Ask professional gunsmiths for advice on the best way to keep your firearm clean, and almost all of them will tell you to use gun vises for this purpose. Storing and cleaning up guns in a proper way will not only extend their lifetime, but it will also reduce their maintenance expenses. This is where gun vises come in handy.

A gun vise can make cleaning a breeze by maintaining maximum stability. It can make it easier for you to lubricate or brush your firearm by holding the gun securely as you’re cleaning it. Besides, the best gun vises can also be used to zero guns.

However, if you’re new to firearm equipment and gun vises, you may have trouble finding the best gun vise on the market. That’s why we’ve dedicated our time and devoted all the resources available to find gun vises that provide the best value for money. So even if you’ve never used a gun vise before, you will be able to pick the right one for your needs that will fit your firearm.

In this article, we’re going to review the 5 best gun vises available right now. Aside from determining their performance, durability, and efficiency, we will also explain their worst and best characteristics. Let’s take a closer look!

Top 5 Best Gun Vises

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Top 5 Best Gun Vises On the Market - Reviews

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Top Rated Gun Vise

The P3 Ultimate Gun Vise is a piece of maintenance equipment that all shooters should have in their workshop or garage. Aside from gun cleaning and maintenance, the CTK P3 Ultimate gun vise comes in handy for boresighting too. It can accommodate rifles and handguns of different calibers, allowing you to utilize it for almost any firearm. Another thing that makes the CTK PRECISION P3 Ultimate Gun Vise one of the best options available is great adjustability. Lock your firearm – whether it is a rifle, shotgun, or pistol – in place with this gun vise to make sure it is zeroed perfectly. The P3 Ultimate vise is equipped with a 3-point leveling system for improved stability of firearms. It ensures that the firearm stays in place with the use of thumb locks. No need to beat your shoulder. With this shooting rest attachment, you will be able to shoot easily and accurately without tension in your shoulder. The front shooting rest is meant to adjust vertically, while the rear vise can be adjusted horizontally. They both have PVC foam covering for enhanced durability. Thanks to the E-coat finish and steel construction, the vise can withstand all kinds of abuse. That’s why it is considered to be the best gun vise for the money.


  • Well-constructed gun vise with extremely tough steel
  • Great for shotguns, rifles, and pistols
  • Compact design with thick rubber feet
  • Long levers make it usable on uneven terrain
  • Made to withstand scratches


  • Poor unclear instructions make it difficult to assemble the vise
  • On the expensive side

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If you are looking for a highly versatile and reasonably priced gun vise that performs flawlessly, look no further than the Tipton Best Gun Vise. This awesome gun vise can be used for a wide range of firearms. For instance, it can be adapted to accommodate bolt action rifles, pistols, modern sporting rifles, as well as pump-action and break-open shotguns. What makes it one of the best gun vises on the market nowadays? First of all, this gun vise is constructed from heavy-duty polymer materials. Plus, it has an aluminum channel for proper support. Such a construction makes the vise both stable and durable. It can withstand rough outdoor conditions and chemicals thanks to the solvent-resistant polymer contact surface that protects this Tipton unit against different solvents and chemicals. The next thing that sets the Tipton Best Gun Vise apart from the rest is incredible adjustability. Just about every component of the vise can be adjusted without any problem. The Tipton gun vise comes with two adjustable clamps in the rear base. They ensure a safe grip on the gun buttstock and enhance stability by keeping the firearms securely in place. Moreover, you can also adjust the height of this Tipton model according to your needs by sliding it over in a direction you wish. Both the center and front support can be moved with ease. On top of this, the Tipton Best Gun Vise is great for different types of projects, including gun maintenance, cleaning, and boresighting.


  • Great for any handguns
  • Extremely durable and stable
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Instructions are thorough and complete
  • Very affordable


  • Rubber feet slide too easily
  • Plastic components

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If money is no object, you should consider buying this gun vise. The Caldwell Lead Sled DFT is a high-end vise which boasts a dual-frame design that can do a great job of dispersing recoil energy. With a dual-frame alignment, the vise can fit any rifle and shotgun. However, the vise is not suited for ARs. It can be used for a weapon of almost any size – be it small or large. Whatever weapon you have in your possession, rest assured that you will get maximum stability.

As far as the recoil is concerned, the lead shot is proven to perform better than its metal and sand counterparts. The battle tray of this durable unit can hold up to 100 pounds of lead. Keep in mind that you’ll decrease the recoil by adding the extra weight to the tray. This will cause the recoil to get distributed over a wide surface, which may considerably reduce its impact. This is especially true when fitting 100 pounds in the tray of the vise. So, make sure not to overdo it.

Additionally, it will give you up to eighteen inches of adjustment, so you will have peace of mind knowing that the vise will stay there after locking a gun into place. The elevation and windage adjustments are highly precise and fine. They can be easily controlled by fingertips. The vise will let you make fine adjustments – both in terms of elevation and windage – to the rear or front cradle.


  • It can minimize vibration and reduce felt recoil
  • Ensures ideal shooting condition
  • Precise adjustments
  • Great stability
  • Big frame


  • Not suited for ARs
  • Costly

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Those looking for a fully adjustable gun vise made in the USA should try out the K-Zone Shooting Rest by MTM. This unit doubles as a gun vise and shooting rest, meaning you can use it alternately for both applications as needed. Let’s see what makes it stand out from the crowd. What we particularly like about this versatile vise is a top-notch screw pedestal with a 4-foot stance. The precision dialed footprint ensures accurate positioning while you’re sighting your gun or work on it. The vise will come in useful when cleaning, your pistols or rifles. Simply put it to a forearm level, making sure your firearm is stabilized. The MTM K-Zone vise comes with a vertical adjustment screw which makes sure that the firearms are held tightly and secure. This small vise, actually shooting rest, can fit a variety of firearms, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns. You will be able to use it for different kinds of firearms without any difficulties thanks to the low-slung design. Both the rear and front shooting pads are covered by a nonmarring rubber that prevents the vise from moving when used on slippery or smooth surfaces. At the same time, the rubber padding prevents any scratch and damage to your guns. With regard to construction, the vise is about 4 pounds in weight. Despite the lightweight construction, it can perform pretty well when stabilized properly. This is especially important when sighting a rifle. For this purpose, you can add a few sandbags or lead to increase stability. Bear in mind that it will limit the recoil to some extent.


