SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe – Review

If you’re a gun owner, sometimes getting a safe is just about complying with gun laws and keeping your guns out of reach of children. Maybe you’re just a licensed carrier and want to have your personal handgun locked in a safe while you’re in the car. Maybe you don’t even have kids but just want to get an affordable gun safe. If any of this fits your description as a gun owner, the Liberty HDX-150 might be the perfect safe for you.

Product Specifications

  • SIZE: 2.2 x 6.6 x 9.7 inches
  • WEIGHT: 12 pounds

Product Rating


Main Product Features

  • Sentry fingerprint safe allowing for personalized closure.
  • Internal storage ideal for revolvers J & K, as well as full-size semi-automatic handguns.
  • Muted opening with a pry-resistant top lid, allowing easy access with just one hand.
  • It is small fingerprint safe that you can accommodate in a drawer and other tiny places.
  • It belongs to a group of high-quality products, which are slightly more expensive than the gun safes under $ 100.

The use of fingerprint for security

Quick-entry digital safe in combination with this sensational innovation in form of fingerprint gun case is without a doubt the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates the maximum safety. Technology that simply scanning a fingerprint, for us is an invaluable advantage, particularly because beyond the combination of digital, it allows for individual protection, which prevents getting to content safe by unauthorized opening.

Making programming this Sentry Safe is simple and easy, as long as we follow according to the instructions. In practice this is extremely convenient, safe and allows us to encode two fingerprints.

Single handed access to safe

Biometric closing the safe also ensures quick access to content, because it requires only one hand for fast deprotection lock. What is needed is only one second for metal fingerprint reader to unlocked the safe and safely opened the silent lid.

Quiet opening, based on design of closing on a zero feedback lock and compression gas strut, guarantees the quiet opening It allows in the case of danger get the weapon out totally unnoticed, which can even save our lives.

In case of emergency, the other hand remains free, by what we can call for help by telephone.

To sum up the opening of the safe can be defined in a few words:

  • Quick and Easy
  • Biometric
  • Single-handed
  • Quiet.

Robust and compact design

This is advantage, which undoubtedly allows for safe and trouble-free use of the safe. Its heavy duty 12 gauge solid steel construction, pry resistant cover and small size allow you to hide in the safe convenient place where, if necessary, we have easy access to weapons.

We are sure that this solution is also an excellent protection against unplanned opening, as in the case of bystanders or children.

Product Review

What We Liked

  • Quiet opening function that ensures programming digital key pad with a zero audible feedback
  • Programming using a biometric fingerprint scan
  • Strengthen the cover made on the basis of heavy duty 12 gauge solid steel construction
  • Resistant to mechanical opening pry-resistant doors, which guarantee the safety of the unauthorized persons
  • Excellent ease of use, which allows in emergency situations successfully reach for firearms

What Needs Improvement

  • The advantage, but at the same time disadvantage of the safe is it’s small overall dimensions, which facilitates potential theft. Of course we can attach it to the walls, drawers and floors, but it affects the limitation of mobility.
  • During use of the safe, it is necessary to follow the instructions, because only then we can encode fingerprints correctly. Depending on the type of the safe (manual covers several models), it is worth noting the next steps, which only carried out properly make use of the device becomes easy and enjoyable.
  • Safe does not contain the required set of four AA batteries, so we need to be sure to purchase them before proceeding to encoding and using it.

Our Conclusion

This amazing and very handy Biometric Pistol Safe is according to our opinion, perfect solution for anyone who wants to securely store guns at home or office. It is easy to use, has excellent protection, and more importantly it is also compact so you can easily put it anywhere you need. It’s quality is comparable to other pistol safes. Please have a look at our other reviews of fingerprint gun safes: Viking fingerprint safeBarska Top Opening SafeLiberty HDX-150Stack-On or Verifi S6000 Smart Safe.