The Best Gun Safe Brands of 2020 - Buying Guide

Gun Safe Brands - Buying Guide for 2020

Most of us know that owning a gun comes with a huge responsibility. As much as possible, we need to keep our long guns or handguns safe and out of the reach of children as well intruders. Fortunately, there are various gun safe brands that can do the work for us. Also, these safes are available in different types, such as biometric, and they offer different features that guarantee the security of your firearms all the time.


However, as much as we want to get a gun safe, looking for the right product can be overwhelming. Since you will have many options available, you might have a hard time choosing which one to have. Will you choose the high-end gun safe, or will you just settle with the product that can do the basic thing for your weapons? A lot of questions and concerns will come around as you review more options available. That’s why we have prepared this buying guide to help you find the right gun safe brands for your firearms.

Choosing from Popular Gun Safe Brands

Shopping for the excellent gun safe brands, whether you will use it for your home or vehicle, will bring you countless questions that could bother you most of the time. So, you need to answer these questions one by one if you want to end up with the right safe. You will find a lot of gun safe brands as you do your research, and they all promise the same thing – protect your firearms with their durable and effective gun safe brands. But how will you know that you are choosing the best deal for you? Is there a way that you can determine whether a gun safe is better than the other? The answer is yes. You just need to consider some important factors so you can find the excellent gun safe brands. Those important factors are the following:

  • Size – before you start shopping for gun safe brands, you need to determine the place w you are planning to put or install the safe so you won't end up purchasing a product that is too small or too large for the area. Deciding on the size of the safe is an important factor that you should not miss. Most firearm owners invest in sizable safes. This means that they only get the size that can fit their firearms but can also accommodate other valuable things like jewelry and other personal stuff. Aside from that, you should also think about the possible future purchase of guns. Do you plan to stick with the number of firearms that you have now, or do you plan to expand your collection by adding more rifles or pistols? If you prefer the latter option, then you would need a gun safe that is sizable enough to accommodate your future firearms.
  • Wall Thickness – one major purpose of purchasing one of the gun safe brands is to avoid unauthorized access like children, thieves, as well as criminals. If you have a safe with greater steel gauge, the more it can withstand any outside force that will try to break the safe. If you want the gun-safe brands that can offer maximum safety and security for firearms, you should go with a thicker product than 14 gauges. This is the level that is almost impossible to break-in, even if someone is using a drill.
  • Thick Door – the resiliency of your safe will depend on the thickness of the plate door. Keep in mind that the thicker your safe's door, the more difficult it can pry or drill through. You should choose a plate door with a thickness that is more than 5/16". Also, you may be interested in gun safes that come with doors made from thick steel and steel alloys because they can deliver extra strength and fire protection.
  • Locking Mechanism – don't be surprised if more gun safe brands are offering products that come with easy access. This is very important, especially if you are constantly getting bothered by thieves, or you can be a subject of any criminals. Gun safes have different locking mechanisms, and you need to carefully compare them if you want to get the excellent gun safe brands. For those who prefer quick access, they would never want to have a safe with key locks or combination locks. For instant access to your firearms kept inside the safe, you would go with biometric gun safes or one of those products that can be activated using Bluetooth or RFID signals.
  • Mounting and Anchors – if you think that locking your safe is enough to secure your firearms, then you should think again. Another thing that you need to consider buying a gun safe is how hard or e it is to transport. We cannot just avoid the fact that some thieves or robbers would consider carrying your safe when they cannot crack it inside your home. With this, you should realize the importance of anchors and mounts. If you got a safe that has no means of mounting, you need to call its manufacturer immediately and request some modification with your gun safe brands. You need to do this while the warranty is valid.
  • Alarms – one of the very uses of a gun safe is an alarm. When someone tries to open your safe without your permission, you will be notified immediately. You may be interested in purchasing a safe that features an alarm that loudly blares when the wrong passcode has been encoded for multiple times. Some gun safes also blare to inform the owner that someone is picking it up or moving it.
  • Failsafe Locking – your safe will never be completely safe though it is using a combination lock since some thieves can decode it. Fortunately, advanced technology has provided a solution to this concern by instantly locking the gun safe whenever an incorrect passcode has been entered multiple times. This can be a big risk for those who keep forgetting their code, but you should consider investing in this extra security.
  • Battery Powered Electronic Keypad Needs Batteries to Function – if you are one of those who never mind changing their gun safes' batteries, you would like the idea of getting a gun safe that offers backup key feature access. For added convenience, some pistol safes have a rechargeable battery.
  • Maximum Protection – the most important thing that you have in mind when shopping for a gun safe has a product that can offer optimum protection for your firearms. With this, we are referring to those gun and pistol safes that are made from durable materials that are very difficult to drill or blast through, a safe that can't be easily picked up, a lock type that's impossible to be pried on, and a combination that is very hard to decode. You also need to consider a fun safe that is water resistance and fire resistant so you can secure your firearms and other valuable things.

