5 Best Pistol Safes for 2020


A homeowner feels vulnerable without a gun in his house. He knows that he needs a gun to protect his family from lawless elements that may come their way. Unfortunately, the same gun that aims to protect the family at times kills or injures the same people that the homeowner intends to protect.

We hear or read many stories of children accidentally finding the gun that’s in the house to protect them. Children, being children, on many occasions, bring the gun to school. Without any training on gun handling, children may accidentally drop the gun or the bag where the gun is kept, firing and hitting innocent classmates.

The best way to protect children from being killed or hurt by a gun is to avoid keeping the guns at home. But that will be contrary to the purpose of owning a gun – to protect the family and household. If a father has to protect his family from lawless elements who may happen to enter the house, he needs access to his gun.

5 Best Pistol Safes For Your Handgun

The following are five of the best pistol safes for your handgun:
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5 Best Pistol Safes - Our Honest Review

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Top Rated Pistol Safe

SentrySafe is a top-notch gun safe with a biometric lock. It can safely store two standard handguns, or a large pistol and ammunition. The safety features include a fingerprint biometric scanner for advanced protection. This gun safe is provided with a gas strut for the instant and quiet opening of the door, which can be done even with single-handed access. This gun safe is ideal as a bedside safe.

SentrySafe is constructed with solid steel, with a pry-resistant door that will guarantee the security of your pistol. It has a digital keypad with override key for back up entry. It is a certified gun safe by the California DOJ.

SentrySafe is powered by 4 AA batteries. The manufacturer recommends the use of alkaline batteries with an expiry date of 8 to 10 years from the current year. Generic and rechargeable batteries cannot support the long-term use of this gun safe.


  • Quick access keypad with backup access
  • You can access your pistol using fast, quiet, and discreet entry
  • Accessible with a swipe of a finger
  • Has space for two standard handguns or a large pistol and ammunition
  • Interior lighting provides increased visibility without the need for additional lighting


  • Not fireproof or waterproof
  • There is only a 1-year limited warranty

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The essential series from Vaultex is a secure and simple safe that have the same signature precision engineering and build quality that is commonly associated with Vaultek products. Easy access points are provided by the backlit keypad with back up keys after the company eliminated the biometric and Bluetooth/smartphone connectivity.

The safe’s construction is tough as nails because of the strong steel body with anti-pry bars. The interior hinges and shielding provide an obstruction to the use of tools to break into the safe.

The safe is provided with pre-drilled mounting holes, with the included mounting parts for easy securing at home. The included mounting plate allows for secure and quick removal when needed. This safe is designed to secure and protect valuables and allows easy access on-demand that comes handy when needed through the use of its auto open lid.

The soft and secure entry to the safe is made possible through the numeric keypad with more than 40,000 possible combinations. It has a security sleep mode that will time out for 4 minutes when someone tries to guess the access code.

The safe’s interior light is bright enough to provide visibility of the safe’s interior even in the dark. The backlit numeric keypad lights up when the proximity sensor is activated.

The safe has hotkey shortcuts, such as toggling the sound on/off, travel mode and battery status check. Included is a Li-ion battery that is rechargeable to keep your safe powered for over 4 months. The rechargeable battery may be recharged in 2.5 hours.


  • It has backlit LED keypad and back up keys
  • It has anti-pry bars
  • Interior hinges and interior shielding prevents the use of tools for breaking in
  • It has a Security Sleep mode that will lock out access attempts for 4 minutes after someone tries to wrongly guess the code
  • There is an interior red light for excellent visibility even in low light environment


  • Fingerprint sensors don’t work reliably enough
  • There is no control for the brightness of the interior light

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The Stealth Portable Handgun Safe is made of strong solid steel with 1-inch door overlap for pry resistance. It has a 1 1/2-inch locking bolt and locking mechanism that is protected by an internal steel housing.

The steel dead bar is continuous, with a welded hinge with 2 steel hooks that lock underneath. It is equipped with a Simplex Mechanical Lock with 1081 different possible combinations. It also has a chrome handle for portability.


