Racking a Gun

Racking a Gun

When choosing the right gun rake and mount to purchase, there are several things you need to consider. If you have so many options in mind, this article will help you learn the key features you need to consider when shopping for gun racks.

1. Size

Whether you are looking for a wall mount gun rack for your home or overhead gun rack for your truck, you need to consider the sizing. Your gun rack needs to hold all your firearms without overcrowding. As much as possible, you want to avoid having a messy storage for your weapons.

Luckily, there are many gun rack options that you can use to maximize the space of your storage. For example, you can use the back of your door to hang your weapons including pistols, rifles, long guns, handguns, and even ammunitions.

On the other hand, you can opt for large, free-standing gun safe if you have a lot of weapons to store. But if you only have one gun, or you want to store your pistol separately from your collection, you can purchase a handgun safe. It is small and easy to carry, plus it can be tucked under the bed or inside the closet. On top of that, it is cheaper compared to traditional gun safes.

2. Security

There are many security features that can protect your weapon. For example, the steel plate attached within the walls of a gun safe is what keeps it protected from unwanted access. The steel plate prevents the drill to pass through the body of the safe. The thickness of the plate is measured in “gauges.” The smaller number or gauge, the thicker the metal. Therefore, you need to choose a gun safe with lower gauges to guarantee thicker and more secure plate.

Another feature that restricts unauthorized access is safe locks. The most popular are the combination lock and electronic lock. Basically, these locks utilize number combination that you can encode in a key pad when accessing your safe. The best thing about these kinds of lock is they have an automatic disable feature after several wrong code attempts. Between the combination and electronic lock, the latter is more expensive.

The biometric or fingerprint locking system is another lock which uses advanced technology. It is fast and easy to access because you can open it in just one finger swipe.

Apart from this, you also need to find a gun safe that is water and fire resistant. Gun safes with UL rating are proven and tested to withstand fire and water, keeping your weapons safe from damages due to a fire or flooding.

3. Pricing

Since gun safes have different features, their prices also vary. Safes with traditional locks are cheaper compared to safes that use state of the art security systems. Apart from that, the size of the safe also contributes to its price. Basically, small gun safes cost cheaper than large wall mount gun racks with steel doors. The regular gun racks to mount rifles for storage and display are much cheaper. There are many distributors of high-quality gun safes online and offline. Check them out and compare prices and quality to make sure that you are getting the best gun safe for the money.

Wall Mount Gun Rack

If you have the best gun rack, your weapons will be safe and secured. One example is the wall mount gun rack which affords easy access and convenience to gun owners. Wall racks have various styles and they have different storage capacities. There are racks that can carry at least four weapons others can store up to twenty guns. Wall gun racks are ideal to use inside the house since they can be mounted anywhere.

Overhead Gun Rack for a Truck

If you are a hunting enthusiast that often encounters problems in storing your guns inside your vehicle, the equipment that can help you is the overhead gun rack for trucks. You can hang your prized hunting weapons on it without worrying about its security. Apart from that, it can also be used as a utility hook to hang your tools, cables, ropes, ball cap, or even your dry cleaning. A pickup truck gun rack will definitely make your life easier and organized.

The Bottomline

If you are a gun owner, you have to store your guns and rifles in a safe storage and keep them away from unwanted access. Investing in good quality gun safe or gun cabinet is essential because it will keep you and the people around you safe. When purchasing a gun safe, always remember to consider the price, size, and level of security.