Gun Rack Ideas

Gun Rack Ideas

Proper gun storage is vital inside the house and in vehicles. Your weapons should be kept hidden in a way that restricts unauthorized access or burglary. Two of the most popular storage are wall gun rack and truck gun rack. In addition to this, here are simple yet innovative ways to store your gun.

Basic Truck Gun Rack Ideas

If you haven’t found the perfect gun storage yet, we still have a lot more in store for you:


Wood is popular among gun owners because it has a nice finish and it is not high-maintenance. You can choose from the unfinished or varnished wood gun rack. If you want something elegant that you can display inside your house, you can purchase a gun rack with intricate wood carvings.


Metal gun racks focus more on the capacity rather than display. It is incredibly durable and it provides maximum storage space for your weapons. It is usually utilized in armories and police stations.


This is the type of wall gun rack that’s perfect for those who use their weapons all the time because it offers easy access.


This type of gun rack is ideal for displaying your weapons since it has a complete side view. The only downside of this gun rack is its limited storage space so you might consider buying more than one.

Freestanding Vertical Rifle Rack

This gun rack stands on the floor and it is perfect for gun owners who frequently use their weapons.

Rotary Rifle Rack

This rotating gun rack allows the gun owner to access any firearm by spinning the wheel.

Even More Gun Rack Features

If you are looking for more gun rack designs and features, you can check out these ingenious ways firearms owner devised their gun racks:

1. Gun Cabinet with Secret Storage

This works for gun owners who want to display their prized weapon but also wants to hide some of their collection. You can build a personalized gun cabinet that looks just like normal storage but has a secret compartment underneath.

2. Pallet-Style Gun Rack

If you want a DIY gun rack using basic carpentry skills, you can construct a pallet-style gun rack. All you need to do is mount a pallet on the wall and secure it using screws. You can use it to hang your guns and bows for safe keeping.

3. Gun Safe as Coffee Table

You can create a gun safe that also functions as a coffee table. With a detachable lid and nice finishing, your coffee table would make ideal storage for your weapons.

4. Picture Frame Gun Safe

A gun safe behind a picture frame is ideal to conceal your gun storage from robbers and burglars.

5. Filing Cabinet as Secret Gun Storage

Your old filing cabinet shouldn’t be thrown away because you can repurpose it as gun storage. All you need to do is remove the drawers and replace it with a gun rack inside. Attach a normal cabinet door and you have safe gun storage.

6. Secret Gun Compartment

Using the wall as the storage, you can hide your gun using a mirror or wall decoration and no one will know that it is safely hidden behind.

7. Headboard as Gun Safe

If you wanted to keep your weapons close to your bedroom during the night, you can do a DIY headboard gun safe. This way, you can access your guns easily even during the night.

8. Dresser as Gun Cabinet

Using old dressers as a gun cabinet, no one will suspect that your firearms are tightly hidden in such piece of furniture. Just like what you did with the file cabinet, you can install a gun rack inside the dresser to provide ideal storage for your guns.

9. Floating Gun Shelf

Mount an ordinary looking shelf in your wall wherein people will expect that it is storage for books, pictures, or souvenirs. However, when you fold it open you can actually store large and single guns inside it.

10. Display Gun Cabinet

Who says you can’t flaunt your wide collection of guns and keep it safe at the same time? There are many gun safes on sale that will allow you to display your guns without having to worry about security. These gun cabinets are made of durable glass doors and it has a tight security system.

Create a Unique Wall Gun Rack

In choosing or building the perfect wall or truck gun rack, just always make sure that it is durable, safe, and easily accessible. But don’t forget to make it unique by adding your own style into it.