Fingerprint Gun Lock – 5 Best Trigger Locks for your Weapons

Many gun owners have found that keeping their guns in steel gun cases or strong boxes equipped with secure locks works for their specific purpose. It provides an adequate theft deterrent if only that is its intended purpose. But some gun owners want different levels of confidence, one more layer of protection that even the most enthusiastic one could not use your gun without purpose. And now riding the latest wave of technology, fingerprint gun lock is the latest in keeping guns safe and secure.

Here are the 5 best trigger locks:

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Fingerprint Gun Lock - Details of the 5 Best Products

To help you have an informed and wise decision in buying the trigger lock that suits your purpose, we have provided you with details of the 5 best fingerprint gun locks on the market today.

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Top Rated Fingerprint Gun Lock
This gun lock allows you to set your own 3 number combination. It’s perfect for keyless operation. Its body is made of steel and zinc so you can expect lasting and top-rate durability. If features rubber pads that provide maximum protection from your gun’s finish and make your gun stays free of scratches and abrasions. It is manufactured according to world standards and it’s sure to fit most handguns, shotguns, and rifles available in the market.


  • Combination locks couldn't be easier to operate and very quick to remove. Once you have set their combination number, you don't have to carry a key while still providing serious protection and requiring enough effort to open for someone who doesn't know the combination.
  • You can share the combination lock to those who need to access your gun and can as easily and simply change the numbers to prevent further access to your firearm.
  • The lock is adjustable allowing you to fit it to your gun, shotgun or rifle.


  • None. Owners love it.

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This trigger lock uses a key with 4 pin tumblers that make it hard to pick. And since it is sold in packs of two or three with keys alike, you can use the same key to unlock each of the locks in the set. For multiple gun owners, this type of gun lock is convenient since they have the option to provide the keys to persons who need to access the firearms without worrying about giving the wrong key.


  • Being made of durable steel and zinc materials, this lock is dependable and long-lasting.
  • The keyed alike locks can be used for different firearms while maintaining control which has access the guns.
  • This lock can be used to secure most rifle, handgun or shotgun


  • Some parts seem to be made of lightweight brass material in contrast to the solid brass used in better-made products.
  • The thickness of the bolt doesn't fit properly to certain firearms triggers allowing the trigger to be pulled even locked.

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Fingerprint recognition technology is being used in many applications these days to allow access to our data, from bank transactions to smartphones. It is not surprising then that this technology is being used to secure and provide safety in firearms. The Identilock trigger lock is one such product that takes advantage of cutting edge fingerprint scanning technology. It is a type of fingerprint trigger lock that works efficiently and effectively.


  • It uses biometric scanner technology which users can program up to three individual fingerprints. To activate the quick-release trigger lock, you press your programmed finger unto a button. You don't need to carry keys or remember combinations.
  • It provides gun owners a higher degree of peace of mind since only authorized users can unlock and fire the weapon.
  • Once fingerprints are programmed and activated into the system, it will deny access to unauthorized users and allows fast access to users whose fingerprints are recognized by the system
  • In case you have wet or dirty fingers, it features a mechanical, physical key override which allows you to manually open the lock.


  • For tech-challenged gun owners, programming your fingerprint into the system can be a bit challenging, although there are plenty of instructional videos that can be found on the internet.
  • The same instructional videos online can also give information on how to defeat the system and allow some people to use the pistol or any time of firearm.

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Gun owners look for the balance between safety, security and relative ease of use when it comes to gun locks. This product strikes such balance in providing these two aspects while also adding features such as being able to unlock your firearm under any circumstances including zero visibility. It uses an electro-mechanism dialing system to unlock the firearm but you don’t even start in a specific point or direction as the system automatically recognizes the action needed.


  • This gun lock is very easy to configure and allows quick access while providing security and safety. It comes with a pre-programmed code but you can easily set your number combination.
  • Whether you use the builtin code or prefer your number combination, the Rapidial wheel is intuitive to use. While it employs a combination system like others, it scrambles the combination and it resets itself automatically. No need to spin the dial to lock it again.
  • It is virtually tamper-proof when it is locked since charging the gun will cause the immediate expansion of the cartridge and lock the slide further rendering the firearm useless.


  • The nature of its system itself may require a break-in period before you can use it as intended. Some users reported that this lock improved a lot after being used several times.
  • You can't pry this lock with a simple flathead screwdriver but a dedicated and intrusive non-lock picker can hack and unlock it.
  • It is caliber-specific so it does not apply to many gun models. It is not a trigger lock per se because it employs a cartridge-sized insert placed into the gun's chamber and not in the trigger itself.

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One feature that gun owners shun in most trigger locks is the ease that they can be picked or hacked. This trigger lock is manufactured with maximum pick resistance durability in mind, being made with a steel and zinc body. It is designed to discourage tampering and theft. The rubber pads protect and reduce the unwanted rubbing of the metal parts against your firearm. And just like most trigger locks, it fits most firearms such as handguns, shotguns, and rifles.


