You can find the best gun safe under $500 that will store and protect your gun from people who are not supposed to handle it. Gun ownership is very common in the country as people want to keep a gun to protect themselves  and their families.

The best place a gun owner can keep his gun is in a gun safe that he can keep hidden from his children but within his reach when he needs his gun. A gun safe has a lock, which a burglar or his curious children cannot just open. A gun safe may be opened only with a key or biometrically by the owner. Even if a burglar finds the gun safe, it will be impenetrable for him for he has no key or his fingerprint will not work to open it.

The following are 5 best gun safes under $500:

5 Best Gun Safes Under $500 – The Products

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Features of Best Gun Safes Under $500

There are several things to consider when choosing a fun safe under $500. The features of a gun safe must include a good size and weight, fire resistance, quality of construction, and the available space to keep your guns and ammunition. Each of the features must be useful based on your individual needs, which makes it important that you think about what you need from your gun safe.

The following are the common features of a gun safe that you should consider:

  • Size - The size of the gun safe that you will buy will depend on the number of guns that you own. If you own an arsenal of guns, you will need a gun safe that is large enough to accommodate all of them. But if you own a gun or two, a small gun safe will be sufficient for your needs. The size of the gun safe also depends on where you want to keep it. You will need a small gun safe if you plan to keep it under your bed or your nightstand drawer.
  • Weight - Generally, the heavier the gun safe, the more secure it is because burglars will find it difficult running away with it. Also, the heavier your gun safe is means that a lot of steel is used in its construction, making it more difficult to break into.
  • Lock security - Getting a safe with lock security makes it a well-protected safe. You can get a safe with a dial combination or one with digital electronic locks.
    Dial locks are more durable while digital electronic locks are faster to use. You don’t have to spend a lot of time twiddling with the combination of your lock, which will be the case for the traditional combination lock of gun safe.
  • Quality construction - Your gun safe must be constructed using thick steel plates and must have interior hinges to discourage people from prying it open. The bolts must also be secured as added security protection.
  • Fire resistance - A gun safe protects your guns not only from burglars or prying hands but also against fire. Fire protection is also a very important consideration in buying a gun safe. You have to take into consideration the fire rating of the gun safe, which is expressed as the number of minutes it can hold out at a certain number of degrees.
  • Water protection - A gun safe needs to be waterproof. In the event of a house fire, firefighters will douse the house with water to put it out. The gun inside the gun safe will be damaged by water seeping inside the safe.

Importance of Owning a Gun

The main reason behind gun ownership is for protection. The world is now a dangerous place that law-abiding citizens face danger the moment they go out of their home. There are times when they are not even safe inside their homes as lawless elements may just barge in. People can protect themselves if they are armed. Owning a gun gives a person the feeling of safety, knowing that he can defend himself against a threat to his life or the lives of his family.

A gun at home gives the family peace of mind, knowing that a person who is trained to handle a firearm can defend them against lawless elements who might barge in. While family members do not relish the idea of someone getting harmed or killed inside the house, the idea that the father can resort to that when needed to save them from harm.

Taking Care of the Guns

Many Americans feel that they are vulnerable without a gun in the household, being fully aware that they need one to protect their family from burglars and other lawless elements that may come their way. The gun owners worry that the same game that they keep at home to protect the family may be the same gun that can injure or kill the same people they want to protect. This possibility may occur when the gun is left lying about in the house.

Gun owners are concerned about proper gun storage when the gun is not needed. The best option for gun owners is to keep the gun at home so he can immediately access it when needed.  A gun safe is the best place to keep the gun when it is not needed.

A gun safe is storage for guns and ammunition. A gun safe prevents unauthorized access to the gun by unqualified persons, protection against burglars and damage during disasters such as a fire or flood. In many states, access prevention to guns kept at home is required by law. Gun safes today use strong construction and technology to prevent people from attempting to unlock and have access to the safe.

There are plenty of gun safes on the market with prices that range from over a hundred dollars to almost $4000. The price of a gun safe is based on several factors. The gun safe could just be a gun locker that is not fireproof, which will be priced anywhere from $149 to $350 depending on the brand the size of the locker.

If you are looking for a fire-resistant gun safe, the price range will be from $400 to over a thousand dollars. A gun safe that can hold several guns could range from $350 t0 almost $4000.

