How Much Does A Pistol Cost?

How Much Does A Pistol Cost?

The term concealed carry is another term for what others refer to as “pocket pistols.” They are usually designed to be compact and easy to carry without exposing that you are indeed carrying a gun. There are thousands of models from popular makers and it can be confusing even for gun enthusiasts to decide which are the best ones.

Most of the time buyers have a specific set of requirements for their ideal handgun which they can carry around instead of lying inside their best pistol safe. When thinking about how much does a pistol costs, concealed carry prices can range widely depending on the frame materials, calibers and the make. Here are some of the best-concealed carry favorites:

The Springfield XDM Compact

Springfield’s XD line of concealed carry was originally made in Croatia before they were sold in the US in the year 2002. Like most of Springfield’s creation, the XDM has rich features and comes with the brand’s high-quality and best value for money.

The XDM compact is one of the best concealed carry handguns for its unique features. It comes in polymer frame, various striker-fired pistol safety features such as safe grip, trigger safety as well as a pin-block. Shooters also appreciate the adjustable back straps, loaded chamber indicator, and the Picatinny rail. Compared with similar 9mm, Springfield’s XDM has relatively mild recoil and a heavier slide. Its features, reliability, and affordable price which is around $600 makes it one of the best-selling concealed-carry in the country.

IWI US Jericho 941

The IWI US Jericho 941 is a tough little hand-gun with a 3.8 barrel that is a perfect choice for concealed carry and tactical use. This pistol carries with it the same exceptional standards that come with every piece of Israel Weapons Industries creations. It is based on every popular CZ-75 short-recoil system. It has a proven design system, quality construction, and reliable performance. Some of its other features include the dovetail sight, Picatinny rail, and firing pin block. What makes this piece really coveted among shooters is that it has barrels forged cold-hammered with the finest CrMov Mil-Spec steel. The US Jericho 941 also comes in two standard magazine sizes to comply with specific restrictions.

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Performance

Smith and Wesson is a legend in the gun industry and about 20 percent of the concealed-carry in the US are from the Smith and Wesson Shields. The M&P Shield packs a striker fired-action at a weight of 19 ounces and a seven or eight plus one capacity. But the Performance Center Ported Shield which was recently introduced as an improved version of the original Shield, everything was made even better. All the best parts of the Shield were retained and it is now equipped with a Crimson Trace Laserguard Pro which improves its overall performance. The Ported Shield is a great concealed carry for personal defense with features that are effective, versatile and very affordable at a suggested price of $519.

Kahr CM9

When it comes to concealed carry firearms, lighter guns are usually more pleasant and comfortable to carry. At just 14 ounces, the Kahr CM9 is a reliable concealed carry that is easy to keep and carry in the body than your handgun lock box. It is smaller than the usual 9mm guns but packs a lot of punch with its six-plus one capacity. The Kahr CM9 comes with long-stroke trigger systems which work similarly with the light double action without the second-strike capability. It also comes with a unique trigger that may look different from the usual striker-fired guns, but this one really works great with many shooters. Anticipate greater recoil than heavier guns and it is not for the light gripper. With some practice though, one can master the art of firing this light firearm. This piece is a hot seller at only $460.

Glock 43

Glock has a long line of slim and light concealed carry firearms. People are either appreciative or despiteful of Glocks, but no one can deny that they are considered as an institution in the gun industry. Glock has popularized polymer framed handguns which are lighter than the steel framed ones. The Glock 43 weighs around 18 ounces when unloaded and its slim profile allows for an easy, light and comfortable carry any time of the day. It is very simple to operate and provides good sights for shooters. It is a reasonable 9mm caliber stopper that even those who don’t like Glock will agree on its superb reliability. Beginners can easily learn to shoot and carry this but do prepare to pay a bit of a premium for this at $529 or more.