  • The lock itself is exceedingly sturdy, looks like it is made for heavy-duty and has high visual appeal. It's adequate to stop a child from having a bad accident.
  • Comes supplied with 2 identical keys.
  • Like most trigger locks in the same class, it has an adjustable ratchet mechanism with a positive locking mechanism.


  • The rubber pads that are supposed to avoid the lock from scratching and marring the gun's finish are thin and loose. They could be made more firm and durable so they can avoid damaging the gun's finish.
  • Although it is supposed to fit most handguns, rifles, and shotguns, there are instances when the lock didn't stay locked on some guns. The closing mechanism needs polishing so it works smoothly.

Key Features of a Biometric Gun Lock

Biometric security relies on fingerprint scanners and works by identifying the pattern of lines and ridges on your finger and matching those with the pre-scanned lines and ridges in the computer system. These specific characteristics are programmed into the computer system and saved as an encrypted biometric key.

A biometric gun lock functions just another trigger lock but with a very important technology that elevates it from the rest. It uses a fingerprint reader that once it has stored the owner’s fingerprint in its database, the lock can only grant access to the unique owner of the fingerprint and no one else.

Biometric security uses fingerprint scanners It is the same technology used by smartphones, laptops and other gadgets that require a high degree of security. It works by tracking and identifying the lines and ridges unique to a person’s fingerprint and then encrypts it to the computer. When needed, the system matches the stored lines and ridges of the fingerprint with the scanned fingerprint of the person presently in need access. When both matches, which usually in a fraction of seconds, access is granted.

A biometric gun lock can replace gun safes and is less expensive but is quicker in allowing access to the gun especially during emergencies. Tests showed that biometric gun locks take a fraction of a second to unlock compared to conventional trigger locks. And when it comes to protecting lives, instantaneous is the name of the game. A second late in a critical time in responding could mean loss of life and property.

Even More Secure: A Handprint Gun Safe

Like the fingerprint, the hand-print or palm-print is also unique to a particular person. This is a security procedure in high security facilities. However, it can also be used in personal safes. This type of biometric identification is even more secure than a fingerprint lock. However, Handprints require a bigger scanner than that used to read fingerprints. Fingerprint scanners on computers do not need to read the whole finger at the one time. Some fingerprint scanners look like slits on the surface of a notebook. You slide your finger along the slit for the computer to read the print. A handprint gun safe would be a great security device for a large gun safe.

A Thumbprint Gun Safe with its Alternatives

There are plenty of gun safes with fingerprint readers. When encoding the fingerprint, there is the option to choose which finger to use. It can also be the thumb. The thumbprint is no different from other fingerprints, only larger. Each fingerprint is unique. A person has 10 fingers and not all of them are safe. It has been proven that a fake fingerprint can be used to open a biometric fingerprint protected facility.

Why Choose a Gun Safe with Fingerprint Lock

People buy guns to protect their person, family and property. However, guns in the wrong hands can lead to accidents and the most vulnerable ones are always the children. They take precedence over anybody else when talking about safety and security around any type of firearms. We are not uninformed regarding children being injured or even killed due to firearms, and it will always too late to have remorse. We cannot afford to leave unsecured guns lying around the house.

One effective way to secure and keep guns inaccessible for unwanted people is to use gun safes. Nevertheless, the market for conventional gun safes is full of such products and each manufacturer will always say that theirs is the best and can keep your guns protected, safe and secure. But while any manufacturer and seller worth their salt can be trusted to provide trustworthy gun safes, one innovative gun safe stands above all the rest.

A gun safe with fingerprint lock is one gun safe that provides an extra layer of protection. The technology behind this creative design allows the gun safe to be opened using the user’s unique fingerprint and no other person can be granted any kind of access to the gun safe short of destroying, hacking, bombing, burning or throwing it 100 feet above towards the ground. Only fingerprints programmed into the system can be allowed to open it and have access to the guns inside the gun safe with a fingerprint lock.


There have been inventions, gadgets, technologies, even outlandish contraptions all with the same purpose: prevent guns to be discharged unintentionally and thus avoid harming those should not have been injured at all. They could be our children, friends, spouse, or other relatives. We have a choice whether we want to own guns or not and those who opt to possess guns, have the responsibility to secure their guns and protect all people in their household.

There are many options to secure firearms and keep them from falling into the wrong hands. They could be as simple as gun storage that uses the barest minimum of security as a basic lock and key. Many gun owners also opt to use the familiar trigger locks, still very effective although quite limited in its capability to provide protection. However, technology has already taken over this primitive idea.

Modern innovations have brought the lock and key to the 21st century. Fingerprint gun lock is one idea has been continuously improved ever since it was developed from allied industries and then adapted to gun safety and security. It has taken root and has taken full advantage of the features that can be utilized in gun safety and security. A biometric trigger lock is a step forward from the usual security that we have been used to in the past.