Verifi S6000 Biometric Smart Safe - Review

You can never be too paranoid when you’re in the market for a gun safe. Finding a good security safe is about keeping people out just as much as keeping things inside. Many safes on the market make bold promises about security and safety, but there are many that won’t deliver on either without sacrificing some convenience (and money). Fortunately, the Verifi S6000 Smart Safe can fulfill your most essential needs at an affordable price, and with a standard of quality that is expected of some of the best gun safes under $500.

Product Specifications

  • SIZE: 17 x 16 x 8 inches
  • WEIGHT: 30 pounds

Product Rating


Product Features

  • Fast Access Home Safe - The Verifi S6000 is a quick-access fingerprint gun safe that utilizes a biometric fingerprint scanner. This allows the user to open the safe with relative ease by inputting a pre-programmed fingerprint onto a digital module, and grants access in less than a second.
  • FBI Fingerprint Sensor - This particular model has been tested by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and certified to meet all the quality standards by the law enforcement agency. The safe features a 3D fingerprint sensor which guarantees that access is granted only to the programmed fingerprint, and will register 100% of the time without fail. In fact, this particular safe is popular among various government agencies.
  • Event Logs - The safe includes memory which will save all events related to access to the safe. Users will be able to monitor who accesses the safe and when, and will be notified of denied access.
  • Tamper Alert - The S6000 features tamper alerts, which is especially useful in the event that someone tries to access the safe using anything other than the intended mode of entry. The safe features various sensors around the housing which will detect any type of blunt force, and an alert will sound that would deter even an experienced burglar from sticking around for too long.
  • LCD Display - The biometric fingerprint scanner features an LCD display which will include a multitude of data to the user. The data will include tamper alerts, event logs, and battery life, among other things, all of which are extremely useful for users. The display also makes adjusting settings, adding and deleting users, and reading event logs much easier than most other biometric safes.

First Impressions


At first glance, the LCD display definitely steals the show with this safe. The display is brightly lit and includes enough information that is particularly pleasing to see on a biometric safe. The safe itself has a fairly thick housing and can fit multiple handguns, although we found that the space can be best utilized with a small gun rack to insert pistols vertically. It also weighs a solid 30 lbs, which we also liked a lot.

One major benefit to this safe is that it includes two mounting holes on the bottom of the housing, which allow it to be mounted to a surface. As far as fingerprint handgun safes are concerned, this feature is absolutely mandatory for us. Owning a safe isn’t just about keeping your contents locked inside, but making sure that the safe itself doesn’t get stolen. It can take a little effort, but you can’t be too cautious about your safe. After all, allowing your safe to get lifted away with no effort pretty much defeats the purpose of having a safe to begin with.


Programming the biometric scanner is much easier when the information is displayed on an LCD display as opposed to digital cues from other models, and we definitely appreciated the battery indicator and event logs. The digital monitor also checks itself regularly to make sure that the integrity of the safe hasn’t been compromised, and an alert will sound if the safe is ever tampered with.

The biometric scanner is also outstanding. As far as we could tell, the scanner was able to pick up the correct fingerprint every single time, as well as registered whenever an unauthorized fingerprint was inputted. If access is denied, the scanner will enter it into the event log and remain there until the memory is erased by an authorized user. This is especially useful for gun owners who want to know when someone tries to gain access to the safe without their knowing.

Product Review

What We Liked

  • Good for Small Firearms - Obviously, you’re not going to be able to fit an assault rifle into this safe, but this safe is ideal for owners of multiple small firearms and precious valuables. The size and weight are perfect for use at home or at the office, and the simple fact that the manufacturer included mounting holes underneath the housing give this safe a unique advantage over most other safes in the same price range.
  • Flawless Biometric Scanner - The features of the Verifi S6000 are also consistent with some of the best quality safes in the industry. The biometric fingerprint scanner is easy to use, works flawlessly, and is responsive to all the user’s needs. The scanner never once registered a false-positive or failed to read the correct fingerprint. The build quality of this safe is also superior to most other gun safes in the same price range. When compared to the Sentry Biometric Safe, Viking Safe, Barska Top Opening Safe, Stack-On Biometric Safe, and Liberty HDX-150, the S6000 exceeded all of our expectations.

What Needs Improvement

  • Sizing - Not really a major concern, but we thought this safe could use a little more space. We weren’t expecting to store any assault rifles in a safe for this price, but we did have some trouble trying to store documents and other things.
  • Rack Not Included - There aren’t too many drawbacks to owning this safe, but that isn’t saying that there couldn’t be some improvements. Verifi usually advertises the safe with a rack, but we found that the rack had to be purchased separately. Smart business strategy on Verifi’s part, but we can’t say this is accommodating to the consumer. The rack is an integral part of what sells this safe, and it is disappointing that it doesn’t include one.
  • Inner Housing - The inner housing of biometric lock is quite large which takes up a lot of space inside, reducing storage space safe.

LCD Display Sells Itself

Even if this safe featured some minor aesthetic flaws or the biometric scanner failed to read the correct fingerprint one out of ten times (which it won’t), the LCD display alone would justify the -check price- price tag. In most cases, simply having the information to program the safe and monitor activity will give the user the same peace of mind that can only be achieved in other safes that cost 3 or 4 times as much.