Buying Guide to the Most Popular
Gun Safe Brands

Buying Guide to the
Most Popular Gun Safe Brands

Investing in a gun is a big commitment. This is why you should do everything to safeguard your handguns and long guns. You want to ensure that children and criminals can’t access them. With so many brands of safe boxes in the market, protecting your firearms is made easier and hassle-free. You can choose from a wide range of safes from classic to biometric. However, this huge selection can sometimes get overwhelming, turning a simple task into a complicated process.

Choosing from Popular Gun Safe Brands

As you start your gun safe shopping, there are countless questions that you will think of and ask yourself. Once you answer them one by one, you will find yourself with a decision on pistol and gun safe that is perfect for you. Well-known gun safe brands include Vaultek, SentrySafe, Billconch, Prymax, Fort Knox, ShotLock and Stealth.

Biometric Gun Lock

A biometric gun lock is a versatile option if your goal is to protect your weapon and household. The fingerprint ID technology offers fast and instant access to your guns and the robust construction provides exceptional security. Because it uses the owner’s fingerprints, the lock itself has a unique key. At present, fingerprint gun locks all have alternative ways of opening the lock.

Car Gun Safe

Car gun safe offers optimum security to weapons inside your truck, pickup, or any other vehicle. It allows you to achieve peace of mind whenever you need to travel with your guns.

Other factors that you need to consider when purchasing a gun safe are the following:

  • The weight of the safe
  • Brand of the safe
  • Kind of lining and long-lasting capacity
  • Durability

What is the Best Gun Safe

When shopping for the best gun safe, here are the top features that you should take into consideration:

  • Size – check the space where you want to store your gun safe before you decide on the size that you want to purchase. Chances are, you will likely want to invest in a sizable safe. One that can store not only your guns but also other valuables like jewelry and personal stuff. You also need to consider your future purchase. Will you expand your collection and add more pistols or rifles? If yes, make it as one of your bases when choosing the safe that you will buy.
  • Wall Thickness – one of the purposes of having a gun safe is to prevent unauthorized access from kids, burglars, and criminals. The greater the steel gauge, the stronger it can withstand outside forces. Steel has various gauges, with thicker walls having lower numbers or gauge. Opt for something thicker than 14-gauge. This level is nearly impossible to break in – even with the use of a drill.
  • Thick Door – the thickness of the door will decide the resiliency of your safe. The thicker the door, specifically if it is more than 5/16”, the more difficult it is for thieves to pry or drill through. Moreover, pay attention to doors that are made from steel and steel alloys since they offer strength and fire protection.
  • The Bolts – these elements are what support the safe from freely opening. Once the lock is activated, the bolts slide to lock the door tightly. The thicker the bolts, the sturdier the safe is. But you should also consider choosing a safe with multiples. Some have two while others are engineered to have as many as 10 steel bolts.
  • Locking Mechanism – unless thieves don’t bother you, you probably want to invest in a gun safe that offers instant access to your weapons. You still need to compare different locking mechanisms. If you want quick access, you shouldn’t settle for combination or key locks. The perfect option for you is biometric safes or those that are activated via Bluetooth or RFID signals.
  • Mounting and Anchors - Securing your weapons is more than just locking the safe. You should also consider how easy it is to transport the safe. This is because there’s a possibility that thieves may carry the safe if they couldn’t crack it in your home. This is why anchors and mounts are vital. If the safe that you bought have zero means of mounting, call the manufacturer right away to have it modified without invalidating the warranty.
  • Alarms – do you want to get notifications when someone opened your gun safe without asking for your permission? Some safes are designed to have alarms that loudly blare when inaccurate passcode is encoded for how many times. Other gun safes also alert the owner by blaring when it is picked up or move.
  • Failsafe Locking - even if your safe is protected with combination locks, there’s still a possibility that thieves can decode it. Thanks to advanced technology, there are gun safes that instantly lock up when an inaccurate passcode is entered for how many times. Though it might impose risk if you forget your code, it’s extra security that’s worth the investment.
  • Battery Powered electronic keypad needs batteries to function - Some people don’t mind changing batteries in their safes and if you are one of them, you can choose a gun safe that comes with a backup feature for access, such as a key. Many pistol safes also come with a rechargeable battery for added convenience.
  • Maximum Protection -On top of everything, you want a safe that can offer optimum security for your weapons. This means that the construction should be made from a durable material that’s difficult to drill or blast through, a lock that’s impossible to be pried open, a safe that can’t be easily picked up, and a combination that’s very hard to decode. You should also look for a safe that’s fireproof and waterproof to secure all your valuables inside.
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