The Best Gun Safe Under $1500 Reviews & Comparisons


If you have a firearm at your home, you should invest in a gun safe. This is an obvious fact and probably more important than you may believe. The first thing you have to do is set a budget. Let’s say you are looking for the best gun safe under $1500. There are countless possibilities out there.

This budget is average in the realm of gun safes. It means that you can get a high-quality model with plenty of safety features, great quality and more. The only catch is the number of models offered. There are thousands of them on the market.

We have tested over 50 different models in order to provide you with the top 5 choices. A gun safe under a specified amount should offer high-quality construction, a lot of features, excellent fire protection, and much more. Without further ado, let’s begin.

The Top 5 Gun Safes Under $1500

These are the 5 best gun safes under $1500 on the market:
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Top 5 Gun Safes Under $1500

Here are the gun safes to consider:

Our Rating

Top Rated Gun Safe Under $1500


New and Improved Steelwater Minutes AMLD593024-EMP is considered to be the best gun safe under $1500 and the one we like a lot. The unit is improved, enhanced and comes with new features.

Size, Capacity and Locking

Let’s begin with the basics. The unit measures 59 x 30 x 24 inches, which makes it suitable for larger and long guns. The front door has steel rods (one of the improved features compared to older versions) that will make sure your gun is protected and that it cannot be used by anyone else except the owner.

The locking mechanism features a digital keypad with high-security protocols and a bypass key. It is used to open the gun safe when you forget the passcode. That feature makes this long gun safe more appealing and safer to use.

The maximum temperature the gun safe can withstand is 1875˚F. This is an extremely high rating and one of the best among all models from the list. Add 25% longer lock bolts and you will get a better idea of the capability of this gun safe.

Additional Features

There are a few additional features most users will like to own. First of all, there is an LED. It will turn on when you open the door. The panel of the gun safe comes with 3 USB ports and A/C power port. The entire unit is made from high-quality steel and can withstand almost any pressure. It is unlikely that anyone will open the safe except the owner. On the door, you have a nifty door organizer that is highly useful for organizing ammo and smaller items.

This long gun safe offers optional extras as well. The one we liked and assume you will as well is the X3 Biometric Keypad. It offers multiple unlocking possibilities. A user can scan his fingerprint, use code or a key. The system supports up to 200 fingerprints in the built-in memory. If you don’t like memorizing passcodes or anything similar, now you have an option to eliminate it by increasing the overall security of the gun safe.


  • Can withstand temperatures up to 1875˚F over 60 minutes for superb fire protection
  • Excellent X3 Biometric Keypad available
  • At 59 x 30 x 24 inches, it offers a lot of space for guns.
  • Long locking pins
  • Useful and appealing door organizer


  • A bit expensive
  • X3 Biometric Keypad available only as an optional feature

Our Rating

This is the best gun safe owners recommend. We also agree with the claim and believe that the unit has plenty of advantages. It is ideal for users who want to store multiple weapons at a time. The overall capacity is 64 guns (long guns and guns in general). Of course, it is possible to store pistols and long firearm but the capacity will be decreased. Besides, there is an impressive amount of space used for storing ammo, equipment, and protective gear. It is another of many gun safes that can withstand high temperatures. This one is rated for up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit (up to 30 minutes). For most users, this is sufficient and can be considered as an advantage rather than a drawback. The rating was validated and approved by third-party testers.

Interior Capabilities

One of the best things about this product is the adjustable shelf feature. It allows you to adjust the shelves inside the gun safe and create unique storage that suits your particular needs. We think that the best gun safe under $1500 should come with this option. What’s more, it should be standard these days.

On the door, users have useful door organizers. While the unit is primarily designed for hanging pistols and revolvers, it can also be used for equipment. The electronic lock uses 5 pins on the door that will penetrate the construction once the door is locked and make it impossible for anyone to open it. The interior of the door is filled with fire retardant material.

Overall Capacity and Security

Another thing we liked about this gun safe is its versatility. We tested the 64-gun version. It is the biggest option available that is great for long guns. But users can opt for a smaller model, too. Available versions are designed for 18, 24 and 40 guns. All of them share the same characteristics and features.

The lock is standard for this brand. It is electronic and extremely safe. Yes, it uses a passcode or a code you can set. Last but not least, the keypad along with the gun safe itself looks elegant and classy.


  • Available in 4 different options
  • Users can adjust the space inside for their guns
  • 1.5 feet of lock bolts
  • Elegant design
  • Separate storage for pistols


  • Top shelves are weaker than average
  • Lack of advanced features

Our Rating


Stack-On W-40-BH-E-S 36-40 Gun with Back-Lit Electronic Lock can be an excellent gun safe for many of you and it is one of the newest models in its class. This model is very similar to the previous gun safe on our list, so we won’t go into the details that are exactly the same.

Suitable for 40 guns

The gun safe offers 1 ½ inches bolts. It is resistant to temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit and has a well-designed keypad lock that is featured in most models by the Stack-On brand. This particular model can provide a means of holding up to 40 guns. You can use it for additional equipment, too.

Interior Design

The safe comes with door storage in a camo design. This feature solely makes it one of the most appealing gun safes out there. As you may already know, the camo design refers to door storage. Keep in mind that the inner storage doesn’t feature this design.

The interior is completely flexible and can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. It is very easy to make adjustments. That allows you to organize it as per your needs. We tested this advantage and we didn’t find any issues.

The bottom line is if you are looking for a gun safe that features superb quality, extreme level of safety and high level of attention to detail, the Stack-On W-40-BH-E-S 36-40 might be the right choice for you.