What are good safe brands?

A gun as bug responsibility. Aside from making sure that it does not end up in the hands of thieves and criminals, you need to guarantee the 100% safety of everyone around it. You need to keep it away from the unauthorized person as much as possible, and the best way to do so is to purchase one of the good safe brands. When you own a good gun safe, you and your family will take advantage of this investment.

Good safe brands can keep your family safe. The number one benefit of the gun safe brands is protecting your children as well as other children who are getting in and out of your house. The last thing that you would want to happen is to see your firearm in the hand of your child or someone’s child because you will never know what could happen next. If you have kids who get kicked in by their curiosity, you need to keep them away from your guns because it can be very dangerous not just for them but also to those around them. If your firearms are safely locked inside a gun safe, it cannot be accessed by your children or other members of the family, no matter how curious they are. Don’t be confident about the idea that your children are trustworthy, and they will never do anything against your will. You need to take extra precautions. If you have hunting rifles, purchase a safe for long guns to accommodate any size firearm.

Good safe brands can prevent gun theft. Many homeowners worry about someone breaking inside their house in the middle of the night or at any time of the day. When a person is inside your house, he or she will have access to everything inside it, and that includes your firearms if it is not securely stored inside a gun safe. Can you imagine how terrible it is to find your guns in the hands of thieves or criminals who forcefully went inside your house? That is a very scary situation. But you can avoid these things from happening if you lock up your firearms inside a gun safe so no unauthorized person can access it without your permission. Thieves will take everything that they can when they break inside the house. They will do it as quickly as they can. However, if you have a safe, it can be prevented. 

Good safe brands can protect your valuable possessions during fire and flood. If you are using gun safe brands, you can skip the worry of losing your firearm in the middle of a fire or other disasters. Almost all gun safe brands that are offered in the market can hold up against pretty high temperatures. So, if you are looking for a safe that will secure your guns, make sure that you get a product that features a high fire rating. When your firearms are not kept inside a safe, you can easily lose it during the blaze. We all know that guns are a valuable investment, and you need to ensure that they are protected all the time. The best way to do it is to get a gun safe. Aside from keeping your loved ones safe from the danger of mishandled guns, you are also minimizing the chance of losing your firearms during various situations.

Biometric Gun Lock

A biometric gun lock is one of the types of gun safes that you can use to secure your firearms. It is a versatile option for your gun safety as well as household and fire protection. Since this gun lock is using fingerprint ID technology, you can easily access your firearm while the heavy-duty steel construction of the product can deliver ample security features. 

If you are considering a biometric gun lock for your firearms, we can say that it is a good choice to secure your valuables. But you need to take some time when you are shopping for this safe because of the many options available in the market. Before purchasing your new biometric gun lock, you may be interested in knowing its benefits and some of the features it can offer to you.

Why a Biometric Safe?

Since buying a safe can dig out a significant amount of dollars from your pocket, you may ask this question. In reality, there are more questions and concerns that you will have as you hunt for a biometric gun lock. Since there are many types of gun safes out there, why would you go with a gun lock that is using a biometric lock system? 

