After buying a gun, many people focus on getting ammunition, camo outfits and similar items. Although these are all needed and very important, they are not the first thing you should consider. The first thing you actually need is a heavy-duty gun safe. Today, we will talk about the best gun safe under $1000.

On our list, we will aim attention at the new and upgraded models that come with great features and quality. The specified budget is likely to be sufficient for you to find a model that will suit your needs and serve you for many years. Without further ado, let’s begin.

The Top 8 Gun Safes

These are the 5 best gun safes under $1500 on the market:
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Top 8 Gun Safes Under $1000

Here are the gun safes to consider:

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Top Rated Gun Safe Under $1000

The first model on our list is Steelwater Heavy Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMSW592216-BLK. It is a newer version that comes with significant improvements. Those modifications refer to the fireproof rating (now it is up to 1 hour at 1875 degrees Fahrenheit) and a new door organizer. There are a few more reasons why we find it to be the best gun safe under $1000.


First of all, the entire safe is made from solid 12 gauge steel. The door is made from 12 gauge steel plus additional composite materials. The idea is to eliminate the risk from opening the safe without entering the accurate passcode. Furthermore, the unit is immune to drilling, punch attacks and prying attacks. There is an all-new gear drive system implemented inside which makes this possible.

The Steelwater Heavy AMSW592216-BLK uses EMP proof electronic look of the modern generation. The high-security standard is present as well. New owners can get 1 bypass key in the package.

Installation of this advanced model involves 1-inch solid steel bolts and reinforced ¼ inches bolt hole. Keep in mind that the dimensions are 59″ x 22″ x 16″. It meets the California Department of Justice standards for long gun fire protection.

Important improvements

Additional upgrades compared to the previous model include a three-spoke handle system and fire protection. The weight is increased as well. The older version is 330 pounds in weight, while this model measures 380 pounds. Security bolts are longer – they are 2 inches in length. With 10 bolts, all 4 sides of the door are covered.

The capacity is between 8 and 10 long guns. On the door, there are 8 pouches for additional storage of ammo and smaller items along with 2 straps for inserting pistols. The interior is illuminated it features an LED that will be activated once a user opens the safe.

The heat-activated seal is another new feature. The seal will meltdown in case of fire and prevent smoke and fire from reaching the interior of the gun safe.


  • Improved fire protection up to 1 hour at 1875 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Improved design
  • Immune to various attacks
  • New storage organizer
  • Useful and appealing door organizer


  • Heavy
  • Fragile LED

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New and Improved Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMSW592818-BLK is similar to the first model on our list, but it does come with some differences. The biggest one is the capacity. It can be used for 12-16 long guns.

The safe is tested and capable of withstanding the maximum temperature of 1875 degrees Fahrenheit up for up to 60 minutes. The locking feature is paired with a well-known EMP-proof lock that comes with enhanced security. Note that 1 key is included in the package.

All-new Gear Drive System

Gear Drive System is identical to the previous safe. It is immune to prying attacks, 8 times more resilient to drilling and also immune to punch attacks. Just like the unit body, the door is made from 12 gauge solid steel. It should be pointed out that the door has additional, composite inserts that make it immune to the aforesaid attacks. The dimensions of the gun safe are 59″ x 28″ x 18″ while the weight is 453 pounds.

Clever Design

The Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 is one of the gun safes under $1000 that offers enhanced locking bolts. They measure 1.5 inches and are 25% longer than average, thereby ensuring that the entire safe is immune to different types of attacks. There are 4 holes on the bottom of the gun safe used for bolting it down to the floor.

The safe requires 1-inch solid steel bolts. Moreover, the bottom corners are reinforced with ¼ inches plates made from steel. The seal creates a barrier in case of fire and protects the interior of the gun safe.

The interior is illuminated with LEDs. It offers plenty of space for up to 16 long guns. There are 7 compartments in total. On the door, users have 12 pounces for pistols and ammo as well as additional 2 straps.


  • Reinforced and improved Steelwater heavy-duty 20 model
  • EMP Proof Electronic lock system
  • 25% longer locking bolts
  • Fire protection available
  • Massive storage capacity ideal for long guns


  • Too big for some users
  • Cannot be delivered to some states

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Vaultek MX Wi-Fi High Capacity Smart Safe is one of those gun safes under $1000 you should consider buying. The design of this gun safe uses new technologies that come with interesting perks. For instance, there is an app that notifies the user when the safe is open, locked or moved.

