Secure Your Valuables With A Custom Gun Safe At Home

Your Own Custom Gun Safe

A safe is always a great idea to have at home as it gives your firearms and other valuables the protection and security it needs from thieves and unwanted events, such as fire or flood. Owning a safe is essential, especially for those who have an extensive collection of firearms. That is because safety will always be a priority, and having a Custom Gun Safe for your home is the best choice to keep your loved ones and your belongings safe. Here we will discuss the vast benefits of these safes, how to build one at your home, and more. 

Why Consider Custom Safes

Say goodbye to the conventional gun rack and get a safe as they are the best choice for the protection of your weapons. The best gun safes protect your weapons from various elements, such as accidents, unauthorized access, and more. It is the best purchase you can make for your home, ensuring your essentials’ integrity and safety. Although there are several pre-designed safes out there, having a custom safe will let you tailor your safe according to your specific needs.

The following are some considerations why you should invest in custom safes.

- It Keeps Your Guns Away From Other People

The big and the best small gun safes help you keep your long gun and other firearms away from other people that have no right to access your weapons, such as guests, your little ones, and other members of the family. Being able to have the authority to oversee who can access your firearms is essential to keep the safety or your home and the people inside it intact. 

You can customize your safe to limit access to specific people. For instance, you can design your custom safe to have a glass-front door to showcase your collection to your guests, but it serves little protection when it comes to thieves. Invest in a sturdy vault door for your custom safe to ensure the maximum protection of your valuables. 

- It Protects Your Valuables In An Event Of A Fire

Aside from being able to protect your essentials from thieves and other unwanted access, you can ensure your belongings’ safety in the event of a fire. A custom safe lets you protect your valuables from faulty electrical wiring, incorrect usage of heaters, leaving the stove open, and other activities that can cause an abrupt fire. 

Most safes can handle fire with scorching temperatures of 1200°F to over 2000°F. You can request for your custom safe to have a higher fire rating of 350 to ensure the integrity of your safe’s interiors and for optimal protection against fire.

- It Is Flexible

Having a custom safe is the best choice for those who have different needs, from the best car gun safes to the standard handgun safes. It lets you customize your safe to meet your preferences; for example, you can order a bigger safe if you think it is too small for your collection. 

- It Gives You Easy Access

Like the best wall gun safes, having a new, custom-safe gives easy, quick, and convenient access. That is because you can customize the size and interiors of your custom safe to mount on the wall or make it small enough to place right next to your bed, allowing you to have easier access to your valuables. 

- You Can Tailor It To Your Vehicle's Capacity

If you are an avid traveler or drive long trips as a living, investing in a custom safe is the ideal choice as it enables you to customize the safe according to your vehicle’s capacity. For instance, you can request for the best truck gun safes tailored to how much space your truck can store or have one customized to fit in an average sedan. 

- It Lets You Store Other Important Belongings

Though the most crucial thing you store in your custom safes is your guns, you can also place other essential items there. You can put relevant documents, priceless relics, jewelry, cell phones, electric appliances, and more. You can maximize the gun storage of your new custom safe by customizing its interior, allowing you to store more items.

- It Protects Your Valuables Against Water Damages

Though the most crucial thing you store in your custom safes is your guns, you can also place other essential items there. You can put relevant documents, priceless relics, jewelry, cell phones, electric appliances, and more. You can maximize the gun storage of your new custom safe by customizing its interior, allowing you to store more items.

- It Protects Your Rights

Several anti-firearm political groups are protesting that having guns is dangerous and are fighting to wipe out all firearms in the country. To help you protect your rights of owning firearms, you can invest in a custom safe that allows you to store your guns and protect your rights by showcasing to the people that you are a responsible weapon owner. 

If you live in the USA or other countries with firearm locking device laws, you should consider getting a new custom safe to protect your rights. That is because even if you have no children or have no one underage present in your house, many countries require firearms owners to lock guns for the safety of the owner and the people inside the house. Make sure to check with your local law.

- It Gives You More Room

Unlike pre-designed safes, if you need more storage space outside the room, you can customize your new custom safe to be more compact or let it be mountable on the wall, giving you more room in your bedroom or living room.