Usually, people think that a better gun safe will have a high price range, which is not exactly true because there are many high-quality gun safes that are priced below $500.

What to Look for in Gun Safes Under $500

When looking for a gun safe under the $500 price range, you must check the features of each of the gun safes you are considering. Find out if the features are the ones that you are looking for in a gun safe.

Check also the manner of opening the gun safe. Generally, a gun safe may be opened by a combination lock, a fingerprint scanner, a keypad or backup key. Determine which method is the most convenient for you when you want to get your gun as quickly as possible. If you are the type of person that gets rattled by an emergency, forget about getting a gun safe with a combination lock. It will be very difficult to find the right combination when your fingers are trembling because of the tension. The same is true with the safe with a fingerprint scanner. When you are nervous, your finger could be shaking and your fingerprint scanner may not be able to recognize it. You might as well settle with a gun safe that opens through the keypad or by using the backup key.

Consider the size of the gun safe and the number of guns you own, including their size. You should get a gun safe that can easily accommodate your guns.

Determine if you need a gun safe that is both fireproof and waterproof. If your house is in a fire-prone or flood-prone area, it will be a good idea to get a gun safe that is both fireproof and waterproof.

Get a gun safe that has a money-back guarantee in case you change your mind after checking the one that you ordered.

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top rated gun safe under $500 product

SentrySafe is one of the best gun safes under $500. It has a biometric lock to allow easy access to the gun when it is needed. SentrySafe has many safety features, which include a fingerprint scanner for added protection. Once you put your designated finger on the fingerprint sensor, the gun safe automatically opens, allowing you to get your gun in a matter of seconds. The door of the gun safe opens instantly and quietly because of the gas strut. This safe can be opened with single-handed access. It is small enough to be kept at the bedside.

SentrySafe was constructed using solid steel with a pry-resistant door to ensure the security of your handgun. The digital keypad allows for another way of opening the safe. It also comes with an override key as a backup entry to the safe. There is an interior light for increased visibility when opening the safe in a low-light situation.

SentrySafe is powered by 4 AA batteries. The manufacturer recommends against the use of generic and rechargeable batteries as they cannot support the long-term use of the gun safe. Instead, it is recommended that only alkaline batteries be used on this safe.

Sentry Safe is certified by the California Department of Justice.


  • The safe can be opened through a quick access keypad and a backup key. Accessible with a swipe of a finger. Your gun can be accessed discreetly and quietly.
  • You can set your combination for your easy access. You can program the safe with up to 4 fingerprints. The door automatically opens after it was unlocked. It can be opened using single-handed access.
  • Constructed of solid steel for durability and protection.
  • It can accommodate two standard handguns or a large pistol with ammunition.
  • There is interior lighting for increased visibility when opening it in a low-light situation.


  • One-year limited warranty only.
  • Not fire resistant or waterproof.

The Vaultek Essential Series features a simple but secure gun safe that was constructed using the same precision engineering and quality that are the main characteristics of Vaultek products. Easy access to the gun safe is provided by the backlit keypad and a backup key, the main access features after Vaultek did away with the biometric and Bluetooth/smartphone connectivity. The construction of the safe is very tough due to the strong steel body with anti-pry bars. The hinges are located inside to shield it from tampering using tools that will break the safe open.

The Vaultek Essential Series has a built-in interior red light for excellent visibility when you open your vault in the dark. Navigating the numeric keypad is easy because of the backlit LED that illuminates through the proximity sensor. The safe is provided with hotkey shortcuts, which allow toggling to turn the sun on or off, battery check, and travel mode. The safe is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that keeps the safe powered for 4 months before the next charging. Recharging the battery is fast because it will be fully powered in about 2.5 hours.

The safe has pre-drilled mounting holes and comes with mounting hardware for easy securement.  Included also is a mounting plate for secure and quick removal when necessary. The safe is designed to protect your guns and valuables through in-demand quick access that becomes handy when you have to open the lid. The safe may be opened using the numeric keypad that allows more than 40,000 possible combinations. The security sleep mode will time out 4 minutes after trying to guess the access code.