App Available

Within the app, you can control the interior brightness, monitor the humidity and temperature among other possibilities. The battery inside the safe is lithium-ion and can last for up to 4 months. Charging time is 3.6 hours with a Micro USB charging kit (included in the package).

The construction consists of a 12 gauge carbon steel door and 14 gauge steel sides. The entire gun safe is coated with powder coating used to minimize the scratches and visual damages to the unit. This construction and finish ensure that the safe cannot be affected by corrosion. Fire protection is not excellent, though.

Biometric Protection Included

This is a biometric safe, meaning it has a fingerprint scanner. There is a keypad as well which has a linear layout rather than round or square. The manufacturer also includes Smart Key Nano. It is a button that can be used to open a safe, like a panic button.

Other security features include anti-pry reinforcement bars, anti-impact latches, and reinforced edges. The same features are available for all variations of this gun safe. They do vary in size and shape. Each can be considered as the best gun safe under $1000.


  • Clever Smart Key Nano system
  • Made from carbon steel
  • Smart safe with available app
  • 14 gauge steel construction


  • A bit complicated to use
  • It isn’t suitable for long gun fire protection

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V-Line Closet Vault II Gun Safe & in-Wall Cabinet is also regarded as one of the best wall gun safes under $1000. The unit is designed to be installed inside a wall. It can fit between 16 inches in the center awhile holding 4 long guns, 4 pistols, and additional documents or ammunition. The safe is CA-DOJ approved.

3-Points Protection

Closet Vault II includes a three-point locking design. It ensures that opening the door without a proper combination is impossible. Bear in mind that the locking system is mechanical and doesn’t require batteries or electricity. There are also additional anti-pry brackets added to the door. The mechanical lock has 1081 possible combinations.

Design and Materials

This gun safe is made from solid steel. The lock is made from brass deadbolt and surrounded by steel elements, whereas the exterior is powder-coated in white color. Thanks to smart design (safe protrudes 2 inches from the wall), there is 50% more space inside compared to similar models.


  • 50% more space than similar gun safes under $1000
  • Meets the latest CA-DOJ regulations
  • The mechanical lock doesn’t require electricity
  • The lock comes with 3 point locking system


  • Small size
  • Complicated installation

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Stack-On SS-22-MB-C 22 is a heavy duty safe with 6 locking points. There are three 1-inch deadbolts and three live-action locking bolts. This gun safe features a 2-way door lock system. The dimensions of the safe are 26 x 14 x 54.75 inches and it offers 11.82 cubic feet of storage space. The interior also features 4 adjustable shelves.

Suitable for 10-14 Guns

Inside the safe, there is enough room for between 10 and 14 guns, depending on their size and length. This is possible thanks to the space dividers. They can be moved further down if needed. In this layout, you also get 2 smaller compartments at the top of the safe that can be used for storing ammo and smaller items.

Strong and Durable

The brand is well-known for a molded barrel with additional scope standoff inserts. This patented design also includes the mechanical lock is that doesn’t require batteries or any other power source. Behind the lock, there is a steel plate. It is made from a special type of steel that is highly resistant to drilling. As such, the entire safe will make sure that all of your weapons, papers and similar items are protected and secured against unauthorized access. The finish of the safe is matt black.

Tested and Approved by CDJ

This safe is can withstand a temperature of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit over the course of 30 minutes. It meets the California Department of Justice firearms requirements.


  • The lock system comprises 6 locking points in total
  • 4 highly configurable compartments inside
  • Drill resistant plate behind the lock
  • Fire resistant design - Can withstand up to 1400ºF for up to 30 minutes
  • Plenty of space inside


  • Lack of door storage compartments
  • Fragile gun holders

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Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe is available in three versions: AX11652, AX11780, and AX11898. For this review, we’ve tested the AX11780 model. Let’s see what makes it the best choice.

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner included

The first thing to remember is that the model comes with biometric security. The lock can store up to 120 fingerprints. It uses the latest safety processes which involve 2.5-millisecond access. An additional key is supplied by the manufacturer. It can be used in the case of fingerprint scanner malfunction or when the batteries get drained. There is also a reserve battery pack included. It allows users to open the safe when the main battery is completely drained.