- It Is Easy To Hide

You can easily hide your custom safe or vault away from prying eyes. For example, if you customize it to be mountable on the wall, you can easily cover it with a corkboard or large picture. It effectively conceals it from thieves and other irresponsible people. 

Designing Gun Safe Interiors

Aside from being able to customize your safe’s exterior, you can also design your safe interiors. Any safe manufacturer that offers custom safes gives you the option of customizing your safe interior, allowing you to add new compartments for your smaller guns, accessories, and other valuables. It helps you maximize the gun storage capacity of your safe. 

Here we will guide you on building your new vault room, gun safe room, and gun vault room in the comfort of your humble abode.

How to build a vault room

If you already have a pre-built safe but want to expand storage space and protection for your valuables. A custom vault room is a great way to ensure the protection of your valuables and firearms, and it provides ample storage space and room for each weapon you possess. It is designed to serve as a safe sanctuary for some of your new and untimely valuables. Below is a guide to building the best vault room in the comfort of your humble abode.

- Find an adequate area.

Besides the size of the area, most vault rooms are made of sturdy concrete walls, choose a place in your house with the thickest walls to ensure the safety of your belongings. Make sure the interior of the room is bare to allow you to get creative and decide where you can place your gun rack, cabinets, and other items.

- Choose a reliable door.

Before building the room, make sure you invest in a solid vault door as it will be the first obstacle to unwanted access. You can customize vault doors according to your taste, or match it with your vault room’s aesthetic. A vault door can be either made from stainless steel, painted with glossy paint or left unpainted. The choice will be up to you. 

- Keep the door hidden.

If you do not want the vault room to stand out, you can camouflage its door by incorporating fake walls in front of the door. It allows the area to stay hidden and away from prying eyes.

- Start laying out the room.

After choosing the design and material of your vault door, you can now start placing your safe and other valuables inside the room. You can also put other essentials, such as food, water, and first aid kits. Finish off by arranging your safe, firearms, and other belongings accordingly to give you quick access to what you need in case of an emergency. 

Having a vault room will help you store your valuables without having to worry about your items getting stolen or the room being accessed by irresponsible individuals. That is why you should build your vault room with a sturdy steel vault door to ensure that you have the best protection for your belongings and a great form of shelter. Making a vault room is generally cost-effective, but we encourage you to invest in top-quality vault doors for maximum protection.

How to make a gun safe room

A custom walk-in gun safe room is a vast area where you can store your essential belongings. When building this area, make sure you choose a place where it is harder to access for other people. Underground safes are the ideal choice if you want optimal security for your valuables. Below is a guide to making the best gun safe room for your house.

- Check with your local laws.

Get a building permit from your local government because most safe room constructions require you to have one.

- Consider plumbing, electrical wiring, and more.

Decide if you need plumbing and electrical wiring in your safe room. However, if you hire a professional, it may hinder the security of your room.

- Choose the area where you want to build a safe room.

Choose where you want to build the room. You can convert any room into a safe room in your house, but the ideal place is underground, so a basement is the best choice. Have a plan, before you start making the room, ensure you know what exactly you want to build. 

You can cover up the window and create a sturdy door frame if you plan on converting a bedroom into a safe room. You can finish up by furnishing the interiors of the room. However, if you plan on turning your basement into a safe room, decide how much space you want it to have.

- Reinforce the interiors of the safe room.

Consider the interior reinforcement of the whole place itself. You can incorporate heavy brick and metal for the interior of basements and panels for the interior of rooms.

- Get the supplies you need to make a safe room.

When you have determined the different considerations above, you can now gather your supplies to start the process. All you need is a solid door and tools to reinforce its frame if you are going to build a standard safe room. However, if you want to make the best safe room, you will need to consider the supplies required for wiring, plumbing, and a climate control system.

- Consider the ventilation of the safe room.

After gathering the supplies for the standard requirements necessary to create the safe room, you also have to ensure that the place is well ventilated to prevent the accumulation of moisture and maintain an ideal temperature all year round

- Choose a solid door.

When you have gathered the items you need, the next step is choosing a stable door. This step is the most crucial part of the security of your room. The door should be strong enough so it cannot be easily broken into as the door is the weakest point in the room. You can install a door with a reinforced door frame for a cost-effective alternative to an expensive stainless steel vault door.

