5 Best Gun Cleaning Kit 2020: Top Trending Best Sellers


5 Best Gun Cleaning Kit in 2020 Must-Own Products For Every Gun Owner

This comprehensive and in-depth review of the best gun cleaning kit available in the market today will help you find the most efficient kit just for you. Learn what features you need and how these benefit you. We know that your firearms are as delicate as they may seem, and you only need the right products to maintain their quality.

Investing with the finest and most reliable premium-quality cleaning materials and the best gun cleaning kits that meet your firearms requirements is essential. You have to check for the most appropriate and industry-standard products to help you protect your investments without damaging them. By doing so, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your firearms are adequately maintained.

Read along to help you weigh things out and check our top 5 best gun cleaning kits that will surely help you maintain the high performance of your firearms. Guns are an investment and protection, and it’s best to know what protects them too.

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Best Gun Cleaning Products

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Top Rated Gun Cleaning Kit


This complete cleaning kit for your gun is strategically designed to help you maintain the excellent quality and efficiency of your gun. It has a precisely detailed kit that comes with swabs and brushes that are strategically engineered and designed to match your gun barrels from .22 caliber up to .45 caliber gun and even 12 gauge and 20 gauge. It’s the only cleaning kit that you will ever need for cleaning your gun inside out.

This high quality cleaning kit has all the things that you will need to securely and adequately clean your delicate valuables. All of its accessories are guaranteed safe and will match the intricate design of your gun. This kit comes with tools guaranteed to provide convenience for everything you need as you work on small details with precision.


  • Complete Cleaning Gun Kit
  • Suitable For Guns .22 to .45 Caliber and 12 Gauge And 20 Gauge
  • Interlocking Claw (Tweezers), Double-Ended (Picks)
  • Push Rods, Pull-Through Wires With Adapters That are Threaded
  • Odor-free Non-Toxic Cleaning Solution Destroys Carbon
  • Lubricating Oil Works Even Through Extreme Heat (-20F To 520F) And UV Light
  • High-Quality Performance
  • Hypalon Chemical Resistant Cleaning Mat
  • Silicon-Infused Cloth For Oiling
  • 500+ Cleaning Swabs


  • This high quality kit provides convenience to properly work on small areas of your gun, from the outside to the inside.
  • The kit is made with high quality tools and supplies to provide professional-grade maintenance to your gun while cleaning.
  • It helps you accurately organize your things while keeping all the kit accessories in one place.
  • This is a multifunctional and high-quality cleaning kit suitable for every gun collector or owner.
  • Multiple brushes and cleaning swabs to meet every gun model's intricate demand.
  • Multiple layers for the excellent organization of your materials.
  • It prevents rust build-up into your gun while efficiently cleaning it.

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This high quality comprehensive cleaning kit for your firearms provides adequate stability while cleaning your guns anytime and anywhere. It is strategically designed to help you maintain the quality of your firearms like professional-grade cleaning, with its 16 varieties of bronze brushes to meet and match the complex demands of every gun model you own.

Every chemical used and included in this set is carefully selected to help you maintain the high precision and quality of your guns from the inside and out. The materials are guaranteed to last longer to make sure that you save your money while providing the perfect maintenance to your valuables.


  • Complete Smart Innovative Gun Maintenance Box
  • 16 Corrosive-Resistant Brushes Core Wire
  • Guaranteed Longevity Brush Life Bristle
  • Kit includes multiple Cleaning Gun Solutions You'll Ever Need
  • 100% Cotton Material Patches (2 And 3 Inches)
  • Four Fun Specific Ripcords For Cleaning Through One-Pass (.22 Cal/.223Cal, 38Cal/9mm, .30/.308Cal, And 12 Gauge)
  • B.o.N.E (5.56mm) Essentials For Easy And Quick Cleaning The Bolt Carrier, Bolt, And Firing Pin
  • Portable And User-Friendly Secure Tool Box
  • Conveniently Easy To Bring And Use Anywhere


  • It provides the best care needed for every firearm model with ease of use and protection.
  • It helps you organize and clean your guns anytime and anywhere with its portable box designed to move with you.
  • It comes with a complete set of high-quality and corrosive-resistant bronze brushes with 16 varieties of sizes you can rely on.
  • It enables you to do the work with the surface and condition your firearms to make sure they are as good as new, either for storage, maintenance, or getting ready for the next use.
  • It is a complete set design to meet the demands of every gun owner.
  • It enables you to professionally clean and maintain your gun from its breach to the muzzle and keep it in the best shape possible.
  • The USA made products that enable you to clean while providing stability to your kit and firearms for protection and convenience.