This time, we will give you the most important benefits or reasons why the biometric gun lock is getting popular today and why it is preferred by many gun owners.

  • Quick Access – you can skip worrying about where you last left your keys, or what was the latest passcode that you have set for your safety. With biometric gun safe brands, you only need the press of a finger so you can access your firearms. As soon as you have registered the right fingerprint, which is instantaneous in almost all biometric gun safes, the lock will be immediately released, and the door will be opened right away. If you go through the available safes of a biometric gun lock, you will be surprised that some will never require lifting the lid, which means you can just focus your energy on grabbing your firearm for immediate protection. The entire process of unlocking your biometric safe will only take mere seconds, which is incredibly faster when compared to mechanical as well as combination locks, which usually take more than 30 seconds. If you are under a high-stress situation, you cannot afford to lose this time.
  • Avoid Unauthorized Access of Your Firearms – this factor is very important, especially if you are living with children, and no one wants their gun to end up with their kids. If you have a biometric gun lock, they will never gain access to it since they will need your hands to open the safe. With a biometric safe, you are cutting down the possibilities of home accidents as well as intruders being able to break in and steal your firearms. Most biometric gun lock safes are pry-proof and resistant to bludgeoning so that you can guarantee the safety of your firearms while inside the safe.
  • Register Multiple Users – if you have other family members who are old enough and they have undergone proper training in handling a gun, you can register their fingerprints to the safe as well. This feature is very helpful in case some emergency at home happens while you are not around. Other members of your family can easily access firearms and protect themselves from thieves, criminals, or any intruders.
  • More Secure – we can say that biometric gun lock can offer more security compared to mechanical and combination safes. Since opening the safe can be done using fingerprints, the firearms can only be accessed by you and by the users that you have chosen to register to the lock system of the safe.

Types of Gun Safes

Firearm owners are responsible for keeping their firearms in a secure and safe all the time. The reason is not only limited to keeping it away from the sight of thieves and burglars. This must also be done so you can keep the safety of the people around it and deliver fire protection or protection from other environmental conditions. Now that you are thinking about buying one of the gun safe brands, the first thing that you need to know is the different types of gun safes. This will be a huge factor in choosing the right safe for your firearms and other valuable stuff.

Biometric Gun Safes

This type is considered as the most secure gun safes today. If you are using one of the biometric gun safe brands, you must place your hand on a scanner and read your fingerprints. The safe will only open if you are authorized, or your fingerprint is registered into the system. Since there is no chance that two people share the same fingerprints, it is very difficult for intruders or burglars to open the biometric safe. 

This time, we will give you the most important benefits or reasons why the biometric gun lock is getting popular today and why it is preferred by many gun owners.

Electronic Lock Gun Safe

A type of gun safe can be opened using a keypad, and sometimes it is integrated with a small screen. The system that is used in an electronic lock gun safe will request the user to provide a specific code so the safe can be opened. This gun safe can be easily reprogrammed if you think that another person knows the code without your permission.

Wheel and Pin Combination Safe

A traditional gun safe that is using the wheel. To open the safe, you need to turn the wheel as you identify the three-number combination, which acts as the code to access the firearms. When you get a high-end wheel and pin combinations safe, you can guarantee that the product has maximum fire protection as well as protection from different natural disasters. This type just comes with some shortcomings, and one of them is skipping the right number if your combination is composed of numbers that are close to each other. 

Key Lock Gun Safe

A type of gun safe that is using the conventional lock and key. The system that is used in key lock gun safe can be reliable, but you have to be careful when it comes to keeping your key. Once you lose your key, your gun safe is susceptible to various unauthorized access. In the event that you lose your safe’s key, you need to visit a locksmith immediately and change the locks and get a new set of keys.