  • Attention to detail
  • Camo door storage
  • Can be used for up to 40 guns at the same time
  • Uses improved 1 1/2 inch locking bolts


  • The safe is heavy to move and install
  • Possible shipping issues

Our Rating


Heritage Fortress 36 Gun Fire Safe E-Lock is the next gun fire safe in this budget range. It can withstand up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 30 minutes. it will ensure that your guns inside are 100% protected. That is slightly more affordable than other gun safes here which makes it an appealing choice for those who are on a tight budget.

Excellent Value for Money

This can be one of the best gun safes if you are looking advanced bolt-down unit. The kit included in the package comes alongside the gun safe. So your next task will be to install the kit. It isn’t the simplest thing to do, but many of you will be able to get it done.

Each gun safe under $1500 should feature door storage just like this one. Designed as an elegant piece of gun equipment paired with dark black pouches, this heavy duty product looks and feels better than you can imagine. The same color options are used inside the gun safe and they make it look fantastic.

2 Available Sizes

There are 2 options for gun safes to choose from. They differ in the overall capacity. The bigger model can hold up to 45 guns while a smaller one can hold 26 guns at once. Both of them use the same materials and share similar characteristics.

Lastly, the unit has been proven to work well and could be an excellent choice for many users. This amazing gun safe is made to last so you can rest assured that you’ll make the right choice.


  • Sleek design
  • Excellent bolt-down feature
  • Safe and reliable locks
  • Competitively priced


  • Lower than average maximum heat immunity
  • The keypad may stop working after a while

Our Rating


FCH Gun Safe Electronic 5-Gun is one of those gun safes that are made to be installed in narrow spaces or even inside ordinary house cabinets. It is extremely affordable and one of the most popular models on the market in this price range.

Storage Capacity

The dimensions are 3.78″ (W) x 11.8″ (D )x 57.1″ (H). As you may assume based on these dimensions, this safe is perfect for rifles. It has the ability to store scopes, long rifles and everything in between. That makes it suitable for hunters, people who have multiple rifles and those who want to smoothly incorporate the gun safes into their house.

At the top of the interior, there is an additional safe with a separate key. It can be used as pistol storage. You do not have to remove the key from the lock. The main electronic keypad can be used for both protection of the main compartment and the additional gun safe we have just mentioned.

Another feature worth mentioning is the memory function. A keypad uses batteries to operate. However, when the batteries are completely drained, they won’t lose your code. You can replace the batteries and use the same code. There is no need to add a new one. However, you will need emergency keys outside the safe.

Wall or Floor Installation

In addition to the safe itself, the package includes 4 bolts allowing you to install it either on the wall or the floor. Even if you decide not to conceal the safe, it will look nice and modern. Remember that the safe is reliable, made from premium materials and it comes with the latest gadgets and features.


  • The safe is ideal for storing multiple guns - up to 4 rifles and one pistol
  • Upgraded keypad functionality
  • 4 bolts for installation are included in the package
  • Can be installed in an ordinary wardrobe and hidden from the view


  • Key cover is hard to move
  • Lack of door storage
  • Isn’t suitable for pistols

Buyer's Guide: Things to Consider when Buying the Best Gun Safe Under $1500

If you are looking for a gun safe that should meet all your requirements, you will need to have a good idea of which factors to include and why. These are simple parameters we actually used while testing the aforementioned models. These are features include fire protection, safe access, heavy duty construction, lock bolts, and more. Let’s take a closer look at these features.

Best Gun Safe under 1500


When it comes to gun safes, this refers to a combination of several factors. You simply need a safe that is heavy duty and fire resistant. It should be able to resist high temperatures, burglars and unwanted opening. That’s why you should look for heavy duty models. Pay particular attention to things like the steel type, steel rods, and the door thickness.

Fire Protection

Fire protection is one of the most important factors gun owners need to consider. A fire in your house is an accident and you cannot be prepared for it. Your best bet is to buy a safe that is fire resistant. Having a gun safe that is tested and approved for withstanding the temperature up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit is a wise decision.

Gun safes vary widely when it comes to the maximum temperature they can withstand. An average is somewhere between 1400 and 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Above is better and more expensive, while under is more affordable but unreliable. Fire protection feature is usually present on most if not all modern gun safes today. It is measured per 30 or 60 minutes.

Safe Access

Gauge steel is a term that explains the thickness of the steel used. A higher gauge steel rating is a desirable option. It means that the safe is more resilient and more durable alike. As a general rule of thumb, 11 gauge steel is the minimum. Always consider this value when looking for a gun safe. This simply means you will get a heavy duty gun safe that can take a serious beating.

Steel Thickness

Gauge steel is a term that explains the thickness of the steel used. A higher gauge steel rating is a desirable option. It means that the safe is more resilient and more durable alike. As a general rule of thumb, 11 gauge steel is the minimum. Always consider this value when looking for a gun safe. This simply means you will get a heavy duty gun safe that can take a serious beating.


Some gun safes are made to be installed inside a wall. These are small units suitable for valuables rather than guns. But you can still hide a pistol or revolver inside. Others are made to be installed on the wall or on the floor. Make sure they come with bolts you will use for the installation.

Also, there is a third type of gun safes that can be installed in a cabinet. These gun safes are very popular these days and they are a great choice if you want to hide your safe alongside your firearm.


We’ve sorted through a huge number of models to find the best gun safe under $1500. According to our opinion, this is the New and Improved Steelwater Minutes AMLD593024-EMP. Measuring 59 x 30 x 24 inches, this unit provides a lot of space for guns. It offers the optional fingerprint lock and can withstand extremely high temperatures.

Other models on our list are also popular and recommended as well. So you can pick each one of them with peace of mind. Just make sure that the model you choose will meet your requirements and provide a means of keeping your weapons safe all the while.