The safe is made from 14 gauge steel, which makes it extremely immune to possible attacks and unauthorized openings. Additional security includes 5 point deadlocks. These deadbolts are ¾ inches in height and 5/8 inches in width. They are made of high-quality steel.

Another thing we like about this gun safe is that it includes an optional silent mode. This feature will turn off the sounds of the safe. It can be activated or disabled as needed.

Capacity, Storage space, and Dimensions

There are 9.34 cubic feet of storage space inside. The exterior dimensions are 16″ x 19.6″ x 57″ while the interior are 14.88″ x 19.3″ x 56.5″. The entire safe weighs 137 pounds. Each of the three variations we have mentioned above is DOJ Approved.

However, if you are looking for smart safes, go for AX11780. It has a smart interior and can hold up to 12 rifles. There are 16 internal racks included; each one is fully adjustable. Additionally, the unit offers 3 removable shelves. The interior is padded and designed to protect the finish of the weapon alongside the documents.

The main section is designed for long weapons, while the rack on the door is designed for pistols and revolvers. A user can place up to 4 pistols at once. The top 2 compartments are used for storing ammo and accessories. If you don’t like the factory layout, you can change the interior configuration as per your needs.

Not resistant to fire

Last but not least, remember that this model isn’t a fireproof safe. Nevertheless, it can withstand high temperatures while protecting the items inside. If you are looking for fireproof models, you need to choose AX12216 and AX12218. These two models don’t have a biometric fingerprint scanner, though. These two gun safes offer great fire protection.


  • Available in 3 different versions
  • Biometric protection with 2.5-millisecond speed
  • Smart interior divider and configuration possibilities
  • Plenty of space inside (9.34 cubic feet)


  • Not resistant to fire - It isn’t rated for fire protection
  • Metal thickness could be enhanced

Our Rating


Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe is another model on our list of the best gun safes under $1000. The dimensions of the unit are 59x36x25 inches. It comes with a simple keypad lock. However, the inner mechanism of the lock is developed in the United States. Behind the lock, there is a plate made from steel designed to prevent drilling in case of attack. While the manufacturer does offer a variety of locking options, they are available upon request only.

Compartments & Built

The safe has 55-3/16″H x 32-1/4″W x 20″ D dimensions and 7 main compartments. There are 13 additional compartments located on the door and one strap. That’s known as 14 total system. On top of that, this heavy duty safe can hold up to 30 rifles, 8 guns and 5 packs of ammunition. It is a big model with a total weight of 650 pounds. The unit is tested for fire protection and it can withstand up to 1 hour at a temperature of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the main reasons for this advantage is the use of 12GA steel in its construction. It is not only harder but also more resilient than other types of steel.

Relocking Mechanism and Finish

When it comes to safety features, the gun safe uses Relocking Mechanism. In the event of a forced opening, this system will engage additional locks and make the door impossible to open. Anchor holes for the installation are also provided. The entire construction is painted in black. The product meets DOJ standards and is offered with a 1-year warranty (when purchased on amazon com). Customer support is available 24/7/365.


  • Great capacity
  • Anti-theft lock mechanism
  • Meets the current DOJ requirements
  • Reliable lock


  • Additional locking options are optional
  • Expensive

Our Rating


Agile 52 is a heavy-duty model that comes with a lot of interesting features. While you will have to assemble it upon delivery, this is a relatively easy task for most users. The gun cabinet is strong and resilient yet lightweight. On the door, there is an electronic keypad with a handle. A key lock for the override is available, too.

SecureIt’s CradleGrid Technology System

The unit is best-known for SecureIt’s CradleGrid Technology system. This allows users to adjust and combine the space inside a safe as they like. Tools are not needed. However, this feature applies to the interior of the safe only. There are no pouches or storage additions on the door.

The dimensions of the safe are 54 x 22.5 x 8 inches while the weight is 120 pounds. This is sufficient capacity for 6 long rifles and 3 pistols. A few packs of ammo can be stored as well. This model is aimed at users who want a relatively compact gun safe that offers a superb level of protection.