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This complete and handy cleaning kit for your firearms helps you to maintain the highest quality and efficiency of your gun no matter where you need to. The 3-piece durable and multifunctional bend-resistant stainless steel cleaning rods enables you to maintain the quality of your guns with professional-grade cleaning.

This cleaning kit helps you organize all your gun essentials in one place securely with its cell-foam box customized for your convenience. The 13 pieces bore brush and jag set provides professional-grade performance for all your firearm maintenance needs. Now you can easily and securely clean your rifles and other firearms with convenience and protection.


  • 3-Piece Stainless Steel cleaning Rods constructed With 17-4 PH Robust Strength
  • Ultra Quick Bore Deluxe Guide
  • 13 Pieces Ultra Jag Complete Set With Case
  • 13 Pieces Excellent Set Of Bore Brush With Case
  • Customized Casing With Closed Die-Cut Cell Foam
  • Spacious Case to Hold Patches And Liquid Cleaning Essentials
  • Portable And Convenient All-In-1 Cleaning Kit
  • Materials Are Made With Premium-Quality Accessories
  • Multifunctional Guaranteed Durable And Bend-Resistant Rod


  • It provides you a complete professional-grade cleaning experience to help you maintain the high quality of your firearms, whether by storing them after using or before using to make sure of their premium efficiency.
  • It is made with high-quality materials that are strategically designed and selected to help you maintain and clean your firearms inside out.
  • It comes with a durable and bend-resistant stainless steel rod that provides an excellent bore to muzzle or any caliber gun that needs a thorough cleaning.
  • The sets of sustainable and multifunctional jag and bore brushed come with secured casing.
  • The sets of sustainable and multifunctional jag and bore brushed come with secured casing.
  • The portable box of cleaning kit has a die-cut customized cell-foam closed room to help you organize your accessories, patches, and liquids in place.

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One of the best gun cleaning kits for your firearms is an excellent tool for you to provide the best maintenance needed to maintain the quality of your investments. It is easy to take the case that helps you bring and use your essentials anytime and anywhere. The secured casing helps keep everything in place while on the move.

This cleaning kit is convenient to use. It is suitable for any type and size of the gun and makes it a sustainable source of protection. The kit comes with brushes and rods that are guaranteed durable and multifunctional that last for years of use. With the perfect cloth for cleaning and wiping, brushes and jags, you won’t need anything else. With five years of warranty, you can have peace of mind with the investment that you make.


  • Multifunctional Professional-Grade Firearms Cleaning Kit
  • Durable And Handy Good-To-Go Hard Plastic Case For Storage
  • Safe And Secured Packaging For All Your Firearm Cleaning Essentials
  • Aluminum Barrel 5 Inches Flex Head With LED Brighter Magnetic Bore Light
  • 100% Guaranteed Cotton Patch Roll With Lint-Free (4" W x 6Ft Long)
  • Lint-Free 12" x 12" Scopes, Shooting Glass, Binoculars, And RangeFinders Optical Cloth
  • 14 Premium-Quality Bore Bronze Brushes
  • 9 Cotton Mops Threaded
  • Suitable For Any Gun Size You Have


  • This complete set provides a high quality professional-grade cleaning kit for any type and size of firearms.
  • It provides convenience and protection for your valuables to maintain their high-quality performance.
  • The portable gun cleaning kits come with an on-the-move case that secures all your accessories in one place and keeps them organized for complete ease.
  • The product is strategically designed to meet and match every gun cleaning requirement.
  • It has all the essentials that you will need to maintain the quality performance of your firearms, whether before storing or getting ready for the next use.