Multiple Lock Gun Safe

When it comes to multiple lock gun safe, we can easily tell that this type is using two types of locking systems. But, you need to keep in mind that all safes will only allow you to utilize one lock system at a time, or it can be concurrently, regardless of the security required. The combination of biometric and keypad system is one of the examples of multiple lock gun safe.

Fireproof Gun Safes

Since most gun safes are using thick steel as their main material, it can withstand an enormous amount of heat to melt. But when it is exposed to high-temperature caused by incidents such as house fires, your safe can be penetrated, and this will lead to damaging your firearms and other personal belongings. Aside from fire, water is another element that is potentially harmful to your guns. This means that you can only secure your firearms during a flood if stored inside a waterproof gun safe. These two reasons will tell you why you need to get a gun safe that is both fireproof and waterproof. 

Hidden Safes

When you are using a hidden safe, you are keeping your firearms in plain sight. This type of safe usually looks like other objects inside your home, such as furniture. Most of the time, burglars just walk around your home without noticing the safe. You can completely disguise your safe by placing it behind the common household items like a mirror or picture frame so it will never draw attention. 

Car Gun Safe

Most car gun safe that you can find in the market is designed to hold a handgun. However, they can also provide room for a few of your valuables. Car gun safe can keep your weapon inside a hidden steel case. Some of the safes come with a strong steel cable, which is securing the compartment to another part of your cars like the seat frame or trunk. Every car gun safe is portable, and you can place it on different vehicles as much as you want. You can also find truck gun safes designed for larger vehicles, and they can accommodate different handguns and rifles. This safe can perfectly fit inside the vehicle’s console by bolting them. Truck gun safes are also referred to as console vaults, and unlike a car gun safe, they are not portable.

Nightstand Gun Safe

This is a small safe that is designed for your handgun. If you are using this type, you can easily access your weapon at night. Some nightstand gun safe is suitable for car use, while their prices depend on the features that they can offer. Since this gun safe comes in a sleek design, it can comfortably fit inside the drawer of your nightstand. This means you can quickly grab your safe at a specific place and get your gun when someone breaks inside your house in the middle of the night, even though your bedroom lighting is not turned on. 

Under-Bed Gun Safe

Some gun owners prefer to have a safe that can be found under their bed. This type of gun safe is very useful if you want to enhance security as you sleep at night. These gun safes look like a sliding drawer that will be placed under the bed so you can easily grab it when needed. Under-bed safes come in various weights and sizes, and you will find different safes in the market offering different features. With this safe, you can be armed in seconds, which is convenient when you need to defend your family.

In-Wall Gun Safes

Based on its name, we can easily tell that this type is built into the wall. Thieves will have some hard time identifying an in-wall gun safe because of the measures used to conceal it. Most gun owners who prefer to have an in-wall safe hire an interior designer so they can guarantee that the safe can completely camouflage by making it look like the home walls. It is almost impossible for intruders and thieves to identify the safe unless they have an idea that it exists inside the house. One mistake that you should avoid when you have an in-wall gun safe is concealing it with large objects that are cumbersome to move. Keep in mind that your protection measure must make it easy to access the safe during an emergency.

Heavy Duty Gun Safes

Since this gun safe is heavy, it cannot be easily stolen inside your house unless several burglars will try to take it away. The same thing goes when you need to move the safe inside your house or any property. A heavy-duty gun safe can hold multiple handguns and rifles, as well as other valuable possessions that you have. If you need a safe that can offer unmatched strength and fireproof, then we can highly recommend a heavy-duty safe. With this type of gun safe, you get a product that comes with thick fortified steel bodies, which makes it almost unbreakable. 

Corner Gun Safes

A corner gun safe is recommended if you don’t want to install a wall safe or when you have a restricted space. This product can perfectly fit in the corner of a room. Since corner gun safe is large, anyone can easily identify it. This is the top reason why you need to get a burglar-proof corner gun safe. Most of this type’s safes come with thick double-layered walls, including gypsum insulation that is very effective for fireproofing. 

What is the best long gun safe?

