Looking for the most reliable firearms secured storage has a few crucial factors to consider. Like how many firearms will you stock in there? If you will be adding other valuables aside from your firearms and of course, your budget. Getting the right fireproof safe is crucial, especially for first-time owners. You will need to rely solely on feedback, discussions, and recommendations.

Check out these 5 highly recommended firearms storage, learn the complete facts and peculiarities about them, and determine if one fits your standard.

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Best 5 Fire Resistant And Fire Rated Gun Fire Safes

You may have heard claims of fire-resistant gun safes from a firearm owner, but how do you determine if this piece is the one you are looking for. You might want to ask if this storage is secured and accredited fire-resistant based on its credentials, reports, and consumers’ own experience.

We’ve compiled several certified, fire-resistant gun safes in the state department to help you decide better. Scroll down for added information.

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Top Rated Gun Fire Safe
Coming from a trusted firearm storage manufacturer, this safe is made of solid steel. With a pry-resistant door that opens discreet for easy access thanks to its gas strut confining. It comes with LED light and can store up to two standard size handguns or a big pistol and its ammunition. With a smart biometric locking system that comes with a key to override.


  • A larger capacity that can home 2 standard handguns or a large pistol together with its ammunition
  • Smart biometric access or fingerprint locking system for easy access by swiping your fingers
  • Interior LED lights for clear access any course you will need it
  • Backup digital access through a digital keypad with a personalized combination codes
  • Solid iron materials for certified durableness
  • Gas strut confining for easy access to your guns
  • Interior product dimension - 2.2"H x 9.7"W x 6.6"L
  • Exterior product dimension - 3.2"H x 12.0"W x 9.9"L


  • The battery may need to change frequently

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Secure, simple, lightweight, and smart technology for complete access to your valuables. Durable steel body, pry-resistant, interior shielding, and interior hinges to restrain tools from opening. Backup codes and a backlit keypad for quick access.


  • Sleep mode security access for 4 minutes of failed attempt to enter codes
  • Lithium-ion long-life rechargeable battery. Works for 4 months with 2.5 hours of charging. Kit for charging included
  • 40,000+ numeric code option access
  • Built-in LED lights for interior and LED-backlit numeric keypad
  • Shortcut access keys for power On/Off, travel mode, and battery status
  • Portable slim design lightweight design
  • Proximity illuminating sensor for easy access any time of the day
  • Secured guns away from scratches
  • Comes with a steel cable and screws for wall mounting


  • The uncontrollable light brightness may alter depends on your lock access
  • Can detect dry and clean fingers for biometric models ( VT10i)
  • Smaller compartment (VE10)

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Looking for an easy to transport firearm safe than can be carried on almost any place. Lightweight with reliable protection for your pistols. The hinged handle makes it look like a briefcase. The simplex mechanical locking system works perfectly with discreet noise


  • Sturdy and strong solid steel 14 gauge with pry-resistant opening
  • Simplex mechanical grip five-key button access
  • No failing biometrics or electronic locking system
  • Built perfectly for your handgun


  • Not a total heavy-duty storage for firearms

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This firearm safe has four unlocking smart systems access to choose from. Smart biometric fingerprints scanner, through your smartphone mobile APP and Bluetooth, keypad LED numeric locking conformity and using a superfluous latchkey.


  • Carbon steel manufactured 16 gauge heavy-duty storage for handgun
  • Easy and swift access to multiple unlocking systems
  • View unlocking credential access through your mobile APP, multiple contexts, change password, biometrics, and Bluetooth navigation
  • LED interior lighting for easy access any time of the day
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery for up to 5- 6000 used times. 2.5 hours recharging process via USB kit --included. Low battery light indicator
  • 2 small guns/pistol capacity with foam mats for complete protection
  • Anti-cut cable cord ideal when place in the car and served against burglary
  • Suitable access storage for almost any place


  • The biometrics fingerprint scanner works well with clean and dry hands.
  • Known issue with keypad stability

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Smart biometric fingerprint scanner locking security system with 2 pistol handgun scope. An ideal firearm cabinet storage for home and travel purposes. With three locking system access options to choose from. Backlit automatic response for quick access and opening. The security alarm turns off for 3 consecutive attempts.


  • Pry-resistant door, sturdy steel manufacture made to last
  • Larger firearm carrier capacity, 2 pistols or one handgun and its ammunition
  • Smart security alarm for 3 failed attempt
  • 3-way locking system: biometrics, backlit keypads, and spare keys
  • Single-handed automatic door opener system once scanning or code is complete
  • Ideal for storing your guns away from kids and intruders


  • Biometrics failed at the time, need to have clean and dry fingers before opening
  • Limited code for the four-digit keypad

Is A Gun Safe Fireproof?

Firearm storage for your valuables can be fireproof depending on the material that is used and if it has passed the approval of the UL or Underwriters Laboratories. The seal will only be given if the product has passed the UL department. In some cases, you will need to access your storage to sort things out.

There known manufacturers’ gun safes are being tested before delivery. Especially those custom-made ones. The different features allow access to your valuables in the quickest way possible. This feature comes with an added price for the product itself. Check for this feature always to get the most of your safes.

What Is The Best Fireproof Firearm Storage?

Looking for the best fireproof storage for your pistol, handgun or any firearm may seem daunting. The best way to get the products will always be based on customer feedback and reviews like this. There is a series of fire certified units you can choose from. The delivery time may take more than expected, especially those coming from renowned producers.

The Liberty safe storage for firearms is one of the most renowned safe distributors in the industry today. You can never tell what is the best fireproof storage for your guns. Not until you check for the one who does more both commercial and residential areas. You must also check UL certified safes.

You never really can tell one until the inimical situation arise. Though Liberty is known for its intensive fire-resisting safes, best to always go for something that is being tested through time.

Is Liberty A Good Gun Storage?

Liberty is not just a good producer of firearm storage, it is one of the best when it comes to high-end custom-safe products with great customer feedback. A lifetime warranty is always associated with every purchase of their safes.

In case of imminent fire or other undesired circumstances, Liberty offers free maintenance, replacement, and repair to any damage safes to deliver the highest-quality services every firearm aficionado out there.

There is a wide array of Liberty safes to choose from ranging for features, size, lock, price, and the delivery lead time. All of which is worth for great access to the highest quality safes you will ever get.

How Much Does A Fireproof Safe Cost?

The price and delivery for a fireproof safe may cost more or less, which depends on what you need. On an average customer who wants to purchase fireproof gun storage products, it may cost you around $600 to $1000 or higher. This will depend on the size of it. For a durable and fire-resistant, certified storage for guns, a 24” x 20” storage may cost you up to $800.

On the other side, inexpensive storage for your gubs can cost you around $200 – $500. This price may not get you the fireproof rating and construction may not be as great compared to high-end storage.

Make sure that your storage for guns can withstand at least an hour of fire, lest the ammunition may explode. Best quality depending on delivery and construction may cost you $1000 to $3000 on average.