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Striving to be the best gun cleaning kits for your firearms, this kit enables you to store, clean easily, and maintain the best performance of your firearms without damaging their delicate materials. It is portable and easy to use, labeled accessories suitable for beginners and professionals alike. It helps you clean guns like a pro, with the extra effort that guarantees the durability of every accessory regardless of the pressure you’ve been applying to.

All the cleaning accessories are strategically designed to meet the requirement of every firearm for maintaining their efficiency. With a variety of jags, bore brushes, mops, slotted spear tips, and everything you need, this is the only cleaning set you will ever need. With compact and precision, you know that you are investing in good quality products made with premium-quality durable materials that last for years of use.


  • Premium-Quality Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit For Every Firearms
  • Multifunctional And Durable Accessories For Your Guns
  • Perfect For Newbies And Professional Gun Owners
  • Portable Carrying Case Designed For Convenience
  • Lightweight Plastic Casing To Secure All Accessory At The Right Place
  • CNC High Precision Machine Constructed Solid Brass Jags and Tips
  • Durable And Breakage Resistant Rod Under Pressure
  • Kit comes with 17 To 270Cal 3-Piece Solid Brass rods for Rifles (Multiple Gun Compatibility)
  • Kit includes 14 Pieces Cleaning Brushes, 13 Pointed (Spear) Jags, 9 Mops, 4-Slot Patch Loop
  • Consumable Accessories With Sustainable Product Supply When Needed


  • These durable and compatible-to-all cleaning kits are suitable for any firearms that you own.
  • It helps you maintain the best quality and high-efficiency performance of your guns to keep them at their excellent condition when used.
  • Every accessory is guaranteed durable and more reliable compared to other cleaning tools in the market.
  • All the accessories are strategically marked for you to use and store them in place effectively.
  • It provides professional-grade cleaning without damaging your firearms and guarantees high performance.
  • It comes with a variety of brush sizes to match every gun needs to clean them inside out effectively.
  • Made with excellent quality materials for optimum durability and ease of use.

Complete Buying Guide For Gun Cleaning Kit

Taking care of your firearms should come naturally to every gun owner. Once you have done the process, you will better understand the benefits of getting reliable and general gun cleaning kits that help you maintain the performance of your gun. After using your gun, there will be sherds of ammunition left to hinder their deficiency that may accumulate over time.

That is why it is essential to know what you need to find for you to determine the quality of your gun cleaning kit. This buying guide for gun cleaning kits will help you decide which one is suitable for your needs.

What is included and why there are included is essential for you to know how to use them effectively. Whether you have a rifle or a handgun, knowing the benefits of a gun cleaning kit, their important features and in between are a must.

  • It has all the essential components that you will need for cleaning your gun and its delicate parts effectively.
  • Every manufacturer p[roduce parts suitable for every gun and it's unique needs.
  • Since it's a complete tool, you don't need top purchased extra accessories to complete your maintenance procedure.
  • It helps you maintain the quality and efficiency of your firearms with ease.
  • It provides the convenience of use while keeping a well-maintained firearm.
  • The gun cleaning kit casing provides an excellent organization for all your essentials in one place and keeps them secured.


As a gun owner, you know what accessories are helpful and which are not. That means when checking for the best cleaning kit for your firearms, you know what these parts are for. However, for most beginners, it will be a wild guess whether these things included in the gun cleaning kit are essential or not.

Good news, this complete buying guide will help you understand every part. We will introduce you to every factor and everything about how you can maintain high performance with your firearms.


Once you have decided to get a gun cleaning kit for your gun, you will be introduced to a myriad of things. Some are smaller, while others look ordinary, but they are not. You can’t just use any product for your guns. By doing so, you will compromise their quality and performance.

There are a variety of substances included in your kit. For example, the solvent helps you remove fouling, lead, and carbon build-up in your firearms safely and efficiently. At the same time, a degreaser enables you to remove dirt and oil that are accumulated on some of the guns moving parts.