The best long gun safes are recommended for firearm owners who have rifles or long guns under their possession. If you want to find the best long gun safes, you need to consider the following factors.

The area where you will place your safe for long guns. To avoid getting obtrusive, you need to make sure that the product that you will purchase appropriately fits the space where you are planning to place it. If you want to place it inside your bedroom, you need to make sure that there is ample space. You need to determine whether you have room to bolt it to the wall or the floor. Since most products come with thick walls, you would want your safe for the long gun to have pre-drilled holes, so it will not be difficult to drill them on your own. But if you purchased a safe with no holes, then you might consider hiring a technician to do the work for you.

Determine the weight of your unit. Most products of safe are heavy since it is one of its American security measures. However, the problem with heavy products is the means to transport it from one place to another. You will need some hands to do this, and sometimes, it will require you to pay some people. That’s why you need to know the weight of your safe so you can plan. If you go with a light gun safe, your top concern will be the ease of carrying it around, which can be a very significant advantage for thieves and burglars. These two concerns are very important if you want to get the best long gun safe.

The type of locking bold of your safe. You will know that you have a good safe if it comes with at least four locking bolts, and the thickness is at least one inch. You would also prefer a long gun safe that features solid steel bolts for extra security. Also, check how tight the bolts are sealing the door. The safe’s door must be sealed in an extremely tight manner to guarantee the American security of your guns. 

What is the best fireproof gun safe?

The best fireproof gun safe that can withstand even the high temperature that is caused by house fires. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind if you want to find the best under this type of safe.

High Fire Rating. This is the essential factor when you are looking for the best fireproof gun safe. You need to get a unit that comes with a high fire rating, and the test must be conducted by an independent third party. Note that there is no safe that is fireproof if the fire exists for a long time or is exposed to a very high temperature. But if you have a unit that has a good fire rating, you can be extra confident that your guns are protected.

Fire-resistant temperature and time. This is another factor that you need to check out if you want the best fireproof gun safe. You need to find a unit that can withstand fire with a high temperature for a long time so you can guarantee the safety of your weapons during house fires. If you are shopping for a fireproof gun safe, get a unit that features at least one-hour fire protection as well as the temperature at least 1200 degrees F. However, if you are restricted with the budget of your gun safe, then you can purchase a unit that can offer 30 minutes of fire protection. 

Testing method. You should find a unit that was tested by an independent third party. Make sure that you are buying from a reputable company since many fire rating stickers can be found in the market that can be easily utilized by so-called companies without testing the product’s ability for fire resistance.

What is the best car gun safe?

If you want to get the best car gun safe, you should go with a unit that is not complicated to deliver the security you need. The best safe for your car must conceal your firearm effectively while traveling or entering those buildings that don’t allow guns. Every car gun safe can offer you the peace of mind since you know that your weapon is safely locked inside a safe case.

What is the best under seat gun safe?

The best under seat gun safe is a unit that will meet your needs and budget. Many manufacturers are offering this product, and they all claim that they have the best. However, if you wanted to find the best safe for you, there are some other things that you need to think about aside from your preference and your budget.

The structure of your unit. You need to keep in mind that the item that you will keep and carry is a gun, and you need to guarantee that you have a strong gun safe so you can travel at ease. Talking about this concern, you should get a unit that comes with strong, solid steel construction so it can easily handle the weight of your gun. While for the exterior, the safe must be tough to avoid damage with the interior and can withstand any bumping that is very common when you are traveling.

The purpose of your gun safe. If you want to get the best value of your money, you need to find a multi-purpose gun safe so you will never be limited to keeping your gun alone. You will find some under-seat gun safe that can offer extra space that will accommodate a few of your confidential belongings as you travel. 

A gun safe that is user-friendly. You will never want a unit that is nagging and unpleasant. However, some factors that impress you may not go the same with other people. Considering that thought, you need to find a gun safe that comes with a slim design so you can easily slip the unit under your seat while it remains concealed. You might be more interested in the lightweight unit than a bulky one because it is more presentable and portable when it comes to the best under seat gun safe.

