How to Build a Gun Rack

How to Build a Gun Rack

A gun rack is the reliable equipment that offers efficient storage and fast access to your weapons. If you find it hard to look for the ideal design of pickup truck gun rack, why don’t you make your own? This will allow you to personalize and add your own style into it. Apart from that, you can also guarantee that it has maximum security because you will be in charge of building it. To help you create your personalized gun rack, this article will teach you the step by step process of building it.

Gun Rack Features for Trucks

If you are a truck owner, your vehicle won’t be complete without a gun rack. This accessory will help you carry any kind of firearm during your hunting travels. Racks are an incredible addition to your truck because it provides spacious storage for your guns. It can carry your rifles well and you don’t have to worry about it being dropped accidentally. This is because you can mount the gun rack into a stable place. You can choose your own design from different models of pickup truck gun racks. This accessory is perfect for hunting enthusiasts and avid gun owners. It works seamlessly in securing all kinds of gun.

Designing Gun Racks

Guns need to be stored in a safe and secured area. Whether you own one gun or a collection of various firearms, you need gun racks in your life. They come in different sizes and various storage facilities that you can simply attach to your wall or truck. Whether you want to purchase or build your own gun rack, you need to consider several key features and that includes durability, security, and safety.

Creating a Pickup Truck Gun Rack

Step 1: Plan and Draw your Design

Building your own gun rack requires careful planning and clear vision. Read gun safe reviews to get inspiration and a clear idea of your what you want to do. This is why you need to draw your design before you start the construction. When designing your gun rack, think about where you will put it. It can either be in your home, pickup truck, or both. After that, brainstorm about the style you want to incorporate in your rack. You can go for a contemporary or rustic look. Then, you have to think about the kind of wood that you want to use. Aside from that, you need to consider the number of firearms you will put on the rack. Make sure it has sufficient allowance so your guns will have comfortable space.

Step 2: Cutting Down the Wood

When building your gun rack, you need to use a saw when you cut down the wood parts because this will give flawless cuts. First, you need to cut down the back panel. It needs to be longer than 24 inches. After cutting down the back panel, smooth out the edges using sandpaper. Then, cut down two side panels which have the same measurement of 6” wide and 3” thick. Using a pencil, draw the design of the side panels on the wood. Make sure that the rough edges are hidden when attached to the back panel.

The struts of the side panels need to be shaped well to hold the gun and provide optimum support. But, if you opt for straight lines, make sure the guns won’t fall off by making the groove slanted upward. Once you are finished designing, cut down the wood using a saw and put it against another piece for tracing. Tracing the design will guarantee that the two side panels will have the exact size. Repeat this same process when cutting down two lengths of wood for bottom and top shelves.

Step 3: Fitting the parts of the gun rack

There are plenty of fireproof safes that you will find in the market. Though burglaries are more common than house fires, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a gun safe that can withstand fire.

Step 4: Putting the parts together

Start by putting wood glue at the edge of the back panel. Then, press the side panel and hold it until the glue dries out. To secure the panels, insert screws at the edge of the gun rack. Do that to each side of the panel. After each side is secured, assemble the bottom and top shelves. Insert screws to secure that they won’t move along. Once everything is tightly screwed, you can paint or varnish your DIY gun rack.

There you go, you have everything you need to get started with your gun rack DIY project. Get started today and enjoy!