Field & Stream Gun Safe for Every Hunting Need

Field & Stream Gun Safe for Every Hunting Need

Purchasing a gun safe is a huge investment – literally, it’s huge and heavy. You should come inside a gun safe store thinking that you’ll be making a lifetime investment because you are. When the safe is delivered to your house, it’s there until it lasts, and you don’t need to move it from one room to another. Below are some tips on how to purchase the best gun safe that will fit your liking.

Safety on the Trail

If you are a hunting enthusiast, the last thing you want to think about is the safety of your guns while you are stalking animals in the woods. This is why it is essential to invest in a reliable gun safe that will store and protect your weapons during your venture. One good example is a fingerprint gun lock. It offers quick access to your weapons while also providing remarkable safety when you get out of your vehicle.

1. Ideal Size of Gun Safe

When determining the right size of the gun safe that you should purchase, the rule of thumb is to always choose a safe that’s 1½ time bigger than what you originally wanted. Safe capacity depends on the number of gun slots the safe offers. This is not the same as how many guns it can store. Capacity is determined according to the unscoped shotguns and rifles. Scoped shotguns, ARs, and rifles that come with extended bolt handles take up a lot of space. Consider that when deciding the size of the safe that you plan to purchase.

2. Optimize Storage Area

Pick a safe that comes with adjustable interior and shelves. Some safes enable you to customize the interior according to your personal preference.

3. Protect Your Safe From Fire

There are plenty of fireproof safes that you will find in the market. Though burglaries are more common than house fires, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a gun safe that can withstand fire.

4. Best Gun Safe Lock

Select a gun safe that comes with an electronic lock. They are trustworthy and cost-efficient to repair or replace compared to conventional locks.

5. Protecting Guns from Rust

If you reside in a place that has a humid climate, you should invest in a dehumidifier to protect your guns against rust. You can opt for a non-electric, electric, or rechargeable desiccants.

6. Location of Your Gun Safe

Some people store their safes in their garage. They can be mounted to the floor to prevent them from being stolen. If you wish to keep your safe in a garage, make sure you have a dehumidifier to fight off rust formation. The basement is also a great storage place for your safety. It is secluded and discreet.

7. Properly Moving Your Gun Safe

Many gun safe dealers handle the delivery and installation. Allowing experts to handle the transportation of such huge and heavy objects is well-spent money. But in case that you might want to move it all by yourself, ask help from at least three of your friends. Make sure any stairs in your house can hold the weight of the safe and people before you transfer it to the basement.

Car Gun Safe for Hunting

Level up the security of your hunting weapons with a gun safe. It is easy to use and provides optimum protection for your hunting rifles or pistols. One great model is the car pistol mount that you can attach to your car and bring with you during your hunting quests. It’s a hunting essential you shouldn’t leave home.

Best Gun Safe under $500

No matter how much budget you have in mind, there’s a safe that’s right for you. Below are the best gun safe under 500 that you can find in the market:


The Stack-On 14 Gun Safe comes with shelving for pistols, 14 gun slots, and storage for other small stuff. This affordable safe that costs about $500 weighs less than 300 pounds. It is the best option for gun owners who have a limited number of guns but whose primary goal is to keep firearms in plain sight. The Stack-On 14 Gun Safe also meets the safety standards of the California DOJ.


The Scout Gun Safe 14 Long Gun Fire Proof is specifically designed to withstand fire. This feature is helpful among those who wanted to protect their guns and other valuables from unforeseen fire hazard. It can withstand fire at 1200 degrees F for 30 minutes. This time frame is usually enough to rescue something from a fire.


The Verifi Smart Safe Fast Access Biometric Safe is manufactured by the company that is best known for its unparalleled biometric systems. This ensures that the product is created by a reputable and trusted company. Furthermore, it also meets the standard safety criteria followed in this industry for the best gun safe. Once unauthorized access is detected, tamper alerts are instantly activated. It will inform the user that a burglar is trying to access the safe. With this feature, you will immediately know if your gun safe is an insecure condition in its present location.

Final Words

Using a gun safe will allow you to store your guns in a safe and protected area every single time. There are many cases of stolen guns and most of the time, owners can’t clearly explain how it happened. Ideally, you don’t want this to happen to you. That’s why investing in an economically-priced gun safe is highly recommended. There are plenty of affordable gun safes out there that still performs great. For instance, the Stack-On E-040SB-E Elite Junior Executive fire safe is the most efficient and reliable in this list. It also has a cost-effective price that is within most people’s budgets.