How to Build a Gun Rack: Your Guide For A Safe Storage Of Your Guns

How to Build a Gun Rack: From Start to Finish

Creating your very own gun rack requires thorough planning and accurate vision. To give you an idea, you need to go over with different reviews to come with precise plans. Below are the basic guides or plans that summarize a simple way of how to build a gun rack. 

How to Build a Gun Rack from Scratch

If you are a man, your dream is to have your very own man cave. A gun rack is a good addition to that. It’s like having a trophy wall or room for your beloved weapons. If the expensive price of guns matters to you, then you can craft some simple racks that can give a top finish too. This will not only store your guns but also avoid unnecessary accidents, especially if you are living with kids. 

To make it from scratch, you need a free tutorial for it, and this article can help you with that. There are free videos on the internet too that you can watch for a more visual guide. Other videos will not just talk about guns, but see to it that you will learn how to create DIY safes for your wall, trucks, and even woodworking skills. All these free tutorials are a big help to have a storage or cabinet for your weapons. 

Here are the things to take down and consider for your gun rack plans.

- A Gun Rack Is Only A Rectangle Storage

The great news is a strong gun rack is the simplest shape to construct. All you need are the basic woodworking skills and tools. So it is recommended that before you start building it, you have the right tools with you and accurate woodworking capabilities in creating this special cabinet or storage for your guns. 

- Make Sure To Know Your Wood Used In Constructing It

The lumber selection is very important because this is the most critical part. You have to ensure that the wood is made with the moisture content needed for sturdy gun storage, especially if you are planning to put it on your wall. If you choose it wrongfully, you will see that it shortens the life of your rack.

- Consider The Proper Cutting and Binding

If you are done with all the preparation, you can start building each part one by one. Enough for your wall space, or any area you’d like to install, cut down the lumber with the necessary size. For a better built, start with the rack base, then the side base. There is a proper cutting technique, and if you like to learn it, you can watch some free tutorials for it anywhere online.

- Finish It Efficiently and Seal It

Now, to make sure that your gun storage is protected, seal it. The other option is to paint it using your favorite color with an intense mixture. If you plan to attach it on your wall, ensure that the color matches the wall too. Your gun rack is done now, and you excellently made it! The last thing to do is to place your firearms in their newly-built storage or cabinet made by you. 

How to Make a Gun Rack

For reliable equipment like the gun rack, it offers useful storage or cabinets for firearms you can have easy and free access to. If you are having a hard time finding the best design in the market that suits your weapons like a pickup gun racks or the popular in wall gun safe, then create your storage or gun cabinet. Aside from that, a DIY gun rack guarantees security because you are the one who’s building it, so you know what to expect. To start with a customized gun rack, refer to all the information here as you learn all the process on how to make a gun rack. 

Step 1: Designing and Drawing Your Plan

Before you start with the construction of your gun rack, draw your design plans first to visualize what you want to see in it. Also, consider the area where you want to install it. In designing, brainstorm the style and the look you want. Then after that, decide the kind of wood you want to use. Consider also the kind and number of weapons you will be putting in it. Give enough allowance for the weapons to have a comfortable room.

Step 2: Cutting Down The Main Materials Like Wood

If you are using wood for your rack, cut down by using a saw, this will give it a flawless cut. Don’t forget to cut down the back panel. The longer size to consider is 24 inches. After that, use sandpaper to smoothen the edges of the wood. Cut down the two side panels too with a measurement of 6 inches wide and 3 inches thick. Use a pencil to draw the chosen design for your side panels. If there are rough edges, make sure to keep it hidden when you already attached the back and side panels.

Step 3: Fit All The Parts For The Gun Rack - Adjust If Necessary

It’s a given fact that there are already plenty of safes in the market today. Burglaries are the most common issues why you need a good safe. So you have to make sure that all the cut parts of your gun rack fit perfectly and match when combined. If you invest in gun storage, you must be ready with the price it will cost you. That should be part of your gun safe plans. 

Step 4: Put All The Parts Together

Now you can begin putting glue on the wood edges of each panel. Then, push the side panel and secure that the glue dries out. You need to insert the screws as well to make sure it doesn’t move. After you secured all the panels, do the assembling of the top and bottom shelves. Once you screwed them all, paint it now, or you might choose a varnish too. It’s time to install it on the wall or wherever you want it to put. 


If all the ideas above are still doubting you, there are many free tutorials online you can read and watch to help you create your very own storage or a cabinet for guns. Some free tutorials talked about woodworking skills also. So there are many things you can learn if you are going to see it. 

How to Make a Gun Rack

It’s a fact that a gun is not safe if not properly kept. It needs good storage that is safe and secure too. No matter what the size and number of guns you own, they need a room. Gun racks have a lot of options depending on what you are exactly looking for. You can have a wall gun rack or truck bed gun safe. It doesn’t matter if you choose to construct or purchase gun racks as long as it has all the features you need. It includes security, safety, and durability.

Gun Rack Plans: Horizontal and Mounted

If you decided to have gun storage for stashing your firearms, a gun rack plan must be considered. It would help if you explored more options, and it’s a good thing that there are plenty of ra in today’s time. You need to specify first all the requirements you’d like to see for your gun racks. This way, you won’t be having a hard time choosing or building yours. 

Like for instance, if you are fond of hunting small animals like squirrels, it’s hard to accomplish it without the proper weapon. To enjoy your most hunting experience, you also need to get the best pellet gun for squirrels.

One more thing to consider aside from gun racks is the best gun range bag too, which is another storage option for your weapons. It’s vital to realize what exactly you need for your guns to suit well in it. It’s crucial to choose a sturdy and comfortable bag with excellent organizational built and options despite your personal preferences.


There is no doubt that the gun rack today is essential equipment for gun owners and collectors. The one that gives a good impression to most buyers is not only the style and look but also the features it caters. And yes, there’s still a lot more to consider on how to build a gun rack as mentioned and explained above. You have to be aware of it to make sure that you are getting the best option.