- Layout your valuables in the room.

Finally, decide on the layout of the custom safe room. Ensure you place your valuables so you can quickly access the most critical items in case of an emergency.

You do not have to have a huge budget to create a perfect safe room; these rooms can be built with modest money. After making the room, you will see that it is rewarding, and you can stay rest assured that your belongings are now a better and safer storage area.

How to build a gun vault room

Having a gun vault room is vital, especially if you are an avid collector of firearms, weapons, and other expensive relics. It offers secure and well-managed storage space for these essentials. You can use this room to store your collection and serve as a safe retreat in case of an emergency. If you experience frequent burglaries in your area, you should invest in building a vault room in your house, protecting you from thieves and other unwanted scenarios. Below is a guide to creating the best gun vault room in your humble abode.

- Find an appropriate area for the room.

You can convert any room in your house and turn into a haven for your weapons and other valuables. However, most experts recommend utilizing areas in your home that are harder to access, like the basement.

- Determine the adequate space needed for the room.

After choosing an area for the room, you need to consider the amount of space the room will need to store all your weapons and belongings. Remember that you will place bulky items in the room, such as your safe, cabinets, benches, chairs, tables, and more. Besides that, you will need to consider having extra space for you to loiter around the room so you can walk and work easier inside the room. 

- Plan your wall layout.

After doing the previous steps and attaining the perfect space and area for the room, you will need to determine how you will layout your items on the wall. You can use one or several walls available in the place to mount panels or racks. Ensure that you know the exact dimensions of your firearms and space they require to ensure everything can perfectly fit the wall. 

- Reinforce the interior of the room.

If the room already has pre-built walls, all you have to do is reinforce their interiors to make them more durable against more stringent conditions, keeping your belongings safe from harsh weather conditions and thieves. You can use pre-design interior wall panels to store your weapons adequately, and these kits are easy to install and use to place several firearms in one area.

- Consider the different amenities.

If you want the vault room to double as a haven for you and your family to stay at during emergencies, you should fill the room with basic amenities. You can add amenities such as a sink, toilet, or a shower for the bathroom, fire extinguisher, proper ventilation, and more. However, if you want a traditional gun vault room, the room can contain your weapons and safes. 

- Decide what type of door you want the room to have.

The most critical step in making any safe room is choosing the door to place in the room. Having a solid steel vault door is the ideal choice if you want optimal protection for your valuables. However, you can also use a wooden door, but it does not offer the same level of protection the steel door provides. 

- Finalize the layout of the room.

Now that you have chosen what door to install in your room and made the wall layout for your weapons earlier, you need to finalize the plan. Double-check each product’s positioning inside the room to ensure you utilize all available space the place has to offer. 

A gun vault room stores your essentials with added protection, and it doubles as a retreat inside your house in case of an emergency, keeping you, your family, and valuables safe. The type of vault room you will build will depend on your preference. You can make it simple or make it the best safe and accommodation in one.

Something different: the corner gun safe

Corner gun safes are the best choice if you have limited space in the room as it can fit the corners of any house. They are not very popular as they can only fit on corners; they are substantial and easily identifiable. Not many manufacturers produce this safe, but ones that do, offer different variations of it, from having various features to different sizes. 

Fitting Your Preference with a Custom Gun Safe

Unlike pre-designed safes, custom safes allow you to pick the color, finish, and add in more security options that meet your unique needs. You can also tweak the custom safe interior, allowing you to add one or several compartments to keep other valuables like money and essential documentation. Many names in the weapon industry offer these safes, giving you more options to choose from. 

You can select a custom safe that can adapt your specific needs, from enabling you to customize the door swing, the interior of your safe, the different colors to match your home’s aesthetic. Be creative and make the best new custom safe for both the safety of your valuables and house.


Invest in a Custom Gun Safe today to ensure the safety and protection of your prized guns and other essentials. We hope this post helped you know more about these safes as it is not that well-known in the market. You can also opt to build your safe room to expand the secure and safe possibilities of storing your possessions and more space to be creative and let your imagination run wild, get your custom safe today and be protected for years to come.