This rack is made from heavy-duty metal and polymer.
  • It can fit up to 11 rifles which makes it perfect for displaying gun collections.
  • It is the ideal storage when sharing space with other gun aficionados.
  • It has a carry handle that makes it easy to transport anywhere.
  • The rack is easy to put up. Even first-timers can easily assemble it without any hassle.
  • It offers a 45-day warranty.


  • The rack is easy to scratch and it seems low-quality.
  • It doesn’t have a rubber stop to protect the bottom from dents.

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Hold Up Displays cater to a wide array of display equipment and accessories that can be used for hunting, fishing, archery, or shooting. Some of the products they have include fishing rod displays, crossbow holders, archery racks, handgun holders, rifle racks, and gun racks. They cater to single use racks for personal use and archery rack systems or gun rack systems for store use.

One of their most popular gun racks is the Horizontal Hardwood which weighs 2.7 pounds and has a beautiful wood grain on each set of rails. It has a unique design and amazing features that set it apart from other gun racks.


  • This rack contains two hardwood rails and four sets of hooks that can hold a generous number of weapons.
  • Every set of rails has a natural ash hardwood detailed with stunning grain patterns that makes the rack aesthetically pleasing to display.
  • The hooks can hold any long gun; such as double barrel shotguns or AR barrel shrouds.
  • The hooks have a narrow grip end which keeps the firearms secured vertically.
  • It is 100% made in the USA.


  • The rungs are uneven and can appear unsightly.
  • It needs to be one inch lower than the other end to make them even.

Recommendations for the Best Wall Mount Gun Rack

The Hold Up Displays Horizontal Gun Rack Storage is considered as the best gun rack storage solution. It is stylish and goes well with any home design. It can be used with guns, rifles, shotguns, and even bows. It can be easily placed inside vehicles. It is durable and will be in use for a long time. The company is based in Wisconsin and has been making gun racks for the past ten years. They produce well-crafted products which are proudly displayed in homes across the country.

As a gun rack, it is a solid product. As a part of the decor, it makes the guns stand out and belong in the room.

The Important Features of the Wall Mount Gun Rack

Generally, the function of a gun rack is to protect your weapons and keep them secure at all times. With this being said, don’t purchase a gun rack with no locking system. This feature is essential because it safeguards your weapon from the wrong individuals. Even if you don’t have any children at home, locking out your weapon should still be your top priority.

Security With the Locking Gun Rack

Securing your firearms will keep it safe and make it last longer. Apart from that, it will also keep you and the people around you safe from danger. After you have chosen the best safety feature for your gun rack, it is now time to personalize it. You can start by choosing the size that you want. You need to make sure that it will fit all of your firearms. Gun racks vary in sizes but the most common is the “deputy” racks that can store from four to six rifles. Next, you need to think about how to transport the weapons. There are owners who wanted their collection to stay in their home because they take pride in displaying it. For example, classic firearms are ideal for display since they sport timeless gun collection and visitors will admire them when they visit your house. However, there are also gun owners who prefer their gun rack to be movable. It can be used inside the house and can also be easily transferred to your truck if you want to travel. In addition to this, there are also gun racks that are specifically made for vehicle use only. They are designed to fit in small spaces, yet they are easily accessible to the owner.

The Installation of the Wall Gun Rack

The mounting process depends on the type of rack you buy since each type has a different mounting procedure. When mounting a gun rack inside your home, you need to drill holes to the wall to keep it tightly secured in its right place. On the other hand, mounting racks in your vehicles utilize special gaskets to keep it secured. There are also racks that are already assembled by the manufactures. But, if you prefer to build it on your own, there are special, unique rack designs that you can use to personalize your storage plans. This gives the owner the freedom to choose their own design and express their creativity while ensuring the safety of their firearms.
For the same reason you keep your gun at home in a safe, your gun in a car gun safe will thwart criminals and allow you to keep your gun in your possession. A car gun safe should be the most important accessory in the car of a traveler who carries a gun. With a car gun safe when you travel, you can easily declare that your gun is your best travel companion.

The Gun Rack Types

There are many designs and variations of gun racks in the market. Before you get overwhelmed, make sure you give special attention to these factors: size (to properly store your weapons), security (for safety and protection), and portability.
After you have decided on these specific factors, you will have a clearer vision as to the type of gun rack that you want to purchase.

Transporting your shotguns, rifles, or pistols can be difficult especially if you are planning to travel and hunt. For avid gun hunters, there are many gun racks and gun cases that are available in the market. They have different levels of protection and quality features that fit any hunting needs.

A car gun safe must be attached to a structural component of the car, such as the frame or something that is bolted to it, or the floor. If your car gun safe is not attached to the structural component of the car, you might as well gift wrap it and put some ribbons for the thief.

The purpose of a car gun safe is to prevent criminals from getting it. Locking the doors of your will not be enough if you will leave your gun lying inside your car in full view of passersby. Everybody knows that car doors are not like Fort Knox.


Choosing the best equipment in storing and securing your firearms can get a little frustrating especially if you have so many things to consider such as your home situation, personal preference, style, size, and price.

Ideally, gun racks are used if you wanted to flaunt your wide collection of guns while a gun safe is perfect if you want to keep your firearms safely out of sight. Though they have a different function, both of them are considered as gun storage. It just depends on how you use it. But aside from this, there are also some things you need to consider when it comes to storing your weapons.

Enclosed space restricts air circulation and thus, humidity is trapped inside the room. This is the major cause of rust damage to weapons. In addition to this, the damp environment also causes high levels of damage to guns because they are made from metal. This is much worse compared to the damage caused by fire, flood, or burglary.

To prevent your weapons from being damaged by dust and humidity, keep them well-lubricated at all times. Don’t keep them in enclosed spaces for a long period of time, such as gun cases that have hard polyethylene molded case or cloth zippered case. For instance, if you have been hunting and traveling, your guns are surely enclosed in gun cases, so make it a point to take them out the moment you arrive at home. Clean them properly and lubricate them thoroughly. This will maintain the quality and functionality of your firearms for a long time.

You should also store your weapons in a room that allows proper evaporation. This restricts the formation of humidity and it protects your firearms from damage. Most gun junkie uses their basement as storage and they also utilize a dehumidifier to fight off moisture formation. You need to pay attention to little details that can cause damage to your weapons in order to prevent them from causing detrimental effects.

You also need to have an oil rag anywhere in your storage area so you can easily rub it on the steel parts of your guns and renew its oily film. This eliminates moisture from the steel and prevents further damage.

Choosing the perfect gun storage is more than just securing your weapons and keeping them out of reach of children. It also plays a huge role in preventing detrimental damage to your guns. Rust is the number one factor that affects steel parts and destroys its quality. With this being said, choose gun storage that will secure your weapons and keep rust at bay.

You can choose among the top 5 gun racks that we have discussed in this article. No matter what rack you choose, one thing is for sure: you’ll enjoy shooting practice, hunting, and displaying your prized gun collection without worrying about rust or other damages. This is because these gun racks are proven and tested to last for years. They have been providing quality display equipment to gun owners and they are just the best in the field.