Racking A Gun to Keep it Safe and Secure in a Vehicle or the Home

The gun rack is also called the firearm, arm, or rifle rack. This product is used for storing different types of firearms, such as the pistol, rifle, carbines, sniper rifle, and more. These items are commonly equipped with one or several locks which serve as support that prevents your firearms from being stolen or misused.

These products can be bought individually. They are commonly built-in into hunting vehicles like the vehicle shooting brakes, which are equipped with these products to keep your firearms secure, giving you a much-needed hand when securing and preventing accidental shooting or discharge of the firearm.

These products can be mounted onto different types of vehicle transportation, too, which gives you a helping hand in keeping one or more firearms securely and safely. It also holds various weapons like the semi-automatic pistol or rifle on an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle), Side by Side, Swat Vehicles, UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle), Golf Carts, or Armored Trucks.

Racking a Gun - The benefits of gun racks

  • Accessible - They are readily available in both local and online stores. They come in a broad range of sizes and designs that can store light weapons like the pistol and bigger weapons like the sniper rifle, or other defensive items.
  • Better Organization - It helps you organize your equipment and organize your small and big firearms with no problem.
  • Ease of use - Most of these products offer installation that is quick and effortless since most of them do not require drilling.
  • Convenient - These items provide easy access to users since they are designed to provide convenience and simple maintenance from the different types of weapons, from the smallest pistol to the biggest sniper rifle.
  • Compact in size - Most of these products are tiny, keeping your equipment tucked away in little spaces or the back of your doors. These items occupy less room and let you store other items other than firearms in these products.
  • Safety - These products give owners the safest solution for keeping their equipment safe, giving them a helping hand or firm grip on preventing an unwanted shooting.
  • Security - These items provide users a hand by providing the most secure way of sending different sized firearms or other defensive equipment.
  • Flexible - These items are versatile; they come in different designs. This helps you keep your equipment safely every time you go backpacking or go out for a long drive.

How to find the best gun rack for racking a gun

When choosing the ideal item in storing these defensive items to help you secure your safety when you are out for a drive to prevent the event of the shooting of the item, here are factors that you need to take into consideration. 

When having a hard time finding the right product to help you store your equipment for your adventures, we will help you find the perfect item by providing these factors that need to be considered when shopping for gun racks.


First is the sizing; this is the most important factor to consider since you need to choose the gun rack that should fit in your home or your vehicles. It should hold your equipment without overcrowding the premise to prevent it from being unorganized for your defensive items since this can trigger them and cause unwanted firing.

With the increase of demand in firearms in different countries, most companies have provided various options of this product for their clients to help them utilize the room of their storage more efficiently, with the use of the product. You can use the back of your closet or the end of your bedroom door to store your equipment like the following:

  • Semi-automatic pistol
  • Pistol
  • Long gun
  • Rifle
  • Ammunition

Bigger and free-standing safe is the option for those who possess more extensive collections of weapons that consist of the small defensive items like the pistol to the big rifle, sniper rifle, etc. You should get the right size since you want to ensure that the grip of this item is sufficient in keeping your defensive item positioned.


Though there are different versions of these products out there in the market, not every one of them is reliable to truly get the product that will lend you a much-needed hand. When it comes to storing your equipment, from your pistol to your sniper rifle, you must look at the construction of the product first and find out if it is sufficient to support your different types of protective equipment.

Ease of use

Since gun safes have different features, their prices also vary. Safes with traditional locks are cheaper compared to safes that use state of the art security systems. Apart from that, the size of the safe also contributes to its price. Basically, small gun safes cost cheaper than large wall mount gun racks with steel doors. The regular gun racks to mount rifles for storage and display are much cheaper. There are many distributors of high-quality gun safes online and offline. Check them out and compare prices and quality to make sure that you are getting the best gun safe for the money.

Style and color

Finding the best equipment that fits your vehicle’s or home’s aesthetic is important too; different designs and colors can go perfectly with your vehicle’s interiors, but you need to research thoroughly to find the product which complements your style.


Ensuring the safety and security of your weapons is vital. This product provides different security features that protect your protective equipment, such as the pistol, rifle, sniper rifle, etc. efficiently. The most notable feature of these items is its safe locks, which restricts unauthorized access to your equipment, immensely preventing incidents of firing or shooting.

Materials used

The materials used when constructing these products should be considered since you need items that can grip your equipment correctly to prevent the trigger from being set off, which can cause a shooting incident. Most of these products consist of wood, metals, or embedded magnets.

However, most of these items use plywood as its primary material, which gives it its superior durability and strength. But other products use other material choices such as metal or embedded magnet which is considered to have higher quality and stronger durability


There are different styles or designs of this product in the market right now. They’re designed differently to grip and hold equipment of various capacities, the most common designs of these products come in three styles:

  • Rotary gun rack - This is simple to assemble. It does not require the use of other tools when installing it; its rotation feature is what makes it the most preferred. This is made possible with its swivel base, letting the item rotate effortlessly. These come in different sizes or designs, but most of them efficiently keep the barrels and defensive items in place.
  • Vertical gun rack - This product is designed to fit bigger weapons like the rifle, sniper rifle, etc. Giving your users the space-saving solution they need. The vertical design lets the equipment be stored while standing up, it is versatile, storing it anywhere in the comfort of your home or outdoor excursions.
  • Horizontal gun rack - This product is intended for weapons of different types or sizes. It is designed to hold, display defensive items horizontally. Ensure that these weapons are not loaded, never put firearms that are loaded to ensure the safety of the people on the premises.