14-16 Gauge Steel Construction

The material used in construction is 14 and 16 gauge steel. Considering that many manufacturers use 12 gauge steel, this is definitely a great improvement. The base is made from 16 gauge steel, while the door is made from 14 gauge steel. Moreover, the door is equipped with 3 locking points (at the top, in the middle and at the bottom), and it uses stainless steel deadbolts which can withstand a massive amount of pressure and pulling force.

Primary installation is on the floor and the main locking holes are located on the bottom of the unit. Users have the ability to install the safe on the wall if needed. The installation itself is similar to other models on this list and there are no special steps or procedures.


  • SecureIt’s CradleGrid Technology for easy organization of the interior
  • 14 and 16 gauge steel used in construction
  • Can be installed either on a wall or the floor
  • Strong and reliable locking system


  • No door storage space
  • Not designed with fire protection in mind

Buyer's Guide: Things to Consider when Buying the Best Gun Safe Under $1500

Now that you know the top-rated gun safes under $1000, it’s time to pick the best model and make a purchase. Buying the best gun safe can be tricky and complicated. This is especially true when looking for the best gun safe in this price range. The key is to know what to look for. This will increase your chances of getting one of the best safes. Below are the factors we used while testing the gun safes.


Think about how many guns you want to keep inside a gun safe before choosing any particular model. Many users don’t think of the dimensions of the safe. Instead, they prefer the capacity of the unit. Keep in mind that the best gun safes under $1000 vary in size and capacity. It is up to you to decide which size you need.

Many gun safes can support up to 30 guns, which aren’t needed for all of you. Most of you do not have more than 5 guns, right? How many guns do you have? Look for a smaller gun safe with a smaller capacity if you don’t have a lot of guns.

Material Used

Construction of a gun safe must be tough as you can see among the best gun safe manufacturers including Steelwater heavy safe. Look for a steel gauge number. As it turned out, 12 gauge steel can meet most users and most requirements. While 14 gauge is no doubt better, 16 gauge steel is the best choice, very thick steel. Make sure that high-quality steel is used for wall construction and the construction of the door alike when searching for the best gun safes under $1000.

Door Storage

Maybe the door storage is not one of the most important things when shopping for a gun safe, but it definitely matters. A gun safe that offers door storage with pouches and the straps will provide you with extra space to place ammo and accessories alongside your pistols, guns. Without them, you have to keep those items next to your guns inside the safe, which isn’t always recommended.


Obviously, you want to choose a model that is easy to install. Some units are made to be installed into a wall, while others are designed for the floor. The best ones are secured by heavy-duty bolts in multiple sections. Look for a model that comes with reinforced edges as well as anchor holes with ¼ inches diameter or above.

Lock & Locking Mechanism

Remember that the best gun safe under $1000 has multiple lock options. The first and most common are keypads. They are safe, effective and highly popular these days. Some manufacturers will offer you mechanical locks that are not as safe as the first option. High-end models are equipped with a fingerprint scanner or biometric security. Your best bet is to choose a biometric safe that features a combination lock. However, only a few models in this price range have such a design.

Basically, the locking mechanism comes down to the deadbolts. Check out how many deadbolts are included. More is better. The numerous bolts will make it harder for thieves to open your gun safe. While the locking systems with 3 deadbolts are sufficient in most cases, they are not great either. Look for 5- or 6-point systems. They are much better. Yet the 10-14 point variations are the ultimate choice for sure.

Smart Safes

There is only one model on our list that belongs to this category. It is the Vaultek MX Wi-Fi Safe High Capacity Smart. This smart model is a more sophisticated alternative to ordinary gun safes. The catch is the fact they are usually portable which isn’t ideal for people who want to secure their guns at home.

The Final Word: Which Gun Safe Is Best for Your Firearm?

So, which model is the best gun safe in this price range? Steelwater AMSW592216-BLK is the best gun safe under $1000 and the one that features a 5-star rating. This amazing safe offers great fire protection, as it’s immune to 1875 degrees Fahrenheit. Aside from fire protection, it also boasts difficult-to-penetrate construction and superb internal organization.

Of course, you can consider buying other gun safes as well. If this particular model doesn’t meet your expectations, take a look at other options we have tested. All of these gun safes meet the latest requirements. They are all made from hard steel and loaded with features to be reliable and sturdy. So you can rest assured that you will get a lot of value for your money.