  • It is made of strong solid steel
  • There is a 1-inch door overlap to make it pry resistant
  • It has a continuous steel dead bar with a welded hinge
  • It is equipped with a Simplex Mechanical Lock


  • There is no interior light

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Billconch Biometric Gun Safe is a smart safe for handguns. It is a two gun capacity pistol safe with auto-open lid and rechargeable battery. It allows you quick access to your gun safe, documents, or valuables from an automatic opening door. You can easily get in quickly through the use of the rapid backlit keypad, biometric fingerprint scanner, and spare key.

It is a rugged and tough heavy-duty handgun safe that is made of 16-gauge carbon steel with a durable powder coat finish to prevent corrosion and ensure long-lasting protection for the contents. This biometric gun safe has added the function of connecting the Bluetooth app. It can be unlocked using a fingerprint. It is easy to change password and view the unlocking record on the app.


  • The high-sensitivity fingerprint recognition takes only 0.1 seconds to recognize and unlock the safe without the use of a key
  • The Android and iOS APP can be used to unlock the safe, manage fingerprints, and change passwords
  • There is a low battery reminder
  • There is LED numeric keypad and a spare key
  • The safe has two-gun capacity


  • The lid does not align perfectly with the bottom when you close it in a hurry

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The Prymax Biometric Gun Safe provides reliable protection for two standard handguns or one large pistol. It features a fingerprint scanner that can store 32 unique fingerprint IDs. Quick access is provided by an automatic opening door that allows you to quickly have access to your firearm or valuables in 3 different ways: biometric fingerprint scanner, backlit keypad, or backup keys.

This gun safe is constructed with 16-gauge solid steel. It comes with a pry-resistant door for added strength. This pistol safe may be used at home by putting it in your nightstand, or in the car when you travel. It is good storage for small firearms away from the reach of the kids.

When you enter the wrong password more than three times, the security alarm will be activated. It will sound for 1 minute, a good deterrent against a person who is attempting to open your gun safe.

The manufacturer of this gun safe offers 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the Prymax gun safe for any reason at all, just contact the manufacturer so they can arrange for a full refund.


  • The fingerprint scanner can store more than 32 unique fingerprint IDs
  • The automatic opening door allows quick access to your firearm or your valuables
  • It is made of 16 solid steel with a pry-resistant door
  • It protects against someone attempting to open it by activating the alarm after 3 wrong passwords
  • There is a low battery indicator


  • This gun safe is not fireproof or waterproof

Recommendation for Best Pistol Safe

Gun safes are an important part of responsible gun ownership. Among the five pistol safes reviewed above, the SentrySafe QAP2BEL Gun Safe stands out for its modern features, security and certifications. The California DOJ has certified it for use as a gun safe.

The SentrySafe QAP2BEL is easy to use, easy to open, and fully secure. It uses modern biometrics, with a keypad lock combination, and silent, single-handed access. The battery life is also another consideration. It uses so little power that the company suggests batteries with expiration dates 8 to 10 years into the future. The only batteries with those characteristics have just left the factories and may not be on the market yet.

Serious gun enthusiasts respect their guns and make sure that these are ready and accessible when the need arises. The SentrySafe QAP2BEL helps ensure that the guns will be available and easy to access. The silent operation also ensures that the gun owner will be able to get their gun, load it and be ready without intruders knowing it.

When it comes to gun safety and pistol safes, the Sentry QAP2BEL is a quality product which addresses the concerns of responsible gun owners. The features are not far off from what current gun owners want from their safes. It not only keeps the gun secure, it also keeps it within easy reach.

In the above list of recommended gun safes for home use, the Sentry Safe QAP2BEL Gun Safe with biometric lock may be considered the best. It features almost everything that a responsible gun owner needs to keep his guns away from the reach of his children but within his easy access in case the need to use it arises.

Importance of Pistol Gun Safe at Home

Children, especially the very young, by nature are curious. You may talk to them each day about gun safety and the importance of not touching a gun, but the moment they get the chance to handle a gun, all the parents’ admonition will evaporate into thin air. If a child accidentally comes across a loaded gun, his curiosity might get the better of him and tinker with it. Either he hurts himself or he hurts or kills someone else.