These three products differ in a storage mechanism. Horizontal versions of these products let the user store their firearms horizontally. The vertical version of this item enables the user to store their weapons vertically (standing straight). The most common and preferred design is the rotary version of this item since users can rotate the item in different directions giving them access to find the item of their liking.

These products come in different forms; from the floor stand or wall mount, they also have features such as drawers and shelves.

Budget and Pricing

Like for most products in different niches, you should first consider what you are willing to spend for these items, which immensely help in securing your different defensive items safely, effectively preventing unwanted accidents that result in shooting and firing. Budget is important when selecting the version of this product, which suits you the best, so you should prioritize your requirements properly, budget first before buying the product.

There are multiple choices for cost-effective options for these products. The prime motive of these products is serving the different requirements or preferences of the weapon owners in the community. Since there are different types of these products, their prices also vary; the item that consists of conventional wood is cheaper than those made of metal or embedded magnets.

The size of the product plays a huge role in its pricing, the bigger the item is, the more expensive it is. The short and regular versions of this product that mounts different sizes of weapons such as the pistol, rifle, etc. with the sole intention of showing it off are more modestly priced.

Wall Mount Gun Rack

This product is the most low-cost option of storing or displaying your equipment in the comfort of your home. It can be mounted on the walls and back of the doors, and It is a unique way to showcase antique items or your favorite weapons. When using these products, ensure they are not loaded since it is better to implement safety even when you’re just showing these products off.

When you have the best or most suitable version of this product for your needs, you can ensure that your equipment will be safe and secure. This product provides effortless access convenience to owners. However, these products consist of different styles, designs, storage capacities.

  • Display family heirlooms - If you have numerous antique muzzleloaders, pistol, rifle, or other defensive items passed down in your family, this product is one perfect option to showcase their rustic touch to your home.
  • Flexible - This product is versatile, giving you more flexibility in terms of style, size, or prices and effectively showing off your equipment with your well-being in mind.
  • More storage in your gun safe - It provides you with more hunting equipment storage options inside your weapon secure. For example, the pistol rack is used to specifically store your pistols inside the safe, helping you stay organized.
  • Low-cost - These products are more modestly priced than safes, it is the best inexpensive option though it is not secure when compared to the other products it is still better than letting your weapons lying around the house.
  • Display your modern gun collection - These products are not only limited to antique collections. You can display your newer collection of weapons, though you must be cautious when doing so. Since these items are costly, it gives thieves or prying eyes, the perfect opportunity to correctly see what they could steal.

These items could hold up to four to twenty items (pistol, rifle, sniper rifle, etc.), which is ideal for inside the house because they can be mounted anywhere from the back of your doors to your rooms.

It is important to remember when mounting this product. You should position it on a high leveled area where children cannot reach them easily. This product is solely for display purposes if you want to ensure the security of your equipment more, the modular gun safe is recommended.

Overhead Gun Rack for a Truck

Professional hunters or those who want to bring firearms when driving often encounter problems regarding the storage of your equipment inside the vehicle, the best solution is the use of the truck gun rack. It lets you show off your prized hunting defensive items without having to worry about getting stolen or facing an unwanted event of accidents.

The gun rack for trucks only occupies little room in your vehicle; they use the empty or accessible room within the roof part of the truck, efficiently organizing your equipment. These products are made available in different styles, designs, sizes, and holding capacities. 

  • Safety – First, when driving, stopping, experiencing sudden stops, or even collisions is to be expected. Letting loose items inside the vehicle can be dislodged and go around the vehicle’s premises. It could injure both the driver and the passengers inside the vehicle. The equipment mentioned before or vehicle gun safe can be used to prevent these.
  • The functionality of the mounting features of the product – Ensure that the design or functionality of mounting the product can be installed without exerting too much effort or time, most of these should be installed with the help of simple sturdy fasteners, bolts, or metal screws.
  • Accessibility – It gives you the convenience or the right access to your equipment, helping you minimize the chances of damaging the items.
  • Legality – In some countries, it is illegal to bring a weapon with you when traveling, which lets it loose and unsecured inside the vehicle because of the many dangers of one or several firearms. The truck gun safe is recommended.
  • Protection – Your expensive firearms can be damaged when driving, which can cause damage to its hunting scope, exposed metal parts, or to its stock. To ensure the protection of these items is kept, using the car gun safe is recommended.

This equipment can be used as utility hooks to hang different items like your cables, ropes, tools, ball caps, or even your clothes, successfully making your travels safer and organized. It is appealing to the eyes of the people, letting them see your impressive collection. 

When buying this product, ensure that the level of protection is high enough to effectively keep your equipment safe on the go, buying this product helps or lets you:

  • Securely hold your items positioned during rough journeys or drives.
  • Keep the defensive item in a safe spot, so you do not have to worry when you are driving for long periods, letting you focus on driving.
  • Effectively protects the items from liquids, dust, vibrations, or projectiles.
  • Save time since these products can be easily installed or effortlessly adjusted inside the vehicle.

The use of this product effectively saves you from getting trouble with the law, protects your different equipment, and shows off your impressive collection without having to worry about it getting stolen or set off. These products will ensure that your items will remain in good condition, which effectively lengthens its time of serving you.


The bottom line is if you own different defensive items like firearms, you should store them properly to prevent accidents. You are keeping these products restricted from thieves or prying eyes. You are giving a grip of the situation, leaving you not to worry about the security of your different types of defensive items.

Investing in these top-quality products ensures the security of yourself and the people you are close to. Remember to consider the factors we mentioned throughout this guide to help you get your money’s worth. Never showcase loaded; this is crucial in keeping the security of yourself or the people around the premises. Double-check everything before showcasing these dangerous items.