How to Build a Gun Safe Room In 10 Easy Steps

How to Build a Gun Safe Room In 10 Easy Steps

A Walk In Gun Safe is a highly secured room used to store guns and other valuable items. Gun rooms provide a convenient way to ensure only authorized people can access the stored firearms. Just like safe rooms and panic rooms, gun safe rooms need to be secured as much as possible. Building a safe room takes many phases of planning and executing the process. This article gives a precise process of how to build a gun safe room.

1. Planning for the room

Before initiating the building process, you need to know how you want to build a safe room. If you are changing part of your room or your basement to be the gun safe room, you need to decide how big the room will be and the materials you will need for the conversion. As is the case with many safe room constructions, you may need to get a permit.

2. Gathering the materials

When you are ready to build your room, you will need different materials depending on the strength and level of security you will need for your room.

3. Type of doors

The door is the main entry point to your safe room. For this reason, it will require a high level of security. A gun safe room is locked from the outside as opposed to other doors which can be closed from the inside. It is, therefore, advisable to choose the right door with the appropriate locking mechanism. Keypad locks and biometrics or the combination of the two will provide high level security.

4. The walls

Select a gun safe that comes with an electronic lock. They are trustworthy and cost-efficient to repair or replace compared to conventional locks.

5. Ventilation

A safe gun room does not need much consideration for ventilation since no one will be staying there. However, there should be little ventilation to maintain a good environment and odour in your gun storage room. If you opt to install a vent make sure it doesn’t function as a weak link to the facility. If you have your safe room at the basement, you can drill a hole through the roof.

6. Getting started

At this step, you have decided where you will establish a safe house and the required materials. If you are working with an already existing room, you will have to begin by stripping away any unwanted drywall or carpeting. When installing the door, you may be required to reinforce the frame so that it can hold the weight of the selected door.

If you are building the gun safe room from an existing room in your house, it’s important to not change your house structure. Besides strengthening the doors and walls, you should consider implementing camouflaging techniques so that the room becomes as much inconspicuous as possible.

7. Interior reinforcement

If you want to build your safe room in the basement, it is easier to use metal and heavy brick for the construction. These materials make the room hard to break in even by the most determined intruder. If you choose to convert one of your regular rooms to a safe gun room, you should choose things like kevlar panels for deflecting bullets. You could also use gun cabinets and steel plating on the walls for improved security.

8. Other utilities

There is a high chance that you will have additional utilities in your safe room. You will have to install a lighting system and an outlet for plugging in a dehumidifier. You can also choose to have other forms of climate control to maintain a consistent temperature in the room. If you intend to use the safe room for a retreat during emergencies, it is crucial to have a plumbing system installed. You should also consider having a bed, a bathroom and a toilet to use during the emergency times. Another essential utility to put in your safe room is a fire extinguisher or a dedicated fire suppression system. This will ensure a fire breakout will be contained within the shortest time possible and as a result, save you from incurring unnecessary expenses.

9. Room layout

A gun safe room in your house is not like any other room since it has maximum security and houses the most valuable items in the house. It is crucial to add gun cabinets, ammunition storage and racks in the room. You could also add a chair or a table for gun maintenance and cleaning. You can put a carpet to get the same look with all the other rooms in your house.

10. Security and legal requirements

Different authorities have a limitation on the amount of gunpowder can be stored without a special powder magazine. If you opt to get a contractor to build the safe room for you, ensure you go for high reputable experts who can keep the details of your safe room a secret.


A gun safe room is an important facility for everyone who loves and holds guns. It provides a secure way to keep guns out of the reach of children or other unauthorized people. It is also a safe way to prevent burglars from using your armoury in case of a break-in. The delicate weapons and valuables stored in a gun safe room requires proper handling and high level of security. You can choose to either use an existing room or your basement for building the safe room. If you decide to use an existing room, you will need to provide additional support to the walls. Your safe room door should also be strong enough to withstand any break-in. Also, ensure you implement effective security measures to only allow the authorized people access to the safe room.