Adolescents are both curious and emotional. In many instances, they act without even thinking about the consequences of their actions. An adolescent may find it very hard to handle an emotional problem. Coming across a loaded gun at home may give him an idea of a way out of his predicament.

There have been plenty of instances where teenagers commit suicide with the help of the parents’ gun, which is kept at home. It is important for parents with adolescents at home to make sure that the gun that is kept at home will be inaccessible to the kids.

The presence of a gun at home could be an open invitation for a depressed or problematic family member to find a way out. A person may be rational but such rationality may be gone when he is under deep depression or when confronted by a serious problem. An emotionally troubled or depressed member of the family is a good reason to make sure that there is no gun at home.

If keeping a gun at home cannot be avoided, then, all measures should be taken to ensure that the gun will not fall on the hands of a family member who is depressed or problematic. The gun owner has more reasons to purchase a pistol safe where he can keep his handgun – making it accessible to him in case it will be needed but inaccessible to family members who may harm themselves.

  • Lock up the gun, unloaded, in a cabinet, a storage case, or a gun vault or safe.
  • Keep the bullets locked up in a place separate from the gun.
  • Hide the keys to the locked gun safe and the place where the bullets are kept. Make the keys accessible to the parents, in case there is a need to use the gun but beyond the reach of children.

Why is a Pistol Safe Important?

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution protects the right of an individual to keep and bear arms. While originally intended to protect the rights of citizens to bear arms as part of a citizen militia, the militia has been replaced by armed forces with regular members. Civilians are no longer expected to use their weapons for militia duty but are keeping their arms to defend against common criminals or for use in recreational activities such as hunting.

Today, most Americans keep a licensed gun or two in the household. Owners of licensed firearms understand the importance of keeping the gun within reach when needed and to keep them safe when not in use. A gun is a personal safety device that is not intended to be put on display for everyone to see, hence the idea of keeping the gun in a safe place at home when it is not in use.

Features of a Pistol Gun Safe​

The first thing to consider when buying a gun safe for your pistols will be space. Consider the space where the gun safe will be placed. Space must be readily accessible when the need to use the gun arises. It should be big enough to accommodate the safe and it should be well-hidden so that not every member of the family will know where it is located.

Biometric Pistol Safe

The lock of the gun safe is an important consideration. The first type of lock is a dial or combination lock. The gun owner can have access to the gun by entering the right numbers in the correct order. This type of lock does not require maintenance. However, the dial or combination lock takes longer to open. It also does not lock automatically when you close the door. After closing the door, you still have to turn the knob for it to lock. A gun safe with an electronic lock, which may include a keypad or biometrics, allow for fast and easy access to the gun that is kept inside. The door automatically locks. Electronic locks, however, require batteries and maintenance.


A large gun safe is heavy and it cannot be lifted by one person. A pistol safe is comparatively lighter, making it important that it be bolded to the floor or the wall.

Steel strength

A good gun safe is made of steel. The safe should have thick and sturdy steel to make it difficult to drill into it or pry it open.

Fire protection

A house fire can easily reach 1200°Fahrenheit in a matter of 10 minutes. At that temperature, a small handgun could melt. It is important, therefore, to get a gun safe that has ample fire protection to keep the gun safe even if there is a house fire.

Water protection

A gun safe must also be waterproof. There will be too much water in the house when a house fire is doused. Water seeping inside the gun safe could damage the gun inside.

Top Rated Pistol Safe of 2020


A responsible gun owner has to keep his guns secured. He has to ensure that his guns will not fall on the wrong hands. At home, the main concern of a gun owner is to ensure that his children will have no access to his gun.

As part of being a responsible gun owner, it is important to have a safe place to keep the guns at home when they are not in use. There is no better place in the house to keep guns but a gun safe that is protected by a lock, either by lock combination or by a biometric fingerprint scanner lock.

The other recommended gun safes also carry features that will satisfy the needs of many gun owners. While those safes may not have the features of the most expensive pistol safes on the market, they have the basic features that will ensure gun safety at home.