  • Shooting pad comes with non-marring rubber for better stability
  • The vise features durable construction
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive


  • Lowering and raising mechanism needs improvement
  • A little flimsy

Our Rating


The last option on our list is the Lyman Revolution Gun Vise. That doesn’t mean it is not on par with the models mentioned above. This gun vise is can be used for boresighting, cleaning, and regular gun maintenance. Furthermore, it can be employed for different kinds of firearms. The vise in question will accommodate everything from shotguns and handguns to rifles with a few adjustments.

This Lyman Revolution vise comes with the padded clamps that not only secure the firearms in place but also prevent damages and scratches. Unlike most gun vises we have seen, this one can rotate. This will make it easier for you to clean your guns without bending or changing your position frequently during maintenance work. The rotating design will also enable you to gain access to hard-to-reach spots.

At 6.5 pounds, the vise is compact and relatively lightweight. It is important to point out that this product comes with plastic support parts. Nevertheless, the vise features well-designed components, so you can rest assured that it will hold your guns in place. It may start to move a bit when applying a great deal of pressure, though.


  • Fits rifles and handguns well
  • Compact, stable and efficient
  • Rotating function included
  • Effective at keeping a tight grip
  • Affordable


  • Pads may come off after a while
  • Made out of plastic

Buyer's Guide for the Best Gun Vise

Now that you know more about the best options available on the market, it is time to examine the most important factors to take into account when picking the best gun vise. With these considerations in mind, you are more likely to choose a quality one.

Type of Gun Vise

There is a wide variety of gun vises out there. Based on the construction, all of them can be categorized into two groups: fixed and rotating.

  • Fixed vises - This is the most common type of vises. While most of these vises come with rubber covering on legs, there are also models that can be fastened to the workbench for improved stability. A fixed gun vise will let you clamp your firearm tightly, thereby keeping it steady for an extended period of time. This will ensure smooth cleaning even when you're applying a great deal of force.
  • Rotating vises - Unlike fixed vises, they allow cleaning the guns at just about any angle. By approaching your firearm from various angles, you will be able to make fine adjustments and put less effort into cleaning your gun. If you opt for a rotating gun vise, avoid applying lots of pressure while cleaning your firearm. Otherwise, you may cause damage to your gun vise.

Materials Used

Gun vises can be constructed from different materials. This can make the difference between an unreliable one that breaks easily and one that can last for many years to come. The most commonly used materials are metal (steel) and plastic. They both have distinct drawbacks and advantages. Let’s look more closely at each of them.

  • Plastic - Generally speaking, plastic vises are less expensive than their metal counterparts. This is one of their major advantages besides adaptability. They are on par with metal vises in terms of versatility and efficiency. However, plastic vises are not as sturdy as steel ones because they are considerably lighter. This is especially true for those that are made out of thin plastic. Yet you can increase their stability by adding some sand or lead.
  • Metal - A higher price point is one of the main drawbacks of metal vises. That makes them unsuitable for those who use gun vises now and then when cleaning their guns. On the other hand, they tend to be tougher, more stable and more durable than vises made of plastic. Furthermore, metal distributes vibrations over the surface better than any plastic. So if you are a professional gunsmith or shooter looking to sight your gun this way, a gun vise featuring steel construction would be a better choice for you.


Do you own a few different types of guns? If the answer is “yes,” you need to look for a versatile gun vise that’s capable of handling various weapons. By accommodating different firearms, it will eliminate the need to purchase multiple gun vises for a variety of weapons.

While most gun vises can incorporate pistols and rifles, the best ones can be utilized for almost every firearm in someone’s possession. They are able to fit the butt of any firearm – be it a semi-automatic rifle, shotgun, or handgun – thanks to the adjustable design. Whether you want to use it for cleaning, maintenance work or repairs, it should serve the purpose well.


The functionality of a gun vise is of great importance for those having numerous firearms in their midst. If you are one of those people, your best bet would be to choose a vise that can be used for different models and sizes of guns. That would allow you to use your gun vise to its fullest capacity when cleaning your guns.


The durability of a gun vise depends on its construction and quality. Choose a gun vise that can withstand the rigors of continuous use and last you a lifetime. Besides, you want to pick one that can be adjusted with ease and that is not prone to falling apart.


The best gun vise is the one that provides good stability. This is actually one of the main things to consider when looking for gun vises. The last thing you want is a shaky gun vise. With such a unit, the cleaning process of your guns would be even more difficult.

Top Rated Gun Vise of 2020


We hope this post will help you identify a gun vise that suits your preference. This useful tool will come in handy when you’re cleaning the gun bore and preparing it for storage after shooting season.

The best gun vise is the one that goes above and beyond just helping with maintaining and cleaning your firearm. It is also supposed to help you with repairs and different maintenance tasks such as zeroing on scopes and taking off or installing weapon accessories.

When looking for a gun vise, you will want one that provides maximum stability and flexibility of use. Make sure it is durable, compact, versatile, and easy to assemble. Versatile gun vises are ideal for those who have different types of weapons, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns. So be sure to consider your individual needs to choose the best gun vise for your firearm.