SafeNDry Gun Safe Dehumidifier Review

Product Features

  • Protects up to 60 cubic feet
  • Picks up moisture at 5% relative humidity
  • Designed for gun and ammunition safes
  • Reduces risk of mould, rust and corrosion
  • Rechargeable
  • Plastic container

Product Specifications

  • SIZE: 6.8 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches
  • WEIGHT: 1.3 pounds

Product Rating


It would seem that keeping our valuables in safes will, well, keep them safe. Unfortunately, there is an enemy that can get into our safes unnoticed. What is it? It’s damaging moisture. Its presence will be harmful to any content kept in safes, but it is particularly harmful to guns and ammunition. That’s why such little invention as safe dehumidifiers are so useful to have. Not only they remove all moisture, they also prevent bad smells from forming and growth of rust. SafeNDry, a non-electric dehumidifier, is a perfect choice for people who like simple solutions. This one-time investment can protect the content of your safe, or any other area where you keep valuable possessions that can be affected by moisture.

Rechargeable & Reusable Dehumidifier

Don’t you just love products that you simply buy and set them to work? No extra parts are required, neither extra cost involved. That’s why SafeNDry Dehumidifier is such a good buy. Unlike other dehumidifiers, such as Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod, it doesn’t need electricity to run. But the best feature of all is that you can easily recharge it. The plastic container is filled with silica gel, which absorbs moisture from the air in a safe. When beads cannot absorb any more moisture they change color to pink. To “reset” the beads, so they can again collect moisture again, we must simply place them into an oven for few hours. We will know when to silica gel from the oven as when it’s dried, it changes the color back to blue.

Clearly, the producer thought about our wallets. Not only we don’t have to buy new gel every time that it reaches its capacity. As we can spread the beads on the baking tray, drying them will take less time and our electricity. Since it is a one-time expense, it could easily be a best gun cabinet dehumidifier.

Designed for Safes and Gun Cabinets

Since this dehumidifier has a gun safe moisture control, it will keep your guns and bullets in an excellent condition. No matter where you store the guns. Any place can cause the delicate gun elements and gun powder to deteriorate due to moisture collection. But considering the size of the dehumidifier (only 6.8 inches in length and 3.2 inches in diameter) and fact that it doesn’t need electricity to run, we surely can use it in a gun cabinet or even a shed.

Plastic casing

You can find many silica gel based dehumidifiers on the market, for instance, we have Cannon Safe SGD57 Dehumidifier. The difference between other models and SafeNDry is their exterior build. Let’s say, you forgot to recharge the dehumidifier. After few weeks, you realize that your guns are left unprotected. When you go check your safe, you might find out that the guns are still ok. But, if the casing of your dehumidifier is made of any metal, you might find it rusted. Full of moisture beads will interact with casing causing its corrosion. Plastic casings are also much softer than metal ones. Therefore, our guns will not get any scratches from interacting with the casing.

It works in a space of up to 60 cubic feet

Surely we can find dehumidifiers that work in a bigger space, such as GoldenRod Original or Stack-On Rechargeable Dehumidifier. Unfortunately, such models require either a cyclic recharging or drilling a hole through safe walls for a cable. SafeNDry gun case dehumidifier is a no-hassle product. Also for a silica gel based dehumidifier, it offers most cubic feet protection. Certainly, it is bigger than its electric substitutes, but a cost of running it is much smaller than electrical dehumidifiers.

What We Liked

  • It’s rechargeable – no extra cost for the buyer
  • Silica gel, which changes colour when needs to be recharged
  • No metal parts in the casing
  • It can protect a safe of up to 60 cubic feet capacity
  • It’s equipped with a gun safe moisture control

What Needs improvement

  • Too little openings in the case
  • The dehumidifier could be a little smaller


Certainly, SafeNDry dehumidifier has more advantages than disadvantages. Some might find it a little big, but the low running cost and saving planet Earth might convince them that size is not such big problem. Unfortunately, dehumidifier producers didn’t come up with non-electric models that would require recharging. However, charging in an oven for 3-4 hours every 5 months doesn’t sound that bad. Of course, the frequency of a recharge depends on the place you live and humidity in your area. One thing for sure, reviving silica beads couldn’t be any simpler with color indications.