The kit’s lubricant is essential for protecting and lubricating parts to prevent firearms from corrosion. There are also known protectants to be applied that acts as a barrier to repelling water and an excellent shield against corrosion.

The gun cleaning kits’ bore guide plays an important role in maintaining the rods’ alignment to the guns’ rifle bore. That way, you have peace of mind knowing that your gun is in perfect shape.


There are different types of materials used when manufacturing gun cleaning kits for firearms. Metal components are known for their durability. These components provide premium-quality and assure you that they will last longer. It can withstand the force that you will apply when cleaning your firearms.

There are gun cleaning kits made from a combination of metal and plastics. Since these types of components are a combination, the parts are strategically designed to match the needs. While important parts are made with metal, especially those that need to be tough, plastic materials are used for the minor kits. They also range with average prices and used by most gun owners.

Plastic manufactured components are not as reliable as they may look. They will tend to break when strong force is applied when cleaning. Though they offer budget-friendly price tags, it is up to you to decide which investment you should look up to.


Think about taking your gun cleaning kits with you when you choose to go out for a hunt or if you think you will be using your firearms. It is essential to clean your gun before and after use to maintain its efficiency and performance.

This is where portability comes into place. Our top pick provides convenience when it comes to handy features. The case of your gun cleaning kit is as essential as keeping everything in place. This helps maintain, protect, and secure all your essentials to guarantee optimum quality and reliability.

There are different designs when it comes to gun cleaning kit cases, all of which offer a handy solution to all your essentials and accessories.


One of the best ways to determine the quality of your gun cleaning kits, aside from the materials and features mentioned above, is their price. You can purchase a cheaper gun cleaning kit, but the performance is not reliable.

We suggest getting high-quality ones that offer longevity of use and made with durable and reliable materials that won’t break even with strong force used. While opting for medium-range price tags, you can still find good quality and durable ones.


Knowing what components are included in a gun cleaning kit purchased is as essential as deciding whether to buy it or not. Looking for a ‘complete’ set is essential. What you need to know are the inclusions that should be inside.

Here’s what you should be expecting. Or at least have most of the following and what are they used for. Every manufacturer has a unique set, whether for a basic set or a deluxe gun cleaning kit.

  • 1. Cleaning jag. This is an essential tool to help you center and align the jag with the patches for better cleaning. This guarantees you are removing and effectively cleaning all unwanted elements and residues in your gun with convenience.
  • 2. Cleaning brushes. There are different types and sizes of brushes when it comes to cleaning your firearms. There are three types of cleaning brushes for guns. All of which play an essential role in every kind of gun that you use. Stainless steel types of brushes are recommended for metals that are non-blued. Phospur brushes are also suitable for non-blued manufactured metals. Lastly, nylon brushes are ideal for your guns' wood surface.
  • 3. Bore brushes. These should never be missed on your gun cleaning kits. There are three types of bore brushes you may encounter and all of which have specific functions. The nylon bore, tornado bronze brush bore, and the bronze bore. These brushes help you easily remove every residue left into your bore that hinder effective performance. The result is a cleaner, and shinier bore every after use.
  • 4. Slotted patch. Though it can be used as an alternative if you don't have a cleaning jag, however, both play an important role in keeping your firearms clean, conveniently accessible, and properly.
  • 5. Patches. These can be made from cork or soft cotton clothes to prevent scratching your gunmetal surface. It's an essential tool for overall maintenance and cleaning. The patches are suitable for cleaning with your guns' interior sections, especially the bore.
  • 6. Cleaning rod. The cleaning rod serves as an extension to properly clean the interior of your rifle bore. This usually comes with a tough swivel handle and a rod. Keeping your handle at the right place provides the convenience of use. It helps you remove and clean all debris and element residue with ease. There are a variety of lengths available in your cleaning rod. All of which enables you to adjust based on your gun's need for cleaning.
  • 7.Lubricating oil. Although lubricating oil may not always be present in all manufactured gun cleaning kits, this accessory is important. It helps you lubricate all the gun's moving parts to provide a smooth operation on every use. Hoppe’s No. 9 lubricating oil is a popular brand for guns.
  • 8. Cleanser. One of the most important things that you have to remember is finding the right cleaning liquid or cleaner that is specially designed for firearms. By doing so, you are protecting your guns from corrosion. Find the right product to use, especially when cleaning all the parts of your gun.
  • 9. Casing/box. The casing for your gun cleaning kit helps you organize all your essentials in place. You can find a variety of materials used with kit casing.