What is the truck gun safe?

When you are looking for the best truck gun safe, you need to find the unit that perfectly fits under your vehicle’s glove compartment. It can also be placed beside the driver or passenger’s seat. The safe must be tethered with a security cable to make sure that you are keeping it in place.

For the modern products of truck gun safe, they are no longer using keys as the main locking system. They are using mechanical 8-button keypads or even more modern locks. Most of the time, you will find truck gun safes that are equipped with fingerprint readers.

What is the best wall gun safe?

When talking about the best wall gun safe, you need to find a unit that can effectively conceal your firearms while sitting right into your wall. This type of safe cannot be identified easily by burglars and thieves since they can look the same as the house walls. If you are searching for the best-wall gun safe, you need to consider these things, so you end up with the right choice.

Determine the things that you will store inside the wall safe. Aside from storing your firearms, you might be interested in storing other valuable possessions inside your safe like jewelry and other things. When you determine these items, you can easily know the size and location of your wall gun safe. If you have multiple firearms like rifles, you would want a safe that comes with large storage options. One of the great things about wall gun safe is they come in all sizes, which makes it very easy to find the one that will fit your needs.

The concealability of the unit. Number one reason why wall gun safe is more preferred than the other types of safe is because of its ability to conceal. You would not want to broadcast the idea that you have a safe in the house, especially to possible thieves and burglars, and the best way to do it is to purchase a wall gun safe. Also, getting this type of safe can minimize the chance of children coming across your guns and hurting themselves. So, if you want to find the best wall gun safe, you need to get a unit that can conceal itself from other people who don’t have any business with your firearms.

What is the best cabinet gun safe?

If you are interested in the best cabinet gun safe, this unit is a good option if you want to appear like you don’t have a safe inside your house. Cabinet gun safe is very similar to wall gun safe since you can conceal these types and make it look like you don’t have any firearms that you are hiding inside a safe. This safe can be kept inside your closet or any cabinet, whether you are using storage space for your stuff or just want it as your safe’s concealing tactic. Also, cabinet gun safes are like the real cabinet that you have at home, but it comes with a locking system for the security of your firearms as well as other confidential things.

What is the best small gun safe?

For those who own a handgun, purchasing the best small gun safe is very important. With a handgun safe, you can keep your firearm’s security most of the time. Your gun can be kept away from your children’s access at home while giving you the quick access you need during an emergency. If you have the best handgun safe, you will have the peace of mind that your valuable handgun is safe, as well as those around it. Also, if you haven’t heard about this, most insurance companies are reducing their policy’s cost when you have a gun safe. This means that you are saving more money in the long run if you choose to purchase a small safe as soon as you get your first gun. 

What is the Best Gun Safe

Investing in the best gun safe is very important for every gun owner. Whether you own a handgun, a rifle, or a hunting scope, you need to purchase a gun safe that you can use as a storage space for your firearms when not in use. This is the best way to keep these valuable things safe from intruders and thieves. Also, if your firearms are stored inside a safe, your children will never have access to it, especially if you have a unit that uses an effective licking system. 


There are many types of gun safe available in the market, but if you want to find the best one for your guns, you need to find the product that can meet your needs and budget. If you have long guns, you need a safe that can accommodate long guns, regardless of their size. If you need a safe that you can use for your car, you need to invest in a car gun safe. The definition of an excellent gun safe can be very broad, and it will vary from one person to another. The most important thing that you just need to keep in mind when you are looking for safes is to get the one that will never miss any of your preferences. 


Since there are many gun safe brands that you can find in the market, it will take some time before you can end up with the right unit for you. It is perfectly fine to feel overwhelmed as you look for the best safe brands available today, but you need to stick with what you need and the budget that you are willing to spend on this product. When you have trimmed down your options, check out the features of every safe, and compare them. If you found a unit that meets all your needs as well as your budget, look no further as you can avoid ending up with a confused mind. Keep your firearms’ security with the right gun safe. 

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