  • It has strong and rugged construction. It is built with a strong steel body. It is equipped with anti-pry bars. It prevents the use of tools for breaking in because of the interior hinge and shielding.
  • The mounting plate is removable
  • It has an auto-open lid. It has backlit LED keypad and back up keys. The interior red light adds visibility in a low-light environment
  • The numeric keypad accepts more than 40,000 possible combinations. The security sleep mode times out for 4 minutes when an unauthorized user tries to guess the code. Has many hotkey shortcuts
  • It comes with plenty of accessories. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery that recharges in 2.5 hours is provided


  • The fingerprint sensor is not reliable
  • Interior light has no brightness control

The Stealth Portable Handgun Safe is constructed of strong solid steel with a 1-inch overlap to prevent any attempt to pry it open. The safe’s 1 ½ -inch locking bolt mechanism is protected by a steel housing inside the safe. There are a continuous steel dead bar and a welded hinge that lock underneath.

The safe is protected by a Simplex Mechanical Lock with 1081 possible combinations. The safe comes with a chrome carrying handle.


  • It is constructed using strong solid steel. The 1-inch door overlap protects the safe against pry attempts
  • It is equipped with a 1 1/2-inch locking bolt mechanism. It has a continuous steel dead bar with a welded hinge
  • It is protected by a Simplex Mechanical Lock
  • The lock has 1081 possible combinations
  • The safe comes with a chrome carrying handle


  • It is not provided with an interior light

Billconch Biometric Gun Safe is a smart safe for your handguns. It has sufficient space for two pistols. It has an auto-open lid that allows fast access to your guns, documents, or other valuables. Quick access to the content of the safe is made possible by using the biometric fingerprint scanner, backlit keypad, or the spare key.

This safe is booth tough and rugged as it is built using 16-gauge carbon steel with a durable powder coat finish that prevents corrosion and ensures long-lasting protection for its contents. The biometric gun safe can be connected to your smartphone’s Bluetooth app. The safe can be quickly unlocked by a swipe of a finger.  The app allows you to change your password or view the safe unlocking record.


  • The safe has a convenient and easy app connected via Bluetooth. The safe’s app is compatible with iOS and Android.
  • The app can be used to unlock the safe, manage fingerprints, and change passwords. The safe can also be accessed using the numeric keypad or the spare key. Silent and single-handed access are made possible by the compression gas strut
  • A full battery charge allows unlocking of the safe 5000 to 6000 times. The safe has a reminder when the battery is low.
  • The safe can easily accommodate two handguns
  • The safe comes with anti-cut wire rope when it is used in a car


The Prymax Biometric Gun Safe has enough space for two standard handguns or one large pistol. It offers reliable protection such as a fingerprint scanner which you can access through any of the stored 32 unique fingerprints. You can quickly access your gun safe through a door that opens automatically by using any of the three methods: biometric fingerprint scanner, backlit keypad, or the backup keys.

The gun safe was built using 16 solid steel. Its door is pry-resistant because of the added strength. You can keep this gun safe in your nightstand or take it with you in your car during your trip.

The security alarm of the gun safe will be activated when you enter the wrong password more than three times. The alarm will sound for one minute, which is enough deterrent if the person attempting to open the safe is not authorized to do so.

 This gun safe is backed up by a money-back guarantee if you are 100% satisfied with it.


  • It has a fingerprint scanner that can store 32 unique fingerprints.
  • It is made of 16 solid steel and has a pry-resistant door.
  • It protects against intruders by activating the alarm after three wrong password attempts.
  • It has a low battery indicator.
  • The interior is foam-padded to protect your gun against scratches or damages.



As a responsible gun owner, you should ensure that your guns are safe when you keep them at home or in your car. You have to make sure that no unauthorized person can access it. You should make sure that your gun will not fall on the wrong hands, which include the members of your family who are not trained to handle one.

From the list of the best gun safes under $500, the Sentry Safe QAP2BEL Gun Safe with biometric lock has most of the features that a gun owner needs to ensure that his gun is safe from the hands of unauthorized and untrained persons. The SentrySafe QAP2BEL Gun Safe is the best gun safe under $500.

Description: The Vaultek VT20i Biometric is definetely the best truck gun safe if you are looking for a safe gun vault to put in your truck.
Rating: 5 out of 5
Price: $100 to $300USD

Last Update: June 11, 2019