What is the best gun cleaning kit for a 9mm

When it comes to checking for the most suitable gun cleaning kits for your handguns, there are essential factors that you always need to consider. The RamRodz Universal Gun Cleaning System is an excellent choice when it comes to cleaning your 9mm handgun.

Aside from your 9mm handgun, this general gun cleaning kit is suitable for other handguns and helps protect your firearms from unwanted elements that may hinder its efficient performance. From cleansers to substances that aid with correct maintenance, you know you have everything undercover with this kit inside out.

With convenience and portability, you can take this gun cleaner kit anytime and anywhere. That means you have the best essentials in keeping your valuables always in excellent condition, before and after use.

What gun cleaning supplies do I need

Your firearms are a great investment that needs to be protected and needs proper maintenance to keep its effectiveness and performance always in perfect condition. With a gun cleaning kit for firearms, you know that your valuables are always in good condition.

Here’s everything you need for a deluxe gun cleaning kit suitable for every firearm.

Cleaning Solvents. This is the first primary cleaning tool that you will need for you to clean your guns from any corrosive elements and residues effectively. Minimal use of these products must be checked as it can affect the performance and quality of your firearms.

Gun Oil. They are also considered as lubricating oil for your firearms. They protect your guns from corrosion or prevent rust build-up; it lubricates moving parts of your guns for optimum performance. Some of the best oils include Hoppe’s No. 9 oil. 

Bore Brush. Keeping your guns’ barrel in perfect condition is essential. The bore brush will help you remove residues and other unwanted build-ups from hindering the effective performance of your firearms.

Cleaning Rod. Most cleaning rods are in sections when you purchase a gun cleaning kit. It’s all about putting the right size together to do the job correctly. Most cleaning rods come in different materials. It depends on your preference though; you can go carbon fiber, fiberglass, aluminum, and brass rods.

Cotton Patches. Cotton patches enable you to clean your barrels with cleaning solvents properly. Though these can be used one time, you need to stock up on a good amount to secure the quality of your firearms.

Patch Holder. The patch holder enables you to secure and hold the cotton patches for cleaning firearms in place while the cleaning jag is considered an alternative to this one.

Wool or Cotton Mops. Though you can use cotton patches, the wool or cotton mops are ideal for applying lubricants to your guns moving parts.

Luster Cloth. These are used when you are almost done cleaning and retouching firearms exterior with a dab of the lubricant or gun oils.

Cleaning Mat. Most cleaning mats have a printed guide that helps you clean your guns while securing everything in place. This accessory is suitable if you will need to disassemble or reassemble your gun’s delicate parts and keep them in their place.

Muzzle Guards. This accessory protects your firearms from any cleaning rod common issue or damage. It helps align your cleaning rod while doing your job right.

Do you need to clean your gun after every use

The rule of the thumb is, you need to clean your firearms after use. Not necessarily every after firing it but generally when you are done using it. If that is not possible, at least once a week will maintain the excellent performance and efficiency of your firearms.

The guns’ barrel should be cleaned after using it. This will prevent any lead or carbon residue build-up over time, especially if you are continually using it for high efficiency and excellent performance.

Firearms are a good investment, and you need to invest with essentials to keep your valuables always in good condition. Deluxe gun cleaning is a part of gun ownership. 

On the contrary, if you don’t clean your gun often, then this will lead to a lot of problems in the future, including its performance and quality. With residue build-up, fouling will start due to the bullets, wad, and powder. Next is the moisture from constant weather change can also affect the quality of your gun. The best cleaning oils like Hoppe’s No. 9 oil help protect guns from moisture.

The sweat and moisture will also impact your firearms and can cause corrosion to begin with. The metal parts of your gun are commonly affected by this one. With a dirty gun, fouling can happen, and it affects the reliability and performance of your firearms. You also need to clean your guns if you are not going to use them for an extended length of time.

If you are not using your gun often, thorough cleaning should still be done at least once in every six months. Inspect your gun from time to time and clean it thoroughly, if you need to lubricate it or dust off, do so. You don’t want your gun to be sitting unattended for a long time.

How much does a gun cleaning kit cost

There are a few common factors that affect the price range of your gun cleaning kit. If you are looking for a universal and complete kit, you will need to invest with good quality ones. Reliability and durability are a common issue when choosing a cheaper kit. If you have several guns of different size and bore, you should consider a universal cleaning kit.

The materials used affect the price. If you go for plastic ones, they surely are very cheap but not as durable compared to metal and plastic or completely metal parts. Which you will need to invest if you want reliability and efficiency.

How do you use a pistol cleaning kit

Once you have everything prepared, it’s time to start cleaning your gun and protect it from harmful elements.

Make sure to practice safety precautions when handling firearms. With improper use of the cleaning materials, solvents, and parts can extremely damage your guns.

1. Unload the firearms before cleansing. This can prose harmful effects if left unchecked, especially with semi-automatic types of firearms. Check, unload, and be safe.

2. Inspect your gun visually and physically. Make sure there is no ammunition close to you.

3. Follow gun safety procedures and never point the firearm to anything that can damage it.

4. Disassemble your firearms. Check with your model, and you can get ideas by watching videos or even ask professional help if you need to.

5. Start cleaning your gun with a cleaning solvent. The process enables you to dissolve or remove residue build-up.

6. Brush off any fouling. Use your bore brush properly.

7. Clean up your gun thoroughly.

8. Protect the guns metal and apply gun oil when needed, especially with the firearms moving parts.

9. Reassemble the gun’s parts correctly. It can be easy to think of, but this is always the common dilemma after all the cleansing and putting back everything in place. Try to remember where you start first and do it one at a time.

10. Store your gun in a safe place until it’s time for you to use it again. Be careful with the firearms as they can be delicate and dangerous at the same time.

Do I need to have 9mm cleaning kit

If you have more than one firearm, you can purchase one universal gun cleaning kit to be used, not just with your 9mm, 22 caliber and other calibers and gauge size. The RamRodz Universal Gun Cleaning System is a good investment, not only for your 22 caliber but with any firearm.

What is a shotgun cleaning kit

The essential cleaning kits for your shotgun are a cleaning rod, bore mop, and bore brush. These cleaning components are what you will surely need as you will be cleaning the barrel of the shotgun most of the time. So whether you are done hunting for the week or the season, your kit is considered the most basic and essential thing you’ll ever need. You would need a universal cleaning kit due to the size of the bore.

How do I use a 9mm cleaning kit

Using a 9mm gun cleaning kit, just like any cleansing kit, is to practice safety first before doing anything. You have to check your gun is fully unloaded. Set your cleaning mat or everything you need in one place and disassemble your gun. Use your bore brush to remove the residue into the rod and leave the parts there and start working with the whole thing.

Disassemble, do the cleansing with a solvent and wipe off the areas needed to be cleaned, especially the small interiors. Then lubricate your gun with the right oil, do a physical and visual check, and reassemble the firearms. Your cleansing kit will provide all the essentials that you will need along the process.

Top Rated Gun Cleaning Kit of 2020


Our verdict for the best gun cleaning kit is RamRodz Universal Gun Cleaning System. It is strategically designed to provide convenience, security, and efficiency to help you maintain good-quality over your firearms. It’s an all-in-one kit that enables you to clean your gun inside out. With non-toxic odor-free solutions to safeguard your health while keeping your